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    Captain Kranesh's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    I made it just in time, forgot to post it yesterday but after days of farming the only ship I was looking for (trashcan) finally dropped, with this I got all my main objectives completed this event and even managed to finally get all Agano sisters since only Pyan was missing, so yeah... pretty good in the end, now let's wait for phase 2 to arrive.

    ps. Funny thing is that trashcan was the only girl I needed to farm, the rest came via clearing runs and I even got a dupe jervis, also I cleared the event going H>N>N>N>N>E>C with E4 being the only real issue mostly, started with over 150k fuel, close to 200k steel, 150k ammo and like 130k baux if my memory serves me right.

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    Vice-Admiral Etrigan's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Cleared H-M-H-M-H-E-C, still farming E-6 for Tashkent with 40 runs in so far. The list of rare drops I've scrapped looking for her is kind of depressing....

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    Admiral Owen's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
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    tl;dr cleared drunk on the night of St Patty's. Cleared and got all event grills.Blew enough resources I could do alot of LSCs and I should get a Taihou and Shioi lul

    Cleared on March 18th morning in a fit of St Patrick's Day drunkenness (never play KC drunk!). Lucky I didn't sink anyone. Overall, this event was enjoyable. Pushed my limits, pushed my buttons in terms of RNG, and definitely I would say pushed the community in one way or the other.

    The main goal ultimately, and will continue to be, is to clear the event. My days of All Hard Clears ended in Winter 16 and remain so. H-H-H-N-N-H-N clear. I was surprised I was able to do both E6 and E7 on Hard and Normal respectively. Side objective of "Find all event shipgirls" was for some reason was ignored as a side objective and I ended up blowing my reserve fuel on a Jervis farm (56 runs) before clearing the event. That really pushed my limits on how well can I manage my resource economy post Jervis farm and it was helpful RNG was somewhat.. forgiving.

    Started with at all time peak 80k fuel, 108k ammo, 263k steel and 37k baux. Ended with 5k fuel, 7k ammo, 154k steel and 2k baux. Expeditions, quest clearing and a sizeable amount of Orel, I would say provided the means to actually finish the event. Total actual expenditure? Probably in the ranges of 150k fuel, 100k ammo, 100k steel and 50k baux.

    Comments that come into mind:

    • This event went pretty all out for a Flash game. Event specific voicelines, the small CG changes, and the song at the end.
    • This event is probably the most brutal level, equipment, and modification check I have experienced. That'll teach me for thinking I could keep clearing by ignoring new mechanics/equipment.
    • This event easily was the most dividing for the community I would say. From those falling into despair, to those who taste victory, it is also probably the one where I see harsh criticism thrown at everyone and anything you could criticize about. From equipment, shipgirl levels, luck, drops, and of course, Potatoes.

    Special mentions:
    @Archaide @NanashiYoukai for the constant help and encouragement for this salty, washed up player Also, baiting me into doing E7 on Normal. I thought it was a lost cause lol, but hey, we did it!
    @211303 for putting up with my lousy equipment and ship loadouts
    @Leyana for suffering with us
    Everyone else who makes KC what it is. This is probably the end of an era. Which era? I don't know. All I know is that we should be getting an upgraded version of the game and moar shipgrils!! Also more salt!!

    Bragging time:
    [+] Spoiler

    Cleared E7NP2 boss with Maya night time DA. Suck it TCI'ers.

    Dem drops. I know mole farm and DE hp/asw/luck drim, but screw it.

    [+] Spoiler
    Hiburi x1
    Dupe Luigi Torelli x1
    Dupe Warspite x1
    Dupe Ark Royal x1
    Daito x1 | Dupe Daito x1
    Jervis x1 | Dupe Jervis x1 (while farming for Hamanami)
    Dupe Akashi x2 (once all remodeled, will allow 2 fleets to repair while afk)
    Gambier Bay x1
    Tashkent x1 (first time at boss while clearing)
    Intrepid x1
    Uranami x1
    Hamanami x1 (about 3 sorties after Dupe Jervies)

    Last edited by Owen; 03-22-2018 at 08:26 AM.

    All you lovely girls, please stop tugging at my heartstrings please...
    19th March - Wedding Anniversary with Fusou :: 18th May - Wedding Anniversary with Yuu :: 31st August - Wedding Anniversary with Ro
    Summer 2015 Event All Hard Clear - 31st August 2015

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    Vice-Admiral DuckiePlucky's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Saiki Bay Docks
    450 Post(s)
    I managed to clear the event by the skin of my teeth on March 10th 1 day before my birthday, I must say E-7 was hell due to the lack of a debuff due to I was doing easy, I had to change my equips and thinking around after a thorough scolding by 211 and co on Discord. My lucky drops was only Daitou on E-5 TP gauge during my event clearing while I got during E-8 farming I got Tashkent in three runs of E-6 on my birthday and Hamanami on 4 tries while Jervis I got this Monday in 29 runs 14 at E-5 and 15 at E-4. Bonus drop while looking for Jervis was Uranami, dupe Richie at E-7 during my clearing, and a dupe Ark Royal at E-4 during my clearing.

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    Junyou (Officially Married! 9/16/2015), Maya (Officially Married! 8/12/2016), Abukuma and Kaga (Officially Married Both! 11/19/2016)
    (Joined the HQ 100 Club at 11/6/2015)

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    2459 Post(s)
    What a failure. No Saratoge drop in the last sorties. And I'm out of resources to even resupply my girls. To add salt RNG gave me consecutive baguettes in the last 2 sorties. Well, guess I can farm 2 extra quad 38 kai....orz

    2-4-1 SALE

    Well for the event itself I think this can be considered a great success for a large scale event.Other than the original Jarvis, technically I got all the new drops during clearing runs. Yes that means I got double Jarvis...

    As for extra E-8, since I was farming for Saratoga in E-7 (and failed miserably), I did not have the resources to go find dupe Luigis. But at the very least I got an extra Gangut while easy farming in E-6 for Tash (who of course appeared during clearing). Already started her training to become Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya.

    Other notable drops are Kunashiri and 3 event CVs. Kasuragi, Ark Royal and Graf Zepplin. How I wish I can trade in those 3 for Saratoga, since I have no idea what to do with them...maybe I'll use them as a rare CV feast along with Unryuu and Amagi when the new potato CV remodels.
    [+] Spoiler

    Event closing celebration rings

    I should be happy since I cleared the event in hard which was out of expectation throughout the event until the tweet with the event end date, but the last few days of E7 farming and that triple rainbow double baguette finale had mad me extremely salty. And my next French BB in WoWS in that same baguette...

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    Vice-Admiral Raven2k5's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    499 Post(s)
    Well that concludes Winter 2018. All in all a pretty cool Event (aside from Iowa's horrible drop rate in E-7 :/ ) the Event voice lines and the Ending song were a really nice touch, hopefully they do more of that in Future Event's.

    I pretty much like all of the new ships. They are all cute in their own way. The only thing i didn't like was that we had to farm yet again 4 of them. 4 clear rewards and 3 farming ship's would've been better, especially since they seem to embrace the idea to use multiple phases in one map which makes farming on easy beforehand even harder.... well the drop rates for the new girls was reasonably high this time around, so it's not too bad.

    Now for a personal failure... i think trying to farm a dupe Iowa on E-7 was a bad idea on my part. Blew almost 250k fuel and didn't get her, i should've farmed for Maruyu's instead. Now my resources are on an all time low... Well i did get 2 dupe Saratoga's, 1 dupe Richelieu and 1 dupe Graf. But still, it's not the one i wanted the most....

    Anyways lastly a shoutout to our frontliners for posting comps and being helpful in general! Especially @211303 and @NanashiYoukai! o7

    The Evolution

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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
    97 Post(s)
    Well, this was a fun event!

    Granted, it was only my second one, so I don't really have a whole lot to compare it to. Still, I felt that Fall 2017 was a lot more frustrating than this, although that might've also been due to my inexperience with events and lack of proper ships/equipment.

    First off, my thanks to @211303 for those map clearing guides! They were extremely helpful.

    Anyway, I prepared a whole lot before going into Winter 2018, stockpiling for a whole month and leveling a ton of ships. Because of this, I still had an abundance of resources by the end of the event. The main limiting factor was time. Because of all the delays with releasing the EO-s, I started the event very late since I wanted to have as much information as possible before jumping in. The fact that many of the maps were really long (15+ minutes for a single E4 run) also didn't help with farming. Ideally, I would've liked an extra day or two to squeeze in more farming runs, but oh well.

    Cleared on H-H-N-E-N-E-C. Could've probably managed to do the Easy maps on Normal and E7 on Easy, but I wanted to prioritize easier post-clear farming over the map rewards. Some impressions:

    E1-E3 were pretty painless. Having proper anti-sub ships and equipment made E1 a cakewalk. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Toukai during the Fall event, though. The other 2 maps were fairly straightforward, nothing much to say.
    E4 was the first real challenge, and I chose to clear on Easy after hearing so much complaining about the Ru-wall. Incidentally, when I later farmed the map, the Ru-wall only sent me back 3 times out of 90+ sorties.
    E5 felt like a re-hash of E3 and I had quite a few retreats due to airstrikes in phase 1, but the second phase was a lot easier.
    E6 was a real pain even on Easy. Only 1 Toukai meant occasional retreats at the sub node, and even using a submarine as tank didn't guarantee reaching the boss node.
    E7 on was simple to farm on Casual, but kind of a pain to clear. Hard mode definitely looks like a real monster, though. Props to anyone who cleared it on Hard.

    New shipgirls:

    [+] Spoiler

    Hatakaze (21 sorties)


    Akitsushima (69 sorties)


    Akizuki (1 sortie) Yes, the first post-clear sortie. It's like the polar opposite of Fall 2017, where Teruzuki took 101 sorties to finally drop.


    Daitou (8 sorties)
    Jervis (10 sorties)
    Okinami (12 sorties)
    Richelieu (33 sorties)
    Ark Royal (38 sorties)
    Akitsumaru (39 sorties)
    Akitsumaru #2 (83 sorties)
    Akitsumaru #3 (84 sorties) Back-to-back Akitsumarus
    Warspite (93 sorties)


    Matsukaze (6 sorties)
    Asashimo (9 sorties)
    Hamanami (16 sorties)
    Jervis #2 (20 sorties)
    Uranami (81 sorties) This includes 72 S-ranks. The odds of needing more than 70 runs to get a single Uranami is ~6%. Gotta love RNG.


    Gangut (13 sorties)
    Harusame (14 sorties)
    Tashkent (30 sorties)
    Z3 (32 sorties)


    Umikaze (3 sorties)
    Yuugumo (8 sorties)
    Iowa (9 sorties)
    Oyashio (16 sorties)
    Graf Zeppelin (26 sorties)
    Saratoga (31 sorties)
    Saratoga #2 (43 sorties)

    Overall 505 runs on event maps. I ended up rescuing 27 new shipgirls, so by my standards, this event was a huge success. And as a final cherry on top, I also tried to use the power of the spoon to complete certain tricky quests, including B44. And I did it. On my first try.

    I guess it's time to start preparing for the spring event

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    Lieutenant sawhorse's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    83 Post(s)
    How did you go?
    Depends. Overall badly, I'd say. However I relied less on the info available than usual so kinda better?

    How'd you find the event?
    Felt like a marathon run. Got less motivated with each finished map. I grew lazy and stopped caring, as a result I ran out of time.
    In the end I was left with one week and 3 maps to complete. Gave up.

    Did you finish what you came to do?
    Absolutely. I wasn't interested in the reward ships unfortunately. My main objective was to turn Musashi k2, which happened.

    How much resources did you end up blowing?

    Plus any other comments that come to mind.
    I kinda wanted Jervis and the new gumo. But I feel they'll be available again later on so no big loss... still why did they have to be drops? Especially on maps where I got 1/4 chance reaching the boss node. So many retreats... so many.
    On the plus side, I'm only missing 3 gumos now!

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    Yuudachi, Satsuki, Ikazuchi, Tone.

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    Newly Registered tayuku's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
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    First large scale event all Hard!
    with a lot of thanks to all who helped my fleet on E7p1 especially people on Himeuta (@211303 and @NanashiYoukai)
    and people on random Twitch channels.

    To be honest I couldn't really remember E1-3 because it was a long time ago, but I had no troubles.

    E4 was not too bad for me because I sent one LBAS to the Ru Wall from some strategy I found here. This meant I could pretty much guarantee getting to the boss if I got to ru node.
    E5 I actually had a lot of trouble on the first phase because I don't have very many Daihatsu and initially I wasn't sending LBAS for the air nodes.
    For phase 2, I also had trouble getting to the boss healthy until I used double support
    E6 Clearing the 2nd boss was the biggest struggle. I remember getting to the boss with all green and still unable to clear. Just needed good armor rolls. For phase 1 and 3, the sub tactic was very effective. Sparkling was key on this map.

    E7 I only had 1 taitei so this first part was really just a gamble. I've had multiple "good" runs including getting to nb with only the boss alive and having Shigure and Yukikaze both failing to cut-in when the boss was at 100 HP. I've also had the friend fleet do 300+ dmg to the boss and still unable to clear. Zuihou with only 2 night planes wasn't too useful at night to be honest. She was only good to guarantee AS at boss after LBAS. I cleared without Zuihou attacking. Green T and parallel on this first boss were pretty similar because what would happen is that the boss fleet will taiha your BBs on green T so you do about the same amount of damage.

    For phase 2 I ran out of fuel completely and had to restock. Luckily LD took me only 3-4? runs and chipping was pretty clean.

    Post clear I went to E1 to farm DE and maruyu and it was a little bit unlucky. I was getting a lower rate than most other people I've seen, but it's still better than min LSC.

    Overall this event had some parts which just seemed like a super RNG fest and had pretty much no input from your setup. The trend of having bosses with armor higher than the night cap is kind of dumb. I don't really mind the historical bonuses too much but I feel like the damage increase was too little to offset the armor rolls(which was completely out of your control). Basically, I feel like even if you get a bad armor roll, you should get some minimum damage.

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    Rear-Admiral silentcap's Avatar
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    Well, I must say I have mixed feelings about this event.

    On one hand, I got virtually every new shipgirl apart from Hamanami who I didn't bother to get as I'll likely end up getting her in the next event or two as one of the rare drops there like Umikaze and even Yamakaze. In terms of ship drops, my luck there seems to be pretty good as I can get most of these new shipgirls without having to specifically farm for them.

    On the other hand, my internet connection is a goddamn bitch on a level on par with Error Musume. Seriously, I could have used the time when my internet connection is down to either clear the map or farm for resources/buckets to use on my ships during sorties. If it wasn't for this, I could have cleared maps without having to drop difficulties (like E-6) and get some more fancy rewards (utility not considered). Oh well, guess I can't get the whole cake for myself. Unless my internet connection and/or my luck in clearing event maps get better, my only shot at getting an all Hard Clear (or at least get another Hard medal) is to bum-rush the maps as soon as the first viable fleet comps show up. With my ship rosters getting larger, I should have enough ships for this.


    "Tomonaga and Egusa Squadrons! Prepare for Launch!"



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