Event 82 has started its second half.

a. 30% stamina cut on Whaleship missions and its BSes.
b. Strengthening Synthesis Campaign
c. "Meeting" Login Bonus Campaign: Get various items for each day you log in for 10 days. Lasts until 4/16.

a. Blooming: Habranthus, Pitcher Plant, Snake Gourd, and Alyssum.
b. Rarity growth: Coral Bush (June Bride), Saffron (Christmas), and field Mustard / Aburana.
c. Buffed: Evergreen Candytuft / Iberis, Jersey Cudweed, Blushing Bride / Serruria, Bush Clover / Hagi, Viola (Yukata), Black Baccara, Sneezeweed / Helenium, Horse Chestnut / Maronie, Apple (Tanabata).

The rarity growable gacha characters are featured in a discounted premium gacha.

a. The 1st stage is now available for a unique mission featuring the 3 winners of the previous poll: Aconite, Anemone, and Pink Ladies / Enotera. The unique mission is named The Casual Travel of the Three Brilliant Talent Flowers / 才華三花ぶらり旅. You'll get a garden object from a main quest for clearing this. Stage 2 will come at a later date.
b. Whaleship is available until 4/2.
c. Event 70, The Healing and Troubles of the Hot Spring District / 癒しと波乱の温泉街, becomes the reprint event from 3/29 - 4/11.
d. Events 32 and 33 are added to the re-reprint events.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

a. Baseball themed objects were added.
b. 20 pests added.

Gold and Reprint Event tabs updated.

Other Changes
Added facial expressions to events 19 - 21.

Bug Fixes
a. Fixed a bug where the number of medals it displayed that you owned on the boat race confirmation screen were more than what you really owned. Apology items were given out.
b. Fixed a bug where the rarity border was incorrect for friends' assistants and such.
c. Typo fixes.

a. Sent out the stuff people didn't get from the Manyu Summon Stage changes. This was for the people who didn't get accounted for last time.
b. Everyone got 2 FG for the medal display bug for the current event.

- - - Updated - - -

Here's a little advice as a post-note. Now's a good time to use all those Manyu keys we got and raise up characters with the synthesis campaign's bonus.