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    Admiral Ghoulvarine's Avatar
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    A Different Perspective on Hard-locked Rewards

    Winter 2018 event was one of the few events in which I passed on hard and get the exclusive equipment. Since I don't rank at all, the seasonal event is the only place I put more effort on in obtaining premium equipment. Due to time constraints, it is not possible for me this time around but I have also weighed in options like do I need another interceptor when I can fill 3 LBAS full of high mid-tier to high high-tier performance? But for those who feel cheated that hard mode exclusive equipment should at least have a variant available in the medium or even easy difficulty, what is your opinion of a perspective that the events are basically ranking ladders that provides an opportunity for everyone and not just the top 500? Basically hard mode clears are like the top 10 rewards then medium is like the top 100 and finally easy is like the top 500. The only difference is anybody can place into these categories provided that you fulfill the only requirement of clearing on the appropriate difficulty. This way there is no top 500 cut off. Everybody is theoretically capable of being in the top 10 rewards if they all managed to clear on hard. Of course, that is easier said than done. In any case, this kind of closing for me allows me not to get too salty about the fact that some equipment are locked behind hard mode. Also as a follow-up, I guess the new casual mode is like those who don't try to rank and therefore get nothing.

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    @Ghoulvarine I think it's both fair, but also very annoying because of the farming mechanics. They did a good thing by letting you drop down and by introducing casual mode, but I think they need to let you change difficulty post-clear (without resetting the map) or just make fewer event-exclusive drop ships. Otherwise, you are often stuck between choosing the new rewards or new ships (or dupe Iowas) and it can be hard to choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehawk12 View Post
    @Ghoulvarine I think it's both fair, but also very annoying because of the farming mechanics. They did a good thing by letting you drop down and by introducing casual mode, but I think they need to let you change difficulty post-clear (without resetting the map) or just make fewer event-exclusive drop ships. Otherwise, you are often stuck between choosing the new rewards or new ships (or dupe Iowas) and it can be hard to choose.
    I would say the current situation shows that Tanaka doesn't encourage farming and clearing in different difficulty. Probably feels like cheating in his perspective.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    @Ghoulvarine: Agree w/ you about event equipment. Since I'm not ranking, Hard clear definitely matters for me in terms of getting high quality equipment outside of trying to improve/upgrade as one can. Personally, I felt (and still do) that I needed the new interceptor to keep up, and fortunately I had the time, etc. to get it. So sure, you could look at it that way, and this does lead one to look at event rewards structures in a new light (and see comment to firehawk12 below on how this ties into farming).

    As for this past event's equipment rewards overall, I think the quality is highly debatable. IMO, the only notable rewards were E-7 (twin 51cm and the Shiden 343AG), and perhaps E-6 Hard SK+SG RADAR. Right now, I'm not sure how good the SK+SG RADAR truly is. From what I can tell, T21 Kai (max) is better if you want to go full out on AA, and FuMO25 can be readily be viewed as a better overall option. I don't have a T21 Kai (max), so right now I'm sticking with FuMO25. That's not to say there wasn't any other useful equipment. Another Prototype Toukai (E-1 Hard) was certainly appreciated given that I only had 2 before then. Would like another (or Toukai 901 AG) so I'd have 4. I don't know if rankers have more than what I do. Wouldn't surprise me if a Toukai was a ranking reward in the past.

    So yeah, I can see your point about Medium rewards outside of (1) E-4 Medium, where you missed an AAR (thankfully and appropriately IMO given how that map turned out. Props to Tanaka for that!), and (2) E-7 Medium though see comment below on final EO map rewards in general. IMO, this event was kind of "weird" in that the bulk of the rewards for the first 3 maps were essentially "have a free Musashi K2" - a bit of the devs own making really as Musashi K2 requirements are ground breaking in terms of amount (3x BP, 3x gunmat, AAR).

    One thing I'd like to see is having final EO map equipment rewards be the same for Medium as for Hard as was done in some prior events. The 1st class medal + some additional screws/medal as the difference. If that had been done here, I think it would have helped. I'd like to see that return as a rule.

    As for Casual difficulty, I think it's just what it says on the tin. It offers casual players (and sure, the newer of players as well) a chance to get current event reward only ships. If you want any shot at decent equipment (or any equipment at all for some maps), you'll need to step up difficulty.

    @firehawk12: When the difficulty system came into effect, one vet/hard clear only type player posted similar thoughts. They didn't like the impact of different levels on farming. Up until lately though, the solution is that you farm on Easy prior to clear. However, that's not always a panacea. Farming is RNG and if things go awry, one might be in a situation where you have to decide on whether to cut your losses and ensure clearing event on the difficulty you want. Even if it works out eventually (i.e. get the ship drop), getting hung up on maps like this event E-4 even on Casual ain't cheap by any means. I can tell you that. Still, overall I suspect most figured it worked well enough.

    Without question IMO, Tanaka is fed up with people farming on Easy prior to clear and we get what we got. NOT the only reason IMO, but well, multiple gauges (w/ no good drops for early ones), 230958 unlocking steps, etc. all make farming on Easy a much bigger pain in the ass than it once was.

    Of course one can clear and then go farm, but farming on Hard for maps like E-4 or E-7 (though I'm sure some have done E-7 Hard farming at least) is super expensive and difficult. It all turns into pick your poison, and here's where Ghoulvarine's question about equipment rewards comes back into play. Want the good equipment, well, need to clear on Hard (occasionally Medium) and thus you'll have a much different situation than farming on Easy (or Casual).

    Personally, I would not mind some sort of feature where you can drop in difficulty post clear for farming. Perhaps not pick any difficulty, but how about you can drop one level in difficulty? That being said, given the above, I highly doubt devs will consider anything like this.

    What Tanaka & Co. can do in the current structure is a couple of things. First, just don't have as many drop only new ships. That can mean you stick to 4 or 5 new ships per event with a couple as drops, or if they want 6 or 7 new ships, still keep it to 2 or maybe 3 (max) as drop only. Second, have some drop only ships at early, easier maps. There were no new drop only ships in the first 3 maps for this event. Perhaps memory fail, but I don't recall that before. Summer 2017 had Sagiri drop at E-1 so do stuff like that.

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    Vice-Admiral DLRevan's Avatar
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    Changing difficulty to farm has been the norm ever since the difficulty system was introduced but it's a very tacky mechanic, if you can even call it that.

    You are literally working the system for your benefit, there are times we even try and build comps that won't kill bosses in lower difficulties so we can farm A ranks.

    There's no easy answer to this. The difficulty system was needed to retain a good portion of players, and the new casual as well. This is the retainment phase of the game's lifetime, and we'll see more and more mechanics intended to appeal to the game's core audience. The increasingly thematic events are a part of that.

    Unfortunately KC's core audience is neither casual or hardcore, but both. The girls and themes are the unifiying factor. You can't limit new ships to higher difficulties only. It's a difficult problem to solve.

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