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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
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    Akashi upgrades - the next step

    I'm having a bit of trouble planning my equipment upgrades so I hoped that someone might give me a few tips on certain specific points, namely:

    1. For small caliber mounts, duck guns are still the way to go, right? No point in upgrading the Jervis guns or late model C/D 12.7cm guns?

    2. For medium caliber mounts, I guess no one really uses 15.2cm and 15.5cm gun variants for light cruisers? That means 20.3cm (#2/#3) are the best for both CL and CA ships?

    3. Speaking of 20.3cm guns, is the best combo still a +7 20.3cm(#2) and +6 20.3cm(#3)? Or should I focus just on upgrading the #3 version?

    4. As for secondary (yellow) guns, are any of them worth the trouble? (barring the Italian OTO guns, which I don't have)

    5. With the sheer amount of 41cm mounts needed for me to get started on upgrading battleship guns, is it worthwhile to level Mutsu & Nagato dupes to kai for the extra 41cm guns?

    Thanks for any help

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
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    Opinion likely to be corrected by others:P

    1- Yes. The D's bonuses are nice..on very specific ships so rather niche..while the duckie guns are nice all around.

    2- some use the 15.2 (just ONE) on a CL for the 'fit bonus', with a 20.3 as the other gun. Do not think the 15.5cm gets a fit bonus on them, nor do I think CL get an overweight penalty for the use of 20.3.
    Also CLT don't get the fit bonus for the 15.2.
    So I'd say 20.3(2) and especially (3) beat the 15s for priority

    3-Unsure. I do a mix simply because lack enough (3)s. Mixing might been because of the missing night-battle bonus on the (2s) that has since been fixed

    4-Unsure. Seen people go for the triple 15.5 yellow for accuracy on some ships (CLT)

    5-In my view, no. Can get Mutsu and Nagato off World 3 maps and such, and just strip the gun off them they come with. Save the leveling time/resources. Then again, level 30 is only a few days in PvP
    Also, it is craftable: 10/251/250/10 should be ~7.8% chance, and you can possibly get the 46cm guns from it.

    ---Awaits being corrected =D ---

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    1. Yes, ducky guns are still the best due to their contribution to fleet AA from being upgraded, which improves shootdown whenever facing enemy CVs. Red guns never contribute fleet AA from being upgraded, so they will only be used in situations where the enemy has little/no air power at all. As Ferreae said an argument can be made for 12.7cm K2D on very specific ships due to special bonuses (Naganami and Shimakaze), but again this is for specific ships and specific situations, vs ducky guns which are generally useful whenever enemy has air power (which is nearly always)

    2. 20.3cm(3)s are the best for all purposes in general due to the best firepower. While 15.2cm Kai has a fit bonus, generally the slight accuracy improvement is not worth the firepower tradeoff, also it is beneficial to have more upgraded 20.3cm(3) guns which can be used on CAs as well, rather than to upgrade 15.2cm Kai specifically for CL use - and that you only use 1 CL in combined fleet maps. Again it's a matter of general application equips being more useful than those for specific applications.

    As a owner of 15.2cm Kai +9 myself I only ever use it on CLT - this is because I don't have more than one upgraded 20.3cm(3) so the 15.2cm Kai +9 accuracy bonus is better than a plain 20.3cm(3) if one of my CAs already took the 20.3cm(3) +9. That's about the only situation I ever use it.
    (I have a personal policy to never upgrade more than one of each item - consider my words as 'do as I say, not as I do'.)

    3. 20.3cm(3) are the best, no question, and you should use them if you have them. The problem is finding more duplicate 20.3cm(3) as fodders to upgrade past +6 since you only get them from Mikuma, Kinugasa K2, and Tone-class K2s (211303 will understand this bit about never having enough fodders best since he doesn't train dupes). In contrast, 20.3cm(2)s are more plentiful, so most players can afford to sacrifice one 20.3cm(2) as fodder to get the gun to +7, then combine the fractional improvement bonuses from the +6 and the +7.

    You should ultimately aim to get 20.3cm(3) +9, but since that requires training lots of dupes and a full set of +6s that don't consume dupe fodders will serve you better than a single +9, you can use 20.3cm(2) as a temporary substitute until you reach that point where you can afford to spend 20.3cm(3)s as fodder.

    4. Improving yellow secondary guns is generally not worth it because they are almost never equipped at all, except possibly on CLTs and characters who don't do arty spotting. Most people do improve OTO because they are cheap and you can throw them on CLTs (as per my example with 15.2cm Kai above), but if you have upgraded 20.3cm(3)s you should replace them. As for the 15.5cm yellow gun, it can be improved but again only as a inferior substitute to 20.3cm(3)s.

    There are situations where you would add yellow secondary guns specifically but these are pretty rare (e.g. the no air power comps used in E6, or maximised DA damage comp that some people used in E7), where yellow secondary guns have the advantage due to high firepower vs green secondary guns and not changing the night attack type (more than 2 red guns, or 2 red+secondary gives gun cut in, while 1 red and any number of yellow guns and no other red gun/torp gives DA). So again it's a case of general application being more useful than specific.

    5. Personally I never trained dupe Nagato-class for 41cms ever, although this was because I used to rank a lot and Mutsus are freely available in 5-4 boss. Since your fleet is relatively new I'd argue your XP is better spent on training more boats to K2 level rather than dupes for fodders, unless you absolutely desperately want to upgrade a gun. Also as Ferrae said 10/251/250/10 is the go-to- gun recipe to craft 46cms and a lot of dupe 41cms come from there, so you can use that recipe for your daily crafts.

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