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    Newly Registered game2534's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
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    What ship dupe is worth keeping?

    Any recommendation for ship that I should keep if get a dupe? I mostly just use them for mod but is there any ship that worth keeping for stat/rare equipment?

    Another question is, what is the use of AV? They might be ship class that I use least ATM.

    PS: Is daily quest that you need to fight 5 boss in world 2 worth doing? It's easy ( but REALLY annoying when RNG works against you sometimes) but boost my HQ rank quite a lot.

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    Mar 2016
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    1. At your stage it is not recommended to actually level any dupes yet, as the benefit is less than what you get from a brand new ship. In fact, I do not recommend leveling dupe until you get most of the k2 and key ships. Another problem is slot. You only have 100 free slot available, which is way less than the total no. of ships released. You will need to pay for any additional slots, and keeping dupe will further add to the pressure of lack of slots. With that said, you could keep the following ships for the future due to how rare they are. Level them when you have a decent basic fleet ready.

    Sub: A couple copies of each sub for orel and all kinds of sub chessing. As many maruyu as you can since they can increase the luck of a ship.

    CA: Mikuma for 20.3 (3) gun

    AV: Only if you have converted your first copy to CVL form and need to complete expedition 36 and 40.

    All other ships that are worth leveling for equipment or dupe are either very common, or not available in normal maps.

    2. AV is useful for routing (2-3, transport combined fleet, etc), and expeditions like 36 and 40. They are not particularly useful in combat. The only AV you will get in regular maps are chitose and chiyoda. They are way more useful in their CVL form, and should be kept in such unless you have a dupe.

    3. Perhaps not really worth it to do in your case as you do not have a cheap mean to farm 2-3 yet. Usually, people complete this quest by sorting 1-3 subs in 2-3. With the resources node on this map and the low cost of the sub, you will get a surplus in fuel. Such is usually referred to as Orel cruise in the community. The same method can also be used for transport ship hunting.

    Noted that this is still very time consuming due to the random routing. If you are not actually actively farming fuel, I will only suggest doing this quest in between sortie, when you are waiting for morale. Giving up this quest will not cost you much tbh, as this quest does not lead to any quest that provides screws. Probably worth more to spend the time used to clear this quest on leveling instead in your case.

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