a. Event 81, The Great Return-Sweets Operation, has started its 1st half. It's available until 3/19. It's a card flip event.

a. As a result of the wave battles from before, the following things get a 30% stamina cut until 3/12.
  • CQs
  • Nation missions
  • Re-reprint events
  • Unique missions
  • Ultimate missions
  • Aqua Shadow missions
  • Ordinary missions (the ones available every day like the blooming medicine, gold, and gift ones)
  • Ultimate unique missions (this includes the new dungeon)
  • Secret Gardens

b. The wave battles also resulted in these campaigns.
  • 2x gold up campaign until 3/12.
  • 1.5x commander experience campaign until 3/12.

c. Thrilling Flower Circle Campaign runs until 3/15. Each daily login gets you 2 FS.
d. Spring Equinox Login Campaign runs until 3/26. Daily logins gets you prizes. Log in for at least 10 of these days to earn everything.

These characters were introduced.
  • 6* Wheat / コムギ
  • 5* Winter Cosmos / ウィンターコスモス
  • 5* Flat Sea Holly / エリンジウム
  • 5* Snow Pea / キヌサヤ (featured)

a. The new characters are featured in a gacha.
b. These characters are featured in a different gacha: Soapwort, Thoroughwort, Pouch Flower.

a. Every 8 missions, a "Plus" stage has been added which gives tons of leader experience and has few enemies. Currently, only missions 8, 16, 24, and 32 have these stages. You can play these stages as much as you want.

b. A new unique ultimate mission was added: Confront the Threat of the City Ruins! / 都市廃墟の脅威と対峙せよ! You can't use a helper. Enemies have abilities. Some of the pests have Slash and Blunt weakness. You will not lose stamina if you retreat/fail before you have cleared the stage for the first time.

CQs addded for the new characters.

The Sweet Party theme was added. New BGM was added.

Home Screen
The BG and BGM will be changed until 3/19.

a. Buttons were added in the reference book on character profile pages to let you switch between different characters.
b. Abilities that work only in boss fights now work against enemies that are considered just as strong as bosses. (Probably like the mob nodes in the new unique ultimate stage).
c. Theaters related to the Nidhogg were added to the album.

Typo fixes.

We got 1 FS because of the elongated maintenance.