a. Event 85 has started its 2nd half.
b. Decisive Battle With Nidhogg: Sweltering Heat Maze is available. The rules are the same as last time with a few changes.
b1. Each difficulty level has one stage which is easier than the rest. (The wakaba mark on the left side designates this).
b2. 2-target and multi-attack skills are now effective in the same stage type.
b3. The Core stage at the very end can be replayed even when beaten. This stage costs zero stamina, but has no chests, so you won't get anything aside for beating it aside from the full clear rewards.
c. Decisive Battle With Nidhogg: Twilight Underlings ended. We subjugated 39,147,110 pests. As a result, the following campaigns will start on 5/14.
  • 2.03x gold up
  • 1.5x leader experience
  • 30% stamina cut for...
  • CQs
  • Re-reprint events
  • Unique missions
  • Ultimate missions
  • Aqua shadow missions
  • Standing missions
  • Ultimate unique missions
  • Secret Gardens

1.5x gold earned until 5/14
30% stamina cut for Current Event stages and its Secret Gardens
30% stamina cut for Story Missions
30% stamina cut for Reprint Event Flowers to the Wasteland
30% stamina cut for Nation Missions

a. Blooming: 6* Lantana (Flower Festival), 5* Aster, 5* Tassel Flower/Kakaria, 5* Skimia.
b. Rarity growth: 5* Toad Lily/Hototogisu, 5* Dalmation Bellflower/Otomegikyou, 5* Golden-rayed Lily/Yamayuri.
c. Buffed:
6* Red Ginger:
Attack up for all by 20% went to 30%.
New ability: Everyone's skill damage goes up by 15%.
6* Viola:
New ability: Everyone's attack goes up by 55% on the 1st turn.
Her ability to boost defense by 25% and damage reduction during defending by 3.7% for three people is now 4.5% reduction for everyone.
6* Curcuma:
Attack up for all by 18% is now 35%.
Attack up for all on the 1st turn by 30% is now 35%.
6* Water Lily/Suiren (June Bride):
Attack up for all by 15% is now 35%.

A discounted gacha is available for the rarity growable characters.

Subjugation Stages
a. Normal dungeon 49 was added. It features bosses and raid bosses that won the pest naming contest from the 10th major Nico Live.
b. Whaleship is available until 5/14.
c. Nation missions renewal continues. 2-3 is available.
d. Event 73, Flowers to the Wasteland / 荒野に花を, will be available from 5/10 to 5/23. It will have 30% stamina cut. Also, the buyable characters are 5* Skullcap/Tatsumakisou and 5* Azalea/Tsutsuji.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

a. Objects added for some of the previous poll's winners.
  • The Cowardly / 臆病 series is for Marvel of Peru/Oshiroibana.
  • The Grudge / 恨み series is for Spring Starflower/Ifeion.
  • The Expectations / 期待 series is for Lavender.
  • Ka・Aringu / カ・アリング is for the pest that won the pest naming contest in the 10th Nico Live. (*See footenote)

b. 20 pests added.
c. A new pest type was introduced, so everyone's pest reference book filter has been reset to its inital state.

a. Updated the Decisive Battle, Bond Crystal, Sun Medal, and Gold tabs.
b. Event 71, The Mystery Case of the Glass Mansion, was removed from the reprint event tab.

a. Fixed a bug where the the skill level didn't always display correctly when looking at the character's particulars after selecting them as the base for rarity growth.
b. Fixed an issue where the BGM didn't playback properly when some parties lost.
c. Typo fixes.

a. Everyone got a ton of stuff for the Twilight Underlings rewards.
b. Everyone got 1 FS for an issue that happened right before maintenance started such that the guide did not show up correctly when starting a subjugation.

* カ・アリング is a pun on the sport called "curling" and ari / ant. As much as I'd like to make an equivalent pun in English, nothing comes to mind.