a. Event 85, The Queen is Busy!, has started its 1st half. It is a card flip event.
b. The Nidhogg Decisive Battle event "The Avatars of Sweltering Heat and Twilight" has started its first half. Fight the "Twilight Underlings" using your raid points. It takes the place of ordinary RB fights.
b1. For this week, the daily quest for fighting RBs is replaced with daily quests for using RB points on Twilight Underlings fights. Using multiple RB points will still all count towards the daily quest chain.

a. 2x gold earned
b. A Special Quest Campaign is (still) running. Do 60 subjugations to earn everything
c. 30% stamina cut for Current Event stages
d. 30% stamina cut for the latest Unique Ultimate Mission
e. 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions
f. Steady 10 days "Exciting flower mark campaign" runs from 5/1 to 5/11. Each day you log in, you get 2 FS.

a. New: 6* Pygmy Water Lily, 5* Pickerel Weed, 5* Squirrel Tail Grass, 5* Blood Iris [featured]. As usual, all these characters can bloom, and the 5*s can rarity grow.
b. Rarity growable: 3* Moth Orchid
c. Buffed:
6* Ionocidium: New ability: Everyone's skill damage goes up by 10%.
6* Freesia: Her skill damage went from 2.1x to 2.2x.
New ability: Everyone's skill damage goes up by 10%.
5* Saffron (Christmas) after rarity growth: Her attack boost for all went from 18% to 20%.
New ability: In a boss fight, everyone's attack goes up 15%.
Her chance to act twice went from 40% to 50%.

a. A gacha featuring the new characters is available.
b. A blooming reprint gacha is available. It features 6* Apricot, 5* German Iris, and 5* Sankaku Saboten/Dragon Fruit.
c. A 2k DMM point pickup gacha is available. It makes Manryou/Coral Bush and Senryou/Chloranthus easier to get.

Subjugation Stage
a. A new unique ultimate mission is available. This one features pests weak to pierce and magic types. Until you clear it the first time, you won't lose stamina if you fail or retreat.
b. Nation missions renewal continues. 2-2 is open for all nations now.

CQs added the for the new characters.

a. Garden objects made for the winners of the recent poll were made. They were Torikabuto/Aconite, Anemone, and Enotera/Pink Ladies.
b. BGM added to the jukebox.

Home Screen
The Home screen's BG and BGM were changed.

Other Changes
Changed the way the login bonus is shown. (The contents of the login bonuses have not changed).

Typo fixes.

a. Players who participated in the previous event got a Naae's Feelings of Gratitude with the same experience and typing as the Naae they raised.
b. Players who got their Naae to growth level 14 got a Naae garden character.