Event 87, The Miracle of Pyroxene After the Rain (雨上がりの輝石の奇跡), has started its 2nd half.

1.5x gold earned
30% stamina cut for Whaleship stages and its Secret Gardens
30% stamina cut for Nation Missions

a. Blooming: 6* Blushing Bride / Serruria, 5* Peach / Momo, 5* Anemone (World's Flower Shrine Maiden), 5* Agave / Ryuuzetsuran.
b. Rarity Growth: 5* Cosmos, 5* Tiger Lily / Oniyuri, 5* Tachibana.
c. Buffs:
6* Aizoon Stonecrop / Kirinsou:
New ability: Everyone's skill damage goes up by 15%.
6* Herbaceous Peony / Shakuyaku:
Her 15% critical hit rate for all is now 20%.
Her 20% critical damage for all is now 30%.
6* Purslane / Poochuraka:
Her 25% critical damage for all is now 40%.
Rarity grown 5* Delphinium (Athletic Meet):
Her 20% attack boost for all is now 28%.
Her 15% critical hit rate for all is now 30%.

a. A gacha is available for the rarity growable gahca golds.
b. A 2k DMM point premium gacha is available until 6/13. It features Cactus and Water Lily / Suiren forms. You can roll this infinitely.

Subjugation Stages
a. Whaleship Chapter 2 has started. It has normal and ultimate stages. BSes can only appear from the ultimate stages. The difficulty of the ultimate stage exceeds that of Whaleship chapter 1, mission 26.

Also, new items were added to the sun medals wares. You can buy a 5* Flower Knight Seal Stone '15, 6* skill flower, and 5* skill flower.

b. Nation mission renewal continues. 3-2 is available.
c. Event 75, Feast of the Holy Night, will be available from 6/7 - 6/20.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

a. Umbrella theme objects are now available.
b. 20 pests added.

a. Updated LC, Sun Medals, and Gold tabs.
b. Old reprint event removed.

Home Screen
The Home screen's BG and BGM were changed.

Function Changes
a. FS have been split between bought and free FS. This just means that only a portion of bought FS will have an expiration date.
b. You can now copy another set in a Whaleship composition when doing an automatic composition.

a. Fixed a bug where the affection value was not showing correctly for characters with unlocked blossomed affection if you went to do evolution/blooming synthesis on them and looked at their character stats through the evolution phases.
b. Typo fixes.

Fixed a bug where the mission counter was not counting correctly for the main quest for beating the EX Destruction class of aqua shadow maps. Everyone got 3 FS and 10 stamina nectars as an apology.