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    Event Discussion: 虚空の童に好手あり (★5 Tendou-jou Event)

    The Empty Sky Child's Skillful Plays
    JP Wiki

    2/27 (Tue) to 3/13 (Tue) maintenance

    Construction style event with Mountain-type bonus. Collect crafting materials from the event maps and use 200 of them plus 1000 gold to craft for a chance for ★3 Tsurugaoka-jou or ★5 Tendou-jou

    ★5 Tendou-jou [Mountain] [Bell]

    Skill: Decreases movement speed by 5% for all enemies in range per upgrade
    Stratagem: Increases target's ATK by 1.3x for 10s
    Cooldown: 30s
    Cost: 3 ki

    ★3 Tsurugaoka-jou [Plains] [Song]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 25 for all castles in range per upgrade

    E-1: 20 Stamina
    Waves: 1
    Special Mission: Complete without gigantifying (any difficulty)
    Reward: 5000 Gold
    Materials: 12~18

    E-2: 30 Stamina
    Waves: 1
    Special Mission: Complete without taking any damage on Tono (any difficulty)
    Reward: Byakusen [Kaiichi]
    Materials: 20~30

    E-3: 45 Stamina
    Waves: 2
    Special Mission: Complete without losing any warehouses (any difficulty)
    Reward: Tsubasa [Kaiichi]
    Materials: 35~42

    E-X1: 90 Stamina
    Waves: 2
    Special Mission: Complete without losing any warehouses (any difficulty)
    Reward: ★3 Tsurugaoka-jou
    Special Mission 2: Complete without losing any warehouses (hard)
    Reward: ★3 古代刀 (+3)
    Materials: 120~132

    It is recommended to bring a shield or blocker here to stop the elephants at 21. At the very end of round 2, Yamagata comes in with some other units, so if you're using a shield, there may be too many enemies that don't die fast enough and Yamagata will just walk into your warehouses. The ranged support at 18 should help kill things fast enough though.
    I recommend melee units at 5, 11, 13, 20, and 21, with ranged support at 12, 18, 19.
    A hammer works well at 13 due to the high number of enemies that walk through there. If you don't have enough area of effect, they'll walk into 9 and start damaging B/D, so a sword might not work well enough.
    5 and 11 take a lot less damage, and 5 doesn't really need to be placed until round 2.
    19 is a good position for something longer ranged to snipe the horses early and help defend I/J, but the melee at 20 should be able to do that. A spear is pretty good at 20.
    18 works well for an archer since that's where all the flying enemies come from.
    You'll need to upgrade 5/11 later in round 2 to stop everything from reaching tono. Tokens at 4/8 can help slow things down/finish them off if you have some decent ones. Otherwise, you might need an extra melee there instead of a ranged elsewhere.

    If you bring Bicchuu-Matsuyama, 22 is a good location for her first token if you have a Spear at 20 since it can kill the enemies before they walk into the token. 17 is another good location to help 16/18/21 get ki.

    E-4: 50 Stamina
    Special Mission: Complete without taking any damage on Tono (any difficulty)
    Reward: Byakusen [Kaiichi]
    Materials: 56~72

    E-5: 60 Stamina
    Special Mission: Complete without losing any warehouses (any difficulty)
    Reward: Tsubasa [Kaiichi]
    Materials: 48~60

    E-X2: 95 Stamina
    Waves: 2
    Special Mission: Complete without losing any warehouses (any difficulty)
    Reward: ★5 Tendou-jou
    Special Mission 2: Complete without losing any warehouses (hard)
    Reward: ★3 虎徹(+3)
    Materials: 136~152

    This is a tricky map with a special mechanic. All the enemies that are prespawned do not attack until they reach the yellow tiles. After they cross the yellow tiles, they'll transform into a stronger type of enemy, but any damage they've taken will remain.
    This is a good map for Spears as they can range the yellow spears from the front line.
    I recommend a strong bow at 14 to snipe the airship and help kill the first sumo that walks in front of 13-17. I used a Spear at 13 to kill everything on the right side with a Sword at 17 for support. You have to be careful that your ranged and melee here can kill the sumo before it walks onto 17 and kills her. Avoid something at 9 on Round 1 because the airship can hit it.
    I had Bicchuu-Matsuyama at 10 to hold the left side and her token at forward positions and Bran in front of her at 5 to hit things in melee range. Damage dealing stratagems like hers are useful to hurt enemies before they start to move so you can have an easier time killing them if they transform. I used a Talisman at 18 and Neuschwanstein at 11, though any shield would probably work at 11, if not just a strong melee and a block stratagem just for Maeda-Kanazawa at the very end.

    You can snipe Tsurugaoka with damage stratagems, I think it's too difficult to kill her early on with a ranged at 1 unless you're over level 80.
    Guns and Talismans overall are quite good due to the knockback and slow keeping enemies back. Particularly for the final two stronger sumos that accompany Maeda-Kanazawa at the end.
    The other big issue is the cavalry that runs through the map. There's some minor ones that go through 6-8-12-16, and a unit at 12 can prevent them from hurting the warehouses. The major one in my opinion are four that spawn at the same time on the top left near Tsurugaoka, and split with two of them running 19-24 and back-dooring into Tono. You can nuke them with a damage stratagem to soften them up, but otherwise, you might need a melee at 19/24 or a maxed spear at 17 to damage them enough for Tono to kill them on his own.

    17 or 20: Melee
    10: Gun
    14: Bow
    13: Spear
    5: Melee
    11: Block
    18: Talisman
    12: Ranged

    If you find the last two sumos walk too far and kill B, you might need two Talismans at 18/12 or a stronger melee at 11 that can hit them both.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    On the 90 stamina map. Same here I setup defense on 5, 11, 13, 20, 21.

    And then I put a Bell at 17, basically there were a lot of stuffs coming toward the center and the Bell will be able to hit all of them at the same time including flying units. I tried putting the Bell on 12, but it works better on 17 because she can assist dealing with the elephant early.

    I put 2 Cannons at 6 and 19, those are really good position because the enemies will circle around and the cannons will get free shots at group of them, by the time they reach your defense, they will be weaken for your defense to finish off. Cannons also has really long range, I put Shigisan at 19 and she was able to hit stuffs near 21 on max size. Same thing on 6, can hit stuffs that slip through the middle toward Tono. The problem with 6, there are enemy cannons too incoming, so you got to watch out for them. If your Cannon cannot handle 6, then 12 is safer but won't get free shots.


    @Folseus Wow E-X2 is quite challenging. It looks simple but pretty nasty when you realized the enemy just simply walk right into Tono. >_<

    Last edited by Mikan; 03-10-2018 at 07:54 PM.

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    Finally cleared EX-2 Hard with all warehouses surviving! (Not much time left to maintenance, but still...)

    3: Kasugayama kai (sword) for the ki token
    13: Iyo-Matsuyama kai (spear), rush to max
    along the way put down Prague-jou (direct damage strategem) at 18, Bicchu-Matsuyama kai (ki token again) at 10, Kiyosu kai (square changing trick) at 17
    Once spear is maxed, Jurakudai (bow) at 14 and rush to max to kill the airship
    Once Kiyosu skill up, change 5 to ranged. (Kiyosu died from the first sumo after, no matter) I placed Gin-jou (magic/staff) and rush to max.
    Somewhere along the line I placed Castel Sant'Angelo (shield) at 11 and max BIcchu-Matsuyama to provide more support for the left side.
    Max Castel when the enemy Yamagata comes out and starts hitting her, saving direct damage for the cavalry that tries to poke through to boss.

    Hope it helps someone who is still gunning for clear (:

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