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    Renewals and Raising Feature details

    ▼ Battlefield Renewal
    Each area and all difficulties have been adjusted.
    - With the exception of the Duchy of Remarugia, each area now has 3 different difficulties. The requirements for achievements have changed.
    ※ If you have already earned the achievements, they will not be lost
    ※ If you have not already earned the achievements, you can complete the newly adjusted achievements to obtain them.
    - Recommended employee levels has changed

    - With the above difficulty adjustments, Remarugia's Ultra and Extreme clear conditions have been reset
    - The map entry outline has been removed
    - Boss Tiles can now include other user's parties.
    - Fixed an issue where you could run into enemies that were too strong

    Battlefield Map Adjustments
    - Required floors per clear have been changed to the following
    Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: 2 Floors
    Ultra/Extreme: 3 Floors
    - Tiles on each map have been greatly reduced
    - Battlefield Round Limit has been changed to 99 and is no longer affected by party members.
    - Buff and debuff tiles have been removed.

    Battlefield Reward Adjustments
    - Duchy of Remarugia Ultra and Extreme have a certain chance of dropping Shine Badges.
    - Battle coin drop amounts have been adjusted.
    - Each map's treasure box amounts have been adjusted.
    - Materials for crafting have been removed.

    Battlefield Information Display Adjustments
    - Continent's difficulty and related information display has been adjusted
    - Remaining Rounds display has been changed
    - Buff and debuff tiles have been removed and their effects no longer exist

    Daily restrictions have been mitigated
    - [Battlefield Tickets] are required to enter Battlefield, one per sortie
    - You can sortie to Battlefield multiple times per day

    - [Battlefield Ticket] are delivered to you once per day when you move to your President's Office, and you can hold up to 5.
    ※ Users who have not unlocked Battlefield will need to unlock it before they begin receiving [Battlefield Tickets]
    ※ 3x [Battlefield Tickets] will be distributed for the first time only. In relations to the 5/18 (Fri) update, all users who have sortied to Battlefield before the update will receive 3x [Battlefield Tickets].
    ※ [Battlefield Tickets] can be claimed again each day after 04:00
    ※ If you have 5 [Battlefield Tickets] and move to the President's Office after 04:00, you will not be able to claim your tickets for that day anymore.

    The following is planned for an update at a later point
    - Considerations for an automatic movement feature for Battlefield

    ▼ Battle Coin Exchange Renewal
    The Battle Coin Exchange Shop lineup has been changed
    - Daily Crafting Material Exchange has been added
    Monday: Fragments
    Tuesday: Horns
    Wednesday: Waters
    Thursday: Sticks
    Friday: Ores
    Saturday: Leathers
    Sunday: Cloths

    - Monthly Limited Exchange items appear
    Each item will increase its Battle Coin cost after each exchange until you reach the exchange limit where you will no longer be able to exchange for more
    Exchange counts will reset every month on the 1st at 0:00 and they can be exchanged again
    The following items will have exchange limits for every month
    - [Fairy's Sweet Sake]
    - [Fairy's Envelope]
    - [Mountain of Silver Coins]
    - [Magical Furnace]
    - [Rainbow Anvil]
    - [Weapon Hammer]
    - [Guard Hammer]
    - [Accessory Hammer]
    - [Star Candy Drop]
    - [Fighter's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Ronin's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Archer's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Soldier's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Warrior's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Cleric's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Rogue's Candy Drop: Extra Large]
    - [Magician's Candy Drop: Extra Large]

    - [Weapon Box], [Guard Box], and [Accessory Box] exchange limits have been increased
    - [Iori's Black Envelope] and [Irene's Black Envelope] are no longer available for exchange and their resumes will now appear from regular recruitment.

    Daily Exchange Materials:

    ▼ Daily Quest Renewal
    New Daily Quests have been added.

    Monday - Human Resource Development: Fighter/Ronin
    Tuesday - Human Resource Development: Magician/Cleric
    Wednesday - Human Resource Development: Rogue/Archer
    Thursday - Human Resource Development: Soldier/Warrior
    Friday - New Mines and New Resource Quest
    Saturday - Human Resource Development: EXP Materials and Human Resource Development: Class Up
    Sunday - New Mines, New Resource Quest, Human Resource Development: EXP Materials, and Human Resource Development: Class Up

    - Human Resource Development Quest
    A new quest where you can obtain EXP material items and Class Up items.
    ※ More information regarding these EXP material items below.

    - New Resource Quest
    A new quest that's easier to obtain resources from.

    - New Mines
    A new quest that only drops gems.

    - Material Quests have been removed
    ※ Materials can be obtained from the Main Quest and Shops with Battle Coin exchange from the daily exchange

    - Recipe Quests have been removed
     ※ Recipes can be obtained from the Main Quest and Character Stories.

    Quest Selection UI now has a Daily Quest Tab added. (PC)

    ▼ EXP Material Items
    A new item [Candy Drop] appears which can be used for EXP to level up employees
    - [Candy Drops] appear from the [Human Resource Development Quest], and the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.
    - [Candy Drops] can be used at the Raising feature.
    - [Candy Drops] for each class exist, and using a Candy for the corresponding class gives more EXP. (Does not provide EXP past the EXP limits for a Rank)
    ※ More information regarding the Raising feature below

    ▼ Raising Feature
    - The Inherit button name in the President's Room has been changed to [Training].
    The [Training] button leads to the Training screen.
    This Training screen includes [Raising] and [Inherit].
    The [Raising] button brings up the Raising screen.
    At this Raising screen, you can use the EXP Up items [Candy Drops] to strengthen your employees
    ※ You can strengthen employees who are assigned to facilities
    ※ After selecting either [Raising] or [Inherit] and being brought to their screens, you can press the [Back] button to return to the selection screen

    SP Version
    - Employee screen has had the Raising feature added
    - The various features on the Employee screen have been sorted. The dismiss and mass dismissal features have been combined. Inheriting can be performed directly on the Employee screen
    - The President's Office's Super Menu's [Inherit] button has been removed
    ※ The Inherit feature has been moved to the Employee screen

    Candy Drop Types:

    EXP (Same Class EXP)
    Small: 1000 (1250)
    Medium: 10000 (12500)
    Large: 70000 (87500)
    Extra Large: 350000 (375000)
    Star: 750000

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