Event 84 has started its 2nd half.

a. A special quest campaign is running until 5/7. Clear 60 subjugations to earn everything. The rewards are mostly composed of Manyu Summon Keys You have until 5/14 to accept any rewards from this campaign.
b. 30% stamina cut on all whaleship missions until 5/1.
c. 30% stamina cut on all nation missions until the nation renewal is completed. (I interpret this as meaning until nation missions 8-X are re-opened).
d. 2x gold until 5/7.
e. Synthesis campaign until 5/1.
f. Golden Week Login Bonus Campaign runs until 5/16. Log in for at least 10 days during this period top get everything. Some rewards until FS, a 5* Skill Flower, and a 5* Equipment Flower.

a. Blooming: 6* Red Spider Lily (Miko) / Higanbana / Lycoris, 5* Reeves Spirea / Kodemari, 5* Poached Egg Plant / Limnanthes, 5* Amazon Lily / Eucharis.
b. Rarity growable: 5* Dancing Lady Orchid / Oncidium, 5* King Protea, 5* Edelweiss.
c. Buffed 6*s:
Maple / Momiji: Her 35% attack up for all is now 50%.

Pink / Nadeshiko: Her 20% attack for all is now 25%.
Her ability to increase everyone's damage dealt to bosses by 10% is now 15%.

Christmas Rose: Her 20% attack for all is now 25%.
New ability: Increases everyone's attack by 10% * the number of enemies on the field when combat starts.
Her 15% extra critical damage for all is now 20%.

Nerine: Her 25% attack for all is now 30%.
New ability: Everyone's skill damage goes up by 15%.
Her 22% defense up for all is now 30%.
As part of the defense change, the damage reduction boost during defending went from 4% to 5.3%.

a. The Golden Week Special Gacha is avilable until 5/14. It costs 3k DMM points and counts as an 11x. One of the characters will be a 5* you don't already own. You'll also get 200 rainbow medals.
b. A discounted premium gacha is available for the rarity growable characters.

a. A dungeon is available to celebrate the Nico Live. There's no real reward for beating it, but it's a great test of strength.
b. Nation missions up to 2-1 have been included in the renewal.
c. The 2nd part of the Casual Trip unique mission has been released. This unique mission features the top three winners of the previous poll.
d. Whaleship missions are available until 5/1.
e. Event 72, The Graceful Magic of the Night Forest, will be the reprint event from 4/26 to 5/9.
f. Event 34, The Quiet Lake's Border, was added to the re-reprint events.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

a. Nazuna Park's Grand Opening Construction has started. You can play mini games like "Flower Catcher" and "Christmas Shooting". There will be more mini games added in the future.
How to play mini games:
  1. Buy the garden object for the mini game. You can buy them from the new mini game / ミニゲーム tab from the garden object buying screen.
  2. Set the mini game item. From the garden's remodeling / 模様替え screen, a mini game / ミニゲーム button was added. Select the object from there and set it in the garden.
  3. Select the mini game item that was just set down. The mini game will start when you click on it. If you want to stop playing, press the X at the upper-right.

b. The Under-Construction theme set was added. You don't need to buy these; everyone got these for free.
c. The Mysterious theme set was added. Use these if you want to totally remove the summer house and/or garden trees. You don't have to buy these either.
d. 20 pests added.

a. Gold wares updated.
b. Event 70 removed from the reprint wares.

Other Changes
a. The "accept 20 items" button in the present box is now "accept 50 items". The "accept 20 non-characters" button is now "accept 50 non-equipment". (See footnote).
b. Events 23 - 26 have facial expressions in their skits now.

Typo fixes.

a. Everyone got a ton of rewards for the Nico Live viewer and comment counts. They were given out on 4/24.
b. Compensation for the nation mission renewal was given out. You would get a 50% stamina recovery nectar for every nation mission you had earned at least one medal in before 4/17's changes.
c. Players that couldn't get the main quest rewards for nation missions in the past have been given the rewards that they missed out on.
d. In addition to item (c), all players were given the following items: 20 Manyu Keys, 10 Ampules of each type, 2 million gold.
e. The devs intended to expand eveyone's sets to 12 and refund the FS players spent to expand them, but a problem was found and this has been delayed. They will attempt to try this again on 5/1.
f. As an apology for the extended maintenance and the delayed set expansion feature, everyone got 6 FS.

Footnote: Before the warehouse allowed stacking of materials, characters of all types could clog up your space and prevent you from going out on subjugations. Now, we don't have that problem, so we can grab as many characters from the present box as we want. However, equipment overflow could still stop you from going on subjugations. Hence the button's change.