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    Question Help with clearing World 6

    Although I cleared World 5 several months ago, I hadn't even touched World 6 before the current mini-event. I decided to give it a go, and so far I've cleared W6-1 to W6-3 without too many problems. Haven't tried W6-4 yet. I understand it's some sort of installation boss thing?

    Could someone please share advice / fleet comps / loadouts for W6-4 and W6-5? (for what it's worth, I've already unlocked the LBAS)


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    Oct 2017
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    I guess people are busy farming food, huh

    For reference, here's the current comp I'm running for 6-4. Any obvious fixes I could make? Note that I don't have more anti-installation equipment except basic daihatsus.

    (using 4x bombers in LBAS, all to boss)

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Yes, I suppose they are busy farming in this alleged mini-event. Or taking many days off to recuperate....


    Anyway, it looks like you're following a guide to 6-4 west/south route 1BDCFN to the best of your ability. I urge you to give it a try with what you have displayed, although you may suffer badly at the 2 Ru Node C due to a total lack of arty spotting. Ensure you sparkled everyone in the hope of increasing their evasion. If you made it past that node, with a bit of help from LBAS you should be able to beat the boss consistently when you reach it.

    My personal preference is to go by the west/north route 1ADCFN that uses Akitsushima - the primary advantage of this is that it gets arty spotting at all nodes including the boss, although it requires having a large number of seaplane fighters (4~) so it probably can't be used yet.

    For 6-5, I'll assume you're going to be using the preferred north route 1ACDGM. The usual setup is to bring 2CV(B) BB Ducky (or general combat DD) Maya and CLT. The exact formation differs - some people want a BB or CV as flag for a strong first attack in second shelling, while others like the DD to protect it from airstrikes. But the two last ships are always CA(V) and CLT in that order due to having the highest night battle power. Speed doesn't matter for routing on this map.

    BB or CV / the other of BB or CV / CV / DD / CA / CLT
    DD / BB / CV / CV / CA / CLT

    It's possible to use 3 CV and no BB, but note that you won't get a second shelling at the boss (since the boss is not a BB-type and there are no BBs at boss). In addition, people have recently been swapping out Maya for CAV to exploit the airstrike-cancelling effect of Rockets K2 and just using a ducky for AACI, although this won't apply to you until you get more of those (personally, I keep Maya, but replaced my BB with a BBV to equip rockets for that purpose).

    For LBAS, there are two ways to go about it. You can either use your LBAS to help reduce pain at the pre-boss nodes (C and G especially will randomly taiha you) and use two or even just one wave of bombers against the boss. Or, you can muscle through the nodes and send all LBAS to the boss - my preferred method, as I find that my fleet can sometimes just randomly fail to kill the boss (although this could also be argued to be due to LBAS just being terribad on that run).

    Obviously it's a trade off between pass rate and ability to kill stuff at the boss node. The problem is the boss' sheer number of meatshields (and that every one of your characters disabled is two-three less attacks at the boss). The boss herself is really weak since she can be killed in day battle by the BB or CVs, or during yasen the CA or CLT can kill her from full HP with two crits. You will want to adjust your strategy depending on your ship levels and equipment. Personally I usually either daykill her or in the 1st shot of yasen... if the boss has good health and it actually goes down to my DD/CA/CLT, I start to get nervous because I feel I can't rely on them to actually crit :p

    LBAS (5 Range to reach boss)
    If using for nodes: 2 Fighter 2 Bomber for the one vs boss (and possibly Node C). 4 Fighters for Airstrike Node G (4 Range).
    If all to boss: (2 Fighters 2 Bombers) x2

    There will be air raids against your base after the 3rd kill but these can be ignored (as they always are). Ensure the top slot in each base is occupied by a fighter to prevent bomber losses.

    Fighter Power
    For air power, you want at least 420+-ish starting fighter power for the final kill if your aim is to get AS at the boss, assuming you sent at least 1 base of LBAS to the boss. This will usually result in your CVs running on a max of 3 bombers altogether, which can be very frustrating for pass rate at the nodes (especially Node C) due to your opening airstrike being weak and begging that your CVs actually attack the BWS flagship before it shells somebody to death. Thankfully, it is perfectly possible to kill the boss in AP due to the boss being relatively weak, so I encourage you to twiddle a bit for yourself to see what combination of fighters/bombers and LBAS works best for your ships and equipment.

    It's possible to run with less fighter power (300+) for the non-final kills, as the boss has two compositions, one with one Wo and one with two Wos, with the formation with two Wos increasing in chance of appearing as you get closer to the final kill (although it can appear as early as the second kill). You'll be taking a calculated risk by running with less fighters but if you're confident in beating the boss in AP regardless it shouldn't be too harmful. Personally I usually increase my fighter power only after the 3rd or 4th kill.

    CVs with advanced range (Med or above) are valuable here so their day shelling isn't tied up with your weaker CA, CLT and DD, while CVBs are obviously preferred too due to ability to shell in chuuha. Saratoga Mk II and Intrepid are very useful here, the first due to the ability to do night battle without giving up a slot (assuming you have the required equips) since extra hits capable of murdering the boss are always welcome, and Intrepid for the massive plane count and good stats. A lot of people will say never to use jets here... but... I do, so Zuikaku CVB is always in my fleet (they probably feel burned after failing a run after their jets got emptied. I can say it doesn't happen THAT often~).

    It's a easy map once you have got the technique down but occasionally it just decides to randomly brutalise you due to the random nature of airstrikes, although pass rate has definitely improved since Rockets K2 became a thing. I have gone anywhere from 6 to 12 attempts to get all 6 kills, while people have complained of taking 20+ runs (which I have thankfully never experienced ever).

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