a. Event 83 has started its 2nd half.
b. Unlike the information listed in-game for the treasure rally rewards, areas 9-12 have been given more rewards on some lines. (This info is not in the Wikia).

a. 30% stamina cut for Whaleship mission 26 stages and its Secret Gardens
b. 1.5x gold earned

a. Bloomable: Oncidium (Bride of Phos), Creeping Smartweed/Inutade, Balloon Vine (Easter), Amur Adonis/Fukujusou
b. Rarity Growable: Anemone (Radiant Princess), Cyclamenn (Radiant Princess), Lavender
c. A focus on Solar Drive buffs were given to some 6*s.

*Scotch Broom/Enishida:
Solar Drive damage went from 50% to 70%.
*Jersey Cudweed/Gogyou
Atk boost for all went from 18% to 25%.
Solar Drive damage went from 50% to 70%.
*Blushing Bride/Serruria
Spd -> Atk conversion went from 120% to 150%.
New ability: Increase everyone's Atk by 10% x the number of enemies around when the fight starts.
Solar Drive damage went from 50% to 70%.
*Ghost Weed/Hatsuyukisou
Atk boost for all went from 15% to 30%.
New ability: Gives 3 people, herself included, the power to hit Pierce weakness.
Counter used to activate 80% of the time using 3.5x her Def as Atk. Now, it activates 100% of the time using 4x Def as Atk.
*Viola (Yukata)
New ability: In a boss fight, everyone gets 25% more Atk.
Solar Drive damage went from 50% to 70%.
Atk boost for all went from 15% to 20%.
Solar Drive damage went from 60% to 70%.
Atk boost for all based on the number of enemies at the start of battle went from 15%-per to 20%-per.

a. A discounted gacha is available for the rarity growable characters.
b. A 3k DMM point promo gacha is availalbe. It gives you a 6* equipment flower. It's around til May 1st.

a. Whaleship mission 26 added. A new Whaleship equipment was added: 清らな不偏の首飾り. It's a neutral necklace that increases damage by 2% for 3 people. The next Whaleship equipment is planned to be released around June.
b. Event 71, The Mystery Case of the Glass Mansion, will be available from 4/12 - 4/25.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

A number of improvements were made.
a. A BGM button was added on the left-hand side. You will no longer be able to use the jukebox's feature, but can still use it as an object.
b. The way to play back jukebox music has changed.
b1. Setting it to loop on only one song.
By setting the newly added "playback 1 song loop" button to ON,
only one song will playback on loop.
b2. Setting it to loop all songs.
While the "playback all songs on loop" button is set to ON,
and the "random playback" button is OFF, then all songs will playback in a loop.
b3. Setting it to playback randomly.
While the "playback all songs on loop" button is set to ON,
and the "random playback" button is ON, then all songs will playback randomly.
In this situation, while the "playback all songs on loop" button is set to ON, you can't turn the "random playback" button to ON.
c. The button to collect all pests now states how many pests have come along.
d. If you click on an SD character, they no longer react. (They used to show the "happy" pose and say something.)
e. If you press the button to remove all objects, it no longer removes flower pots.
f. Flower-viewing objects were added for sale. *
g. 20 pests were added.

a. Updated: LC, sun medals, gold.
b. Removed event 69, The Autobiography of Past and Future, from the reprints tab.

Home Screen
The Home screen will be changed until 4/16.

When undergoing evolution synthesis, blooming synthesis, or rarity growth synthesis,
the information shown on the screen that is displayed after choosing the base character
will now show status changes based on Ampule boosts as well.

Typo fixes.

*The new Macaroon Cushion garden object is on sale for 4,141 garden medals/gold. This is a reference to the April Fool's event on 4/1 where you fed Anger Macaroons to the hungry Naame. (Credits to my Japanese friend who realized the joke).

- - - Updated - - -

Continuing on with the Solar Drive buffs, the devs are going to buff more characters. Starting on 4/16, they'll buff 2 characters per week out of this list in no particular order. (This list is in 50-sounds order. Basically, alphabetical order for Japanese).
  • Anemone
  • Ionocidium
  • Evergreen Candytuft / Iberis
  • Cattleya
  • Aizoon Stonecrop / Kirinsou
  • Christmas Rose
  • Cherry
  • Cactus
  • Herbaceous Peony / Shakuyaku
  • Soapwort / Shabonsou
  • Wax Vine / Shamusakuraran
  • Japanese Silver Grass (Swimsuit) / Susuki (Swimsuit)
  • Hollyhock / Tachiaoi
  • Daisy
  • Pink / Nadeshiko
  • Burning Bush / Nishikigi
  • Nerine
  • Peach Blossom / Hanamomo
  • Viola
  • Black Baccara
  • Freesia
  • Summer Squash / Pepo
  • Sneezeweed / Helenium
  • Horse Chestnut / Maronie
  • Maple / Momiji
  • Red Ginger