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    Event 84: Maintenance Notice Apr 16th, 2018

    Event 84, The Shining Egg and Egg Hunter / 輝く卵とエッグハンター, has started its 1st half. It is a Sapling Raising event. New characters:
    • 6* Reeves Spirea (Easter)
    • 5* Evening Primrose (Easter) / Tsukimisou (Easter)
    • 5* Bupleurum
    • 5* Easter Lily / Teppouyuri [featured]

    a. 30% stamina cut on the newest ultimate missions until 4/23.
    b. 30% stamina cut on nation missions until 4/23.
    c. Gratitude for 40 Months Since Release Campaign: Everyone gets 2 FS each day they log in. Lasts until 4/26.
    d. Easter Login Bonus Event: Everyone gets rewards for logging in. There's 5 days worth of rewards. Lasts until 5/1.

    a. The new characters are in a selection gacha.
    b. 4* Hinoki Cypress can rarity bloom along with all the new 5* characters.
    c. Buffs:
    6* Maple / Momiji: Her own skill damage was boosted from 25% to 45%.
    Her own Atk boost went from 25% to 45%.
    6* Pink / Nadeshiko: New ability: Everyone's damage to bosses goes up by 10%.

    a. The new characters are in a selection gacha.
    b. A blooming reprint gacha is available that features the following:
    • 6* Cattleya
    • 5* Wax Tree / Haze
    • 5* Devil in a Bush / Nigera

    a. Nation missions were renewed.
    • Only nation missions [B}up to 1-5[/B] can be played. Stages 2-1 are temporarily made unavailable. (Scenarios have not changed)
    • You can now go to nation missions any day of the week. Access them from the unique missions tab.
    • All characters can participate in nation missions now. However, characters from the same nation will get an attack boost.
    • Furthermore, you get bond crystals for every character that participates in a nation mission for their home nation.
    • The wares for BC have changed to compensate for this. High Ampules can be bought. 2 additional buyable High Ampules can be bought after each wares update.
    • Ampules and stamina nectar can be bought. Their stocks reset after each wares update.
    • The difficulty and the panel placements were adjusted for some nation stages. As a result, you can get the full clear rewards again. (If you didn't get the full clear rewards in the past, they were sent to you).
    • Main quests were changed for the new nation quests.
    • Because nation missions are no longer based on the day of the week, day-specific daily quests have been removed. Instead, the rewards that used to be in those quests are now included as a part of "Pest Subjugation Request 1/3". This quest line will now change along with the day.

    b. New ultimate mission added.

    CQs added for the new characters.

    Chic Easter theme added to the buyable stuff.

    a. BC wares changed as outlined in "Subjugation".
    b. Wares updated for LC, honor medals (unique missions), commander medals.
    c. A 5* commander ticket was added to the commander medal wares.

    Home Screen
    The home screen will be changed until 5/1.

    Other Changes
    The cap for equipment storage was raised by 200. The max is now 1,400.

    a. Fixed an issue where promotion abilities were not showing up correctly for characters in the promotion ability screen for My Sets 10 and beyond.
    b. Typo fixes.

    a. Because people had to put up with the difficulty of nation missions up until now, everyone got 50 stamina nectars and 10 FS.
    b. The full clear rewards for all nation mission stages were given to players that couldn't obtain them.
    c. Players that couldn't complete all the "Pest Subjugation Request" daily quests on 4/16 got the rewards as though they had completed all of them.
    d. As part of the nation mission renewal, after 4/23 maintenance, everyone will get up to 12 sets unlocked for them.
    e. Players will get back the FS they used to expand their number of sets.
    f. Players that didn't get all the main quest rewards for the nation quests got all the rewards they weren't able to obtain.

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    12 sets free

    GBF ID:11120651

    FGK ID:529648257

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    100 stones and 1 '15 gold selection as compensation.

    Now I have all 2015 gold girls.



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