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Thread: Cat Curses

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    Cat Curses

    Hello, it's me again! The retired kancolle admiral going by the name of Rosewood (Gave my account to a friend). It's been a long time since I last popped up here but here's a few buncha words. I'm trying out 3rd person writing again to try and see which one is more appealing / which way I write better or worse. Feel free to tear it up or point out bullshit.

    Scene 1
    [+] Spoiler

    "Amane! When do you plan on waking up?" said a woman carrying a pile of stinky rags you can barely call clothes as she stepped inside a dingy, small, tatami-floored room.

    She was in her early thirties, statuesque, with a well-toned body. Her silky, waist-length, white hair still amazingly beautiful even with all the tedium she has to deal with daily.

    "You're late! Hurry up and get your breakfast!"

    Her voice boomed. An assortment of cats, all scattered across the room, stood from their coiled sleeping figures and took the hell outta dodge as the lovely housewife tried to wake up a tardy daughter.

    "Well, it'd be nice if you would be as disciplined as these strays once you're finally at the academy." she continued, picking up a small pink basket by the right of the sliding paper door.

    With impeccable timing, a male voice could be heard not too far behind her -

    "Murakumo, give Amane some slack. She's still a civilian up until yesterday dear."

    "You... urgh, I bet she inherited this tardiness from you! Geez..." She quips back with a turn and a point at the rather gruff salaryman chowing down on a small 2 foot high table just outside the room.

    He didn't seem to mind the accusations and simply laughed, "Ahahaha! Does it matter dear? As long as we have each other along with our daughter and our small 2 bedroom, 1 living/dining/kitchen, 1 bathroom house we'd be fine!"

    "You! Urgh... nevermind."

    Her face turned beet red. If it was possible, she would've boiled like a kettle. However, this was, after all... the man she loved. Unlike the other girls who married their previous commanding officers, she was one of them who set out after the war had ended, found her self a life away from the oceans and settled down.

    "And that's what happened before I went to the academy."

    Back in present time, a girl with butt-length, white hair wearing a black, long-sleeved, one-piece sailor uniform adorned by white stripes at the edges narrates her story to the other girl in her unit. All of this while she clipped up the pair of red and white, striped, thigh-high socks she was sporting onto a garterbelt.

    After that minor grooming task, she vividly describes what had transpired. She even went as far as to act out the gestures of her mother, from the floor stomping to the finger pointing. If she could blush on demand, she would've done so. That's how dedicated she was.

    "It's stupid, stupid I say! I wish my mother married an admiral like yours did and not some washed up pathetic guy like my father."

    Her partner, a rather playful lass with airy, back-length, brown hair seemed to be wildly fascinated with what she heard. She clapped her hands together from delight and suggested something outrageous. "Ufufu♪ That sounds wonderful~ I'm looking forward to switching parents with you on our next day-off! Say, is that acceptable for you, Amane...?"

    "Hey, we're not allowed to call each other by our names while on a mission. Hime you ought to..." Quick to notice that she too had called the other girl by her actual name, Amane was quick to cover her mouth with that white-gloved right hand of hers.

    Hime, simply clutched her stomach and belched out laughter. "Ohh... wonderful~ I love it... Of all the things, you didn't even care about my suggestion to swap parents~"

    "Stop it! We don't know if our lazy bum of a commander bugged our equipment so he might be listening in on us right now!"

    "Ufufu♪ Oh my, could it be?" She daintily pulls out a handkerchief from the pockets of her frilled skirt and wiped the tears welling up on her eyes.

    "Could it be what!?" Amane was agitated and her arms violently shook. In much the same way as her mother nearly boiled from her story, she was quick to defend herself. "I-It's not like I'm worried about what he thinks!"

    There was a subdued smile on Hime's face as she twirled a miniature spotlight keyring. "And so she says~ How troubling."

    "...Hmmm. Think what you want... Not that I mind."

    With a rather demure look on her face, she turned away. However, the playful giggling turned to something else as the equipment strapped or dangling on their being cackled to life.

    "You two..." A drowned out voice passed through and caught both their attention. "You're broadcasting the U.P.W's signal, call for help please."

    The two of them turned to each other and gasped in unison.

    "A rogue naval base!"

    "A rogue naval base~"

    Amane casts her gaze towards the horizon. Across the vast, blue waters bathed by glorious sunlight, she spots small objects whizzing about the air. These objects swarmed a specific location like flies drawn to shit. A wince formed on Amane's face and she expressed her annoyance by cursing under her breath.

    "A bad kind of wind is blowing..."

    In an abrupt manner, the communication got cut-off. Static flooded the channels for seven seconds until it cleared up and a relaxed male voice greeted the pair.

    "Greetings ladies. I'd have to ask you to ignore that S.O.S..."

    Crack! The sound of crushing interrupted the man on the other line. "She crushed the communicator didn't she?"

    "She crushed the communicator~" Hime giggled, holding up her communicator so Amane can continue to listen in on the conversation.

    The man continued. "Destruction of property aside. I'd need the two of you to focus on delivering the payload. Command would likely send another group to help out, we can't have them knowing you're the dispersion unit."

    Meanwhile, Amane rips out the bridge from the ship-shaped equipment on her right hip with the help of her trusty animated gun turret.

    "Oh my, how troublesome. Are you implying that the ones currently performing the ambush are our targets~ How'd you find out?"

    Hime rested her ear over the communicator's speakers as she playfully interrogated their commander.

    "I didn't. Too much of a hassle, I merely guessed based on your location."

    The reply was brief, not much enthusiasm to it either. His tone implied he'd just want their original job to be done as silently as possible. Something Hime wasn't in favor of.

    "Ufufu♪ You heard the man. Arashio, launching gorgeously." Hime, with 10cm high angle mounts on both hands and blatantly disobeying orders, headed southeast to help the distressed.

    Amane, who had just chucked out a good part of her rigging, pats her Rensouhou-kun on the head and also followed suit. "Amatsukaze from the rogue naval base dispersion unit. Set sail!"

    Machine-gun fire heralded the approach of the pair who were rushing through the waters. Guns akimbo, Arashio - real name Hime, peppered the plethora of tiny planes, who were dropping miniature bombs on a convoy of abyssal transport ships, with lead.

    "Naughty kids need spanking~ Ufufu♪"

    What a sight for sore eyes they were! Now the abyssals, hideous amalgamation of steel and flesh they were in our eyes, hurriedly scooted over behind Arashio. Amatsukaze - real name Amane, weaved between the evacuating oppressed to face the five-piece mutsuki-class destroyers firing their fully decked out 12.7cm twin gun mounts at them.

    Gently decelerating while Rensouhou-kun's turret head remained fixed on the lead Mutsuki, Amatsukaze pulled out a badge with a subtle attempt at stunning them from the glare reflecting off the shiny gold bits.

    "U.P.W. Stop all rogue naval base operations immediately!"

    Boom! That lil' Mutsuki in front of her just fired a shot aimed at the badge she was holding. All of them had their brows furrowed, definitely pissed. Amatsukaze wasn't one to back down either, the shot she might've evaded but the disrespect was reciprocated.

    "No-now you've done it...!" Amatsukaze reaches in to a small metal box locked behind where the bridge of her rigging was supposed to be, if she had not pulled it out earlier.

    "Oh my, how troublesome. Is that the payload you're reaching for?"

    Arashio butts in as she goes front-center laying down suppression fire, scattering the Mutsukis before they can target Amatsukaze with a barrage of shells.

    Rummaging through the locks, Amatsukaze finally lets loose whatever foul weapon she had been keeping stashed away. "Take this second gens!"

    In a blur, she flings an animal of the feline variety at the mutsukis. At which point, Arashio halts fire to not accidentally injure the mesmerized fleet girls. With a "mraaaoooowwwww", the animal hurtles through the air for a few seconds before turning upright. Like a choir in a church, the mutsukis all gasped and commented.

    "Oh no! It's a... It's a... CAT BOMB!"

    That was the last they could recall as they all blanked out and rabidly tried to catch the bundle of joy.

    In a short while, the mutsukis along with the carrier they'd been escorting came rushing back to their base. Amane and Hime tailed them after saying goodbye to the distressed transport abyssals. The amazing power of the CAT BOMB was undeniable, it completely devastates bases filled with second generation fleet girls.

    As they docked into an unfamiliar port, Hime comments as she doffs her rigging. "Ufufu♪ I love it..."

    "Hime, what's this about now?" Amane retorts, as her partner points at their previously fierce opponents. They were all degraded into generic fan girls swooning at a cat. Every single one who came into direct line of sight fell victim to the CAT BOMB and they joined the ever-growing crowd headed to replace their commanding officer with an animal.

    In as casual a tone as she can muster, Hime adds. "Not being a second generation fleet girl~"

    Stopping for a while, Amane switches into a pondering pose and replied while scratching her chin with the gloved hand. "...Hmmm. Not bad I suppose. I wouldn't like it if I could be forced to like... someone else."

    "Especially not a cat~"

    The soft click of a communicator stealthily being activated by Hime was completely undetected by Amane due to the former's giggling.

    "Especially not a cat!"

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    A happy new year and good luck to everyone doing the event. Also, here's a continuation on this one. As usual, feel free to point out stuff.

    Scene 2

    [+] Spoiler

    "Just a little bit more..."

    It was late that night as Amane tries to sneak out from the naval base. Straight out from the showers, her white hair drenched the black uniform she wears while she silently rolls the sliding steel gate of the sally port.

    "Don't make any noise! Don't make any noise, Amane!"

    She chanted these words during the whole affair, unaware that the commander was already waiting in anticipation.


    As the port lights shone through the opening, the commander popped out to disapprove her actions.

    Having felt her heart skip a beat, Amane stumbles back and landed on her butt.

    "B-but, I haven't even-"

    "No. You're not taking that rigging out without my permission!"

    He slams the gate at her and she was left there pouting in the darkness.

    "Geez! It's not like I'm going to damage it or anything..."

    Looks like she'll have no choice but to ask her after all. And after a while of sulking, returned the rigging to return to the base's quarters.

    "Hey Hime, can you lend me your rigging?"

    Said Amane, as she entered their quarters. The one she was talking to ? in lacy undergarments ? occupied the middle bed out of the three that lined the room.

    While applying lotion to her skin, Hime flipped around to reply. "Ufufu♪ Do you pledge 40 years of your life in servitude to me, in exchange?"

    Amane dropped down groaning on the rightmost bed. Her face buried deep into the plain white pillow, she exchanged muffled words.

    "Umf Arready mwor fhan foty yis in befb..." (I'm already more than forty years in debt...)

    After rubbing likeness on the cloth bag filled with cotton, She raised her beet-red face to yell in frustration.

    "Geez! The commander ain't that rich too!" she pauses a while to repeatedly batter her pillow, then continued with a sharp turn to her conversation partner. "I say he's about as much in debt as I am! For real!"

    "My~ How delightfully troubling."

    Hime gave a slight chuckle as she spreads her body over the superior quality bed she's in. With airy brown hair hanging over the edge, she looks Amane in the eye.

    "If you offer your plans of marriage to the Commander. I'd be glad to consider~"

    About that time, light emanates from Amane's pockets ? it was a near-translucent uniform. Alongside the lights was a tune reminiscent of 90's wrestler theme songs.

    Amane sat up from the bed and pulled the item out. It was a mobile phone and her eyes sparkled as the screen gave confirmation of something she's anticipating.

    "It-it's not like I'm serious about trying to get him to see me as a woman! But that's something for another time!" Amane did not deny, but she took haste to divert the topic as she points to the television on the opposite wall. "Quick let's turn the Telly on, UKFC's about to start!"

    "Ufufu♪ You and your combat sports." Hime closes her eyes as she stood up to turn the television on.

    Like jello during an earthquake, Amane shook in earnest as she joins Hime in the middle bed. "A good wind is blowing! It's telling me that something nice is definitely going to happen tonight!"

    "Unbelievable, Phil! I've seen ferocious before... but this!? This!? This is on another level!"

    The host's words blared through the flat screen's speakers. A twinkly-eyed Amane jumps up and down while clutching Hime's arm.

    The analyst followed up on that remark. "That's right Jon! Even on her first time on the octagon pool, there's no denying that she is the flagship of the U.P.W's First Response Team! She even works underwater!"

    "Indeed, Phil. I can't believe if I'm seeing a devil or an angel soaring through the skies!"

    "Ahh, I never knew you can use torpedoes that way!?" Amane tells Hime before she turns off the television. "I bet there's an awesome breeze up there! Also, it would be harder to get hit if you can move in the air like that!"

    "Ufufu♪ Of course, but you're not in the air right now~" She giggles, as she pulled Amane down to bed and took the higher ground to submit the white-haired lass to a bout of tickling until she lost breath.

    She was then stripped naked, clothes folded and hung, and then covered with a warm blanket.

    "Ufufu♪ Time to eat~"

    It was about midnight when the room calmed down. All the way till the darkness gave way to clear blue skies, the light seeping through the windows bathed two forms under a single blanket.

    Amane, unaware of what transpired after the tickling, had recently woken. There was a presence beside her nibbling on her ear whilst whispering soft gentle words.

    "Hush little Whitey don't say a word~
    Hime's gonna find you a rigging soon♪
    And if our commander slept through the night~
    Hime's gonna drug him so you can go♪"

    Chilly sea breeze blew through the blanket and due to Amane's relative lack of clothing at the moment. She shot up sitting with the owner of the bed still with arms wrapped tight around her.

    "Hime! Wha-what!?"

    The brunette opens her eyes of an amber hue and gives a peck on the flustered Amane's cheek.

    "Oh, you're finally awake Amane. Perfect, let us gorgeously greet our Commander to start the day~"

    Without delay, she detaches herself from Amane to get dressed. The latter, still quite shocked, covered herself up with the blanket.

    "Geez! What if he stumbled in on us last night!?"

    "Ufufu♪ Oh my, but wouldn't that be to your advantage?" Hime answers as she does some stretches. "Rather than that, are you concerned because we were both in the same situation? How troubling~"

    "Of cour-" Amane cut short upon finally catching what Hime implies. Her brows furrowed and she starts to pout. "I-I'm not exactly trying to compete or anything! He can choose whoever he likes anyway!"

    While Amane looks to the side, her conversation partner got a hold of the uniform hung by the wall and throws it at her.

    "Ufufu♪ I can never get enough of your expressions~"

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    Scene 3

    [+] Spoiler
    Blam! The office doors swung open. Various paintings lining up the wood-finish walls got knocked out of alignment. As Hime enters with Amane in tow, Amane was careful not to meet the commander's critical glare. Hime's greeting saved her from continued embarrassment, luckily for her.

    "A wonderful morning has arrived~ has the commander been able to sleep in peace last night? I wonder?"

    She ends the inquiry with a curtsy along with a smile. But, the one seated on the desk could not be any worse. His messy mop of black hair was strewn over in all directions. There it was, the sign of one lacking rest.


    He rolled his chair to the right of his heavy oak wood desk. Thick bags under his glaring blue eyes from the fascinating all-nighter he pulled off.

    "You planned on making a lot of noise last night, didn't you?" His hand flew forward with such intensity. You could see him shaking in furious contempt. "You're pulling something again to let Amane get away with reckless stuff!"

    "Ufufu♪ What a wonderfully accusative thing to say, Hime was simply having fun with Amane~"

    His eyes followed as Hime circled over to his side of the table. "I?ll ignore you two taking advantage of my reporting deadline. But, I'm inclined to inform you two that this would not work."

    Hime sat atop the table and crossed her legs in front of the commander. Then she swiveled the computer's screen towards her to check up on his work. "I'm looking forward on why then~ Oh my, this is a splendidly written report!"

    Amane enters the conversation, refusing eye contact, standing in front the commander's desk. "That should be enough right? Your report's done! Get back to your room already, stupid! And go read a book or something like you always do."

    While Amane went on her tirade, he did as she said and took out a hard-cover book to read. He made sure the sarcasm in his voice was obvious.

    "Well thank you, but I plan to do that without you telling me."

    Amane went silent for a while as she gnashed her teeth in silent fury. The commander, shrugged and gave a mocking smile before digging into his book. This was enough to make her flip out and stomp the slab metal floor before storming out of the place.

    "Urgh! Unbelievable! This is why you'll never get a girlfriend, Nerd!"

    Blam! Office doors swung shut once more. He lowered what he was reading checking for Amane's presence. The coast clear, he comments on the amusing display. "I can say the same for someone so dishonest with their feelings."

    Hime glances over her shoulder to where Amane made her exit. "Ufufu♪ The commander likes honest ladies more does he?"

    Not even a single glance, he answers with indifference. "No comment."

    She touched his cheek to turn his sights towards her direction while patting her lap. Whispering in a sultry voice ? like demons that visit sleeping men⁠. "Ufufu♪ Lookie here, it's your favorite pillow~"

    He sighs in surrender as he lay his head on the offered lap. "I guess I'll play along for now."

    Wasting no time, Amane dons her designated rigging. She embarked from El Fraile Island Naval Outpost with a triumphant grin. At top speed like a maniac and both hands outstretched as she stood tall and proud. The wind blew strong against her and what a rush it was. She felt as if her whole body was achieving climax from a taste of this unrestrained freedom.

    At the peak of her cruise, she felt as if she was being bent over backward. Unable to stop immediately, she topples over backward from her unstable stance. She hits the ocean surface flat with a loud smack. "Aaacckkk!"

    A snapping sound followed as she struggled to stand back up. Crouching low, she then saw the side rigging carrying Rensouhou-kun floating away. The little animated turret flailed its arms wildly as the waves pushed it further.

    "Oh no!" The colors flushed away from her face in horror, "I don't have enough pocket money to pay for repairs!"

    In a rush, she went after the part that broke off but her momentum wasn't getting any better. That was it, the engines were dead. A little fairy emerged out from the swivel rigging clamping behind her waist. It climbed up to her shoulder. Greeting with a salute, the fairy then gave a report on the rigging's status. Shock and terror! She was now out in the middle of the ocean with the rigging's engine shot and inoperable. On the bright side, she could still walk the whole span of the sea to land. The floating mechanisms were luckily spared by her little accident.

    No choice left on the matter, Amane moved her feet towards Rensouhou-kun. She then lifts it up with all the enthusiasm of a wet noodle.

    "At least the torpedo launcher's still intact..."

    A flopping sound followed. Turning around slowly, the water behind her rippling outward. And the torpedo launcher, nowhere in sight. It must've broken off earlier and sunk all the way down to the abyss! She bent down in frustration and held her head as she starts to shake uncontrollably.

    "Ahh... this is absurd, absurd I say!"

    For the next few minutes, she simply curled up and repeatedly murmured those words. Eventually, a thought passed through her mind. Surely there had been more challenges faced by those before her. Then, like a light bulb, a light flashed inside her mind. This was a perfect opportunity! A story that could be awe-inspiring, something that can propel her up into the limelight! With notable details suppressed, of course.

    "Even so, I won't give up!"

    Gritting her teeth, she trudged onward all the while yelling up words to psyche herself up.

    "This isn't the end! No! Not! Never! I'm getting there and I'm going to win enough matches so I can do whatever I want!"

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    Scene 4

    [+] Spoiler

    Bam! The sound of a rubber stamp slamming hard echoes through the room. Other fleet girls sitting on the seats lined up outside couldn't help but stare at the scene taking place. Amane - by some miracle - arrived in time.

    "W-why!? I'm sure I fit the requirements!"

    Pleading as guards in riot gear drag her out of the premises. She resists by clinging with both hands to the door frame. The guards weren't exactly being rough with her - but she sure as hell was making a commotion out of it.

    "Please! I went through a lot for this! I can't back down now! Not! Never!"

    "Give it a rest already and leave. You're holding up the line."

    Said a guard in monotone as they pry her off the door frame a finger at a time. Amane shakes her head in defiance as she screams her lungs out.

    "Aaaahhh! Never!"

    A girl wearing a white tracksuit sitting behind the registration desk smiles awkwardly. She tries to explain the situation to the now ballistic Amane.

    "Miss, I'm sorry but the UKFC doesn't allow..."

    She pauses for a while, her eyes shifting to the rigging that Amane came with. It was now stacked neatly on a pushcart by the corner and was wrapped all over with yellow tape. A little cherry on top was a sign that read in brazen bold letters "Confiscated".

    "Military registered equipment..."

    Her eyes large as plates, jaw slacked, face pale, and one by one her fingers let go of their tense struggle. The words from their commander - before she departed - plays back through her mind again and again.

    "But, I'm inclined to inform you two that this would not work."

    Burned out, color drained, white as ash. Amane got put down on the sidewalk outside the stadium like an old cabinet. She tucks herself up like boiled shrimp and started sobbing. The more she dwelt on what happened, the more she believed being poor is hindering her chances. It slowly welled up while she rocked back and forth on the fetal position... till she finally bursts.

    "This is Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid, I say!"

    In her annoyance she starts slamming on the concrete. Though before her curled fists hit the solid floor, she slows down and her gentle slams only swept dust. The people passing by kept their distance and she got left alone to vent out to her heart's content. She did that for quite a while, then she starts nibbling on the nail of her right thumb.

    "I need a rig of my own..."

    "Then you should work."

    A shadow casts itself on Amane to which she looks up to with a fierce glare. The girl - caught in surprise by the aggressive response - backs away. Amane calmed down soon after. This blue-eyed student was only offering advice. Back up on her feet, she dusts off her still sopping wet uniform and hung her head low.

    "Don't mind me... A bad wind passed me before you got here."

    Unexpected, to say the least, this student extended her hand and introduced herself.

    "Apologies. It was unfair of me to assume you weren't working hard. By the way, I'm Aya, can I know your name?"

    Amane was critical. Aya's pleated marian blue jumper-style skirt over a short-sleeved white shirt. It reminded her of middle-school uniforms from a private institution. Her inner self was hissing like a cornered kitten. This in turn made her have a hard time accepting the handshake. Having lingered around for an awkward minute, Aya retracts her hand.

    "Am I pushing my luck too hard?"


    Amane bites her lip, she felt herself shrinking. They were both the same age. She was taller even without the standard Amatsukaze rigging heels. Then why does she feel she's getting outdone? Maybe because this Aya girl is a third generation fleet girl resembling Asashio? She shakes her head, that was classist of her.

    "You're not wearing the Asashio-class uniform..."

    Amane states while fidgeting. She stood straight up and tensed. Her face beet red from embarrassment as she finished with a question.

    "You're not planning on training as a fleet girl?"

    After expressing her discontent, Amane and Aya came to an understanding - mostly Amane. And then the two hopped on the main line from Yokosuka and continued their discussion.

    "You're working part-time at a maid cafe in Akiba?"

    Amane asks, immediately following up as she leaned closer and shoved her face against Aya. Her eyes narrowing down with suspicion.

    "Why were you walking around Yokosuka!?"

    Her conversation partner winces and puts distance between them. Once Amane relents, she pulls up some neatly folded uniforms from the paper bag she carried. They were all sealed tight inside some clear plastic.

    "Actual fleet girl uniforms from the naval base."

    Amane looks at Aya funny and with a dead serious face, gave her opinion on it.

    "They can't make those uniforms down at Akiba? I've seen near exact replicas when I pass by."


    Aya sighs as she slides the sealed packages back inside the paper bag and then back to Amane.

    "The more extreme customers could tell if we're wearing the real deal."

    She couldn't believe what she heard. Such a thing exists.



    That serious expression on Aya's face as she confirms sent chills up both their spines. Then again it may be the AC on the train swinging their way. Amane felt it more as parts of her uniform were still drenched from the sea water she slogged through earlier... and then it hit her. She slammed her fist into her open palm and suggested an idea.

    "Real uniforms get drenched in sea water and they can catch that scent! Probably..."

    Aya stretches as she sat lax on her seat.

    "We've already tried that as well. They say they could tell."

    Life flew out Amane's eyes as she followed suit on sitting lax.

    "Geez... that sounds scary. Is it too late to back out from working at your workplace?"

    "The pay is good though."

    "I look forward to working with you then."

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    Scene 5

    [+] Spoiler

    "Ufufu♪ Welcome back Amane, I missed you over the weekends~"


    Amane corrected Hime. A deadpan look accompanied her words. She did so while clinging to an unfamiliar third person giving her a piggyback ride. Even out here in the middle of the sea, Hime was relentless with her teasing.

    "My~ Amane, why are you being so serious? The mission doesn't start until we're both in gear, you know?"


    Amane repeats each syllable again and again. Adamant that Hime refers to her designation name. Of course, Hime gets off of reactions like this. Having her fill from Amane, she addressed the bystander with a curtsy.

    "A pleasant day to you~"

    The bystander replies with a bow. She took out a flat box from a painted metal cube she had been tugging around. And with all the cheer she can muster, handed it over to Hime.

    "Thank you as always for your patronage! Here is the family size cheese lovers pizza you ordered!"

    "The Commander's breakfast acquired~"

    "And the stray kitten as well."

    The pizza delivery girl added as she turned around to let Amane transfer over. Amane puffs her cheeks as she vacated over to Hime's.

    "I-I'm not a kitten! Stop making fun of me already!"

    "Aaaww, it's fine ain't it. I'm sure he's forgiven you by this time. He even asked us to deliver you alongside the Pizza."

    Amane hugged Hime from behind as she refutes the delivery girl's comments.

    "Wha!? Stupid! I don't really care what he thinks of me... Stop patronizing me!"

    Hime giggles as she waves goodbye to the delivery girl.

    "Ufufu♪ You should be honest with yourself, you know?"

    Once the third party was out of sight, Amane starts squealing like a fan girl. Snuggling Hime's hair, ecstatic about the cute nickname.

    "So, he calls me kitten eh? Kyaaaa!"

    Abashed, she covers her face. Paddling with her feet as her maiden's heart gets tickled. Hime further fans the flames.

    "Ufufu♪ You like that, don't you?"

    "Well... it's cute isn't it?"

    Hime gestures for Amane to hold on tight as she starts to pick up speed. That was cruising speed and punchline dropping speed. Then, with a matter of fact voice - she lets loose the truth of the encounter.

    "Ufufu♪ Of course, I coined it~"

    Like a limp vegetable, Amane drops back to a deadpan look and held on to Hime. Only a disappointed sigh followed.

    "Oh... should've expected that one coming..."

    "Greetings ladies."

    The relaxed voice of their commander whispered through their ears. They had thought of stopping the cruise to listen but he urged them to maintain speed.

    "We're pressed enough for time as it is. So I've decided to spend the budget for those nice earpiece communicators. We can discuss as you two are on the way. It is a wiser investment than having Amatsukaze's broken torpedo launcher repaired."

    "Geez. Thank you very much."

    Amane replies with sarcasm in her tone. A dry comeback from the commander followed.

    "You'd better reflect on your actions more Amatsukaze. We're lucky that command has chosen to turn a blind eye to the stunt you two pulled recently."

    Mentions of the botched Ultimate Kanmusu Fighting Championship registration rendered Amane silent. He waits a few seconds if Amane would protest in any way. The silence itself was as good an answer and he starts briefing them.

    "That problem aside. We've got a vital mission on our hands this time. There would no need for sneaking around so keep blasting that U.P.W. signal."

    "Oh... is there anything important we need to know, I wonder?"

    "Your mission is to prevent a rogue naval base from interfering with the First Response Team. Broadcast the signal at all times... it should prevent them from mistaking you as part of the rogue naval base."

    "Ufufu♪ How troubling..."

    The scolding didn't keep Amane down for long. Upon catching the mention of the FRT, she becomes animated. Bobbing up and down like jelly, she wonders out loud.

    "Hime! We'll get to meet the FRT in the flesh!"

    Hime gestures with her index finger swaying side to side with a playful grin.

    "Ufufu♪ That's Arashio for you~"

    "Ah- right! My bad, Arashio."

    Amane corrects herself. This was the exact same thing she was forcing onto Hime earlier.

    "Arashio! We'll get to meet the FRT in the flesh!"

    An exasperated sigh from the commander. He yells in opposition.

    "That's the worst possible scenario! Let's run the plan before you two come into contact, okay?"

    Minutes pass after the briefing. An observation seaplane flying close-by trips the air radar. The blip sound alarms the duo to search the skies for visual confirmation. At South-Southwest, a passing glimpse of the small plane circling back to report. Further back, six figures float about to which Hime points at.

    "Oh my, could it be?"

    Amane reduced speed to run in tandem with Hime. She shielded her eyes from the sun's glare by placing a hand by her eyebrows and tried to make sense of those figures.

    "Ufufu♪ Over there~"

    Hime directed Amane towards the point she caught sight of their targets. In turn, Amane reached for that shiny golden badge of hers with her free hand.

    "The wind is getting stronger. Isn't it about time we hail them?"

    Blip! The sound of the air radar tripped four times. Alarms looped several times a second. Cold sweat dripped from Amane's forehead as she recognized such a crazy pattern.

    "Aren't those blips going rather fast?"

    "Oh... that seems to be the case. I guess I have to~"

    As it happens, Hime prepped up a pair of 5 inch single gun mounts with a whole section attached behind them. Amane checks out the brand spankin' new equipment her partner was rocking.

    "Papa insisted I bring them today~ How troublesome~ Even after I told him I'm very good at aiming."

    Stunned by such high quality rigging, a teary-eyed Amane nods and gives praise.

    "Viva, Eagle land!"

    Hime's father seems to have a very acute sense of danger. With surprising speed, a squadron of jet-powered crafts came rushing towards them.

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    Scene 6

    [+] Spoiler

    "I'll go on a rampage now~"

    The sound of anti-air barrage signaled the start of the encounter. Lines of miniature projectiles spewed at a rate of 8 a second from all four barrels. Due to the auto-cannon's mounting atop Hime's backpack, she needed to bend forward. She had to cruise at a low speed to keep the tracers steady. This, of course, was to guide the planes for a convenient picking for the main battery.

    As for her partner, the windsock hair ornaments she wore were getting blown forward by the wind. It wasn't all bad luck today it seems. Among the good luck carried their way by the wind was an incoming communication. Their commander chiming in to remind Amane of something he forgot to mention earlier.

    "The UKFC engineers found out your rigging's previous turbine and boilers got shot. I don't know if it's out of pity or fear they'd be blamed for the damage... but they put a higher class combination than what we could afford."

    "Ahh, so that's why I wasn't syncing up with Arashio's speed earlier."

    In truth, she only noticed the difference after the explanation but she had to put on airs.

    Sending a message, the jets pelted them with their nose-mounted cannons. The hail of bullets forcing the two of them to separate. Of which, they evade with a turn to the side using dance-like footwork.

    Fairies on Hime's state-of-the-art equipment raised the gun mount barrels. Firing leading shots on the path traversed by a pair of jets to pick them out of the skies. Hurtling down to the ocean, the tiny pilots bailed out as their jet's engine catches flames. The least damaged plane opted to ram Hime. Amane caught on to this and tried to warn her.

    "Arashio! Watch o..."

    Unfortunately... the jet lacked juice to maintain altitude. Hime - without much effort - raised a leg and the assailant flops onto the water like a wet fart.

    "Oh my, they got my stockings wet. How troublesome~"

    "This is a good wind..."

    In the middle of this bombing run. Amane closed her eyes to feel the thrill. The freedom she felt when she took her pre-upgrade rigging to max speed - that was an all-time high. Now, with an improved turbine and boiler, how fast can she go?

    Her stance lowered, feet drifting to the side for a better center of gravity. Feelings carved themselves unto her body. That of a memorable smack-down received from cruising under bad form. Like heavy clouds, words formed in her head... do it the proper way this time!

    "Amatsukaze! Commencing attack!"

    Kicking to high gear, Amane started off with a large stride. Feet cutting through the water like hot knife against butter. An amazing trail behind her wake as she slides forward.

    Caught by this marvelous sight, Hime lowers her weapons. Whistling, she tapped the communication device lodged inside her ear.

    "Ufufu♪ I'm looking forward for the day you see your little kitten as she is right now~"

    "Is this a good time for you to use the exclusive line? A hunch tells me, the two of you should be getting swarmed by planes right now."

    A concerned commander's voice scolds Hime for the sudden communication. The latter of which laughs it off.

    "Oh, would you look at that...

    She pauses for effect and turns to the skies to see the jets scrambling back to their carriers.

    "I'm getting ignored~ All eyes on Amane right now..."

    The remaining jets chased after Amane with their auto-cannons weapons-free. It was an attempt to prevent her from closing the gap between their initial positions. A very good development, if not for the threat of getting Swiss-cheesed by bullets! It shows the carriers behind the airstrike got disturbed.

    "Rensouhou-kun! Please!"

    Amane pleads for cover fire from the little animated turret as she zig-zagged side to side to dodge fire. The little guy secured at her bow-shaped side rigging shook its head in refusal.

    "Will it work if we swivel the bow sideways?"

    And again, the turret shook its head.

    "Why, the torpedo launcher's not in the way anymore!?"

    Waving its tiny hands, it tried to explain the reasoning behind the refusal.

    "Eh? Too shaky? I see..."

    Her pursuers were entering optimal range and she had to juggle dodging and listening. Getting that stable platform for shooting the turret would imply she had to slow down. That was something she wouldn't want. It would give the carriers time to collect their planes.

    "The water's too heavy... it would take some time for the propellers to get back up to speed..."

    She starts biting on her thumb's nail. Pressure's mounting on her and she'd need a quick way to deal with the bogeys on her tail.

    "I'll help you figure the answer to that problem some other time. Right now, you only need to get to them. The wind feels good, right?"

    The commander's simple words of encouragement cleared all these thoughts of fighting back. Her eyes searched for that ultimate weapon she had been carrying all this time. The Cat Bomb, she only needs to bring that devastating feline into range and they'd win hands down.

    "I'd only need to go faster right!? Express delivery coming your way!"

    Angling her body forward as one is to do on land, she started running. The buoyancy provided by the rigging as it hit the surface of the water, she used to spring forward. A feeling of near weightlessness as she synchronized with the ebb and flow, bobbing up and down.

    In visual range, she confirms - over the communicator - the heaviest composition she's faced so far.

    "Remodeled aviation battleship. Three armored carriers. An anti-air destroyer. A coastal defense ship. Hyuuga, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Taihou, Akizuki, Tsushima. My... isn't that fine?"

    "Ufufu♪ Nothing but their best against the FRT, right?"

    Amane nods in agreement to Hime's observation. The jets passed by and returned to the crane sisters. After a quick propping, they returned for a joint airstrike with Taihou.

    "Can you slip through without my support?"

    "I've been in many tight spots before, but I have been able to overcome them. I'll pull through!"

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    Scene 7

    [+] Spoiler

    Dive bombers started dropping their payloads in front of Amane. Unlike the sliding motion when cruising, this running hybrid gave better control. Allowing her to tip-toe over these obstacles. Dodging and weaving with the waves with tight, quick jumps.

    "Uh... Monster sympathizers, you're a problem... We'll have to wipe you out here!"

    The United Parallel Worlds, Amane and Hime's employers, keep communication channels public. The goal was to allow diplomacy over needless violence. But that message is nowhere close to the definition of diplomatic. For all it's worth, a message accompanied by long-ranged shelling is a threat.

    Armor-piercing rounds flew past an inch from Amane's face. Sharp winds from the shell's trail tore the left windsock. Amane felt slighted. She takes a meticulous amount of time wearing those hair ornaments.

    "No-now you've done it...!"

    "A close shot... I'll hit you with the next one."

    The emotionless delivery from the opposing battleship had Amane break into a sweat. An unintended psychological attack brought about by terror those humongous guns could bring. Amane claps both hands on her cheek to snap out of it and continue.

    "Akizuki. Tsushima. Shake her off."

    With a stern order, the opposing fleet's lighter ships prepared to contest Amane. In normal combat, getting surrounded was a worrisome situation. But, the U.P.W.'s trump card, the Cat Bomb is best used when all eyes are on it.

    Amane breaks through the scores of bombers thrown her way. Making good of the opposing aviation battleship's reload of her main cannons. She closes in, then grabs the cage stored behind Rensouhou-kun to chuck at Akizuki.

    "Akizuki! Catch!"

    While airborne, the cage unlocked itself. The fatal feline stored inside mraowing as it twists and turns to brace for its fall. That Akizuki in the path of the Cat Bomb had her grey eyes turn blank almost immediately. A most terrifying weapon. But that affects only the minds of fleet girls given life by soul extraction.

    The brainwashed Akizuki rushes in to catch the feline. A feat she managed to do with ease. With the payload deployed, Amane slows down to watch the events unfold.

    "Haa, that was tiring. Not bad I sup..."

    Amane was ready to celebrate when a sharp pain pierced her left shoulder. A knee-jerk reaction, she held her hand over the wound inflicted by gunfire. She was bleeding, but how could that be?

    "I'm right here."

    The single barrel of a late model 12.7cm stared Amane down. Held at gunpoint by the coastal defense ship. The eyes of which retained a fiery spunk to them.

    "Hya... not a second gen? I see..."

    "What do you mean, I see?"

    A tinge of ridicule. For such a tiny package, this coastal defense ship packs a rather threatening glare. What a pickle, Rensouhou-kun couldn't take a clear shot with Amane in the line of fire even if it can turn 360 degrees. It's not like she could go manual either. Tsushima would shoot if she tried to reach for the turret.

    "It's gotten quite sticky hasn't it? Time to get away~"

    Then came Hime - charging in like the cavalry, guns akimbo, fanning the hammer. Inefficient to get a clean hit, but enough to suppress. She chased the little fleet girl away. It ended up being an exchange between the two of them, as the chased returned fire while keeping distance.

    Amane was shook hard by the pain of getting hit by live ammunition for the first time. Her fight-or-flight response shifted to a hard - flight. Her mind does a hard pass through any survival tactic stored in there. The UKFC exhibition match came front center. The one featuring the U.P.W. FRT's flagship, to be specific.

    She even works underwater! Those exact words from the commentator's mouth after a maneuver used to dodge enemy fire.

    "D-dive! I need to dive!"

    Taking a deep breath, Amane dives in to the waters. The rigging's interiors started to fill,the fairies getting swept away. At the limit of her breath, she wanted to resurface but found out she can't. Bitter cold wrapped around her as she paddled in panic. The communicator's audio got muffled but she couldn't mistake Hime's panicked cries. Soon, everything went dark.

    When Amane regained consciousness, something was pressing against her right cheek. It had a texture like cloth, soft, spongy but with pressure, something hard underneath. Her imagination went wild and she had the urge to rub at it with subtle motions.

    "Oh my~ I left the bandage roll beside Amane."

    That arduous sensation vanished after those words. So she forced her eyes open and faced reality.

    Expecting a half-naked Hime coiled around her. She got greeted by a cheerful, but somewhat mindful question. None of that forced skin-ship as she thought.

    "Ufufu♪ Did I wake you up?"

    Amane nods, setting aside the blanket draped on her to see nothing but stark nakedness. Flushed red, she covers up in seconds.

    "Geez! I had my hopes up, but the deed was already done isn't it."

    "Ufufu♪ Of course, would you rather leave the wound untreated? How troublesome~"

    Hime deflects the topic somewhere else as she walked to her own bed and lied down. Seems like she hadn't rested as she tended Amane's wound. Of which, the throbbing pain reminded her of the desire to know what happened after.

    "Hime! How did it turn out!?"

    "Oh, the FRT arrived to rescue us~"

    Amane felt delighted at first. Then started pouting as she noticed that she missed an important event.

    "That's so unfair... Hime, that luck is unfair!"

    Hime covered her eyes with her arm, lost in thought. Amane feeling jealous about the encounter reminded her of something important.

    "Ufufu♪ That may be true... but I'm not the one Hatsu-san left a message for~"

    "The FRT's flagship!? O-ow-ow-ow..."

    In her excitement, she shot up from bed and agitated her injuries. On the brink of sleep, Hime gestures for Amane to lay down in bed.

    "Ufufu♪ Of course, you wouldn't happen to know another Hatsu-san from the FRT, right?"

    "F-fair enough. What did she say?"

    "Good job so far. Keep at it as well during re-training and re-education."

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    Scene 8

    [+] Spoiler

    "Thank you for waiting, Commander. My special dinner is all done."

    An hour before closing time, the ever popular Aya was serving dishes to her regular patrons. A huge majority of them were. If it wasn't for occasional oddballs, Amane would've nothing to do.

    "No way... You'd never expect she's a civilian. Hey, do you agree?"

    She said so with longing eyes, watching Aya laugh and smile with the customers. The timid lad on the table, stuttered with a reply.

    "Ye-yes, but Arashio-chan's j-just too good..."

    Amane picks up what used to be a grilled fish item.

    "How was it? Was it good?"

    The customer nods, unable to make eye contact.

    "Y-yes! It was good... and also, thank you for putting up with me."

    This particular customer asked for a typical Amatsukaze treatment. Yes, it was that kind of place. So she puts on that cold persona with a hint of kindness. To further sell the point, she takes the dining utensils and hurries away. With her back turned against him, she voices an afterthought.

    "I see... I'm glad~!"

    That customer let out an audible shiver filled with ecstasy. Amane gave herself some mental back pats. A perfect job, a perfect job I say! The dopamine hit wore off and got replaced while passing by Aya's table. Something very suspicious was afoot. A handsome looking lad handed a masquerade mask to Aya. He didn't even think twice to cover-up what he was doing.

    "Asashio-chan, come to my place after hours. A single round would do, but if you perform good enough we can go at it straight till morning."

    "Thank you for your hard work!"

    Amane greets as she enters the staff dressing room. Inside, she sees Aya doled up in sexy undergarments by the chic round table near the wall. She swears, Aya wore a more age-appropriate pair when they started work.

    "Thank you for your hard work! Here, have a seat."

    Amane accepts the offered seat while keeping a good eye on her co-worker. She loosens her uniform's tie before slumping down. And Aya, lifting her make-up kit from the table's surface as Amane occupies it. Her face like melted candy as she let out a huge sigh.

    "Haa, I'm tired. Let me laze around for a bit."

    Aya nods. Not even an occupied table can throw her off the loop. Transferring the kit on her lap, she resumed refreshing her looks during conversation.

    "I know that sound. Mom does it when she comes home from work."

    "For real?"

    An extended pause. Aya kept focused while she brushed her lashes. Blinking a couple of times after each one.

    "Yeah. She'd whine about her work week while waiting for Ayaka-nee to finish preparing dinner."

    Roped in to the conversation, Amane rests her chin over her crossed arms. Aya pulls out a brush from her little blue box and moved on to tending her long silky black hair.

    "My... Isn't that fine? My mother does the same. It's a paper-thin gimmick to get praise out of my father though..."

    Remembering that infuriated her, so she opted out.

    "What about your sister, did she stay a civilian?"

    One fluid stroke over her hair, Aya holds the brush in front of her and stared at it.

    "Nope. She went to a non-maritime highschool, graduated... then enrolled for something ridiculous like memeology."

    A sigh as deep as the Marianas trench. Amane backs away from this topic. She was after something juicier.

    "50% human and still plenty of fuck-ups. What more at 75?..."

    Aya whispered. For someone of the same age, she felt as if she has the whole world on her shoulders.

    Amane observes aya pull out a mature-looking pencil skirt and blouse from her locker. Say, that was the third strike for odd behavior. She can't help but ask at this point.

    "Aya, you do the most suspicious of things sometimes."

    That was sure to get someone off their guard. For a brief moment, Amane knows that sentence stiffened Aya with nervousness. Time to press further.

    "What do you mean exactly..."

    "Say, what was the deal with that pretty boy earlier? Don't tell me you're..."

    Expectation was welling up. Sooner or later, Aya had to crack and confess. Instead, there was a sigh of relief signaled by Aya's drooping shoulders.

    "You had me worried! Of course, I don't plan on going. I know! Since you're into that stuff, you can have it."

    Another unexpected turn. Aya reversed the situation. Hot, steamy blood sent pressure to critical and left her a stuttering mess. It was the verbal equal of running and stumbling on loop.

    "Haa!? W-what? I know I want to someday go at it till morning and that guy was rather handsome, but I like someone else..."

    Their eyes locked on to each other. Aya felt embarrassed, this misunderstanding revealed some fantasies she'd rather not have known. Handing the mask over should be mercy enough. Printed on the back side was an invitation to an unsanctioned fleet girl combat event. Amane pursed her lips, she wants to scream out so loud.

    "Well... I'll be rooting for Amane then. On both endeavors."

    A defeated look in Amane's eyes as she accepts the mask.

    "Kill me."

    "Uh... no?"

    Aya rejected the ridiculous proposal. At that point, Amane goes berserk. Like a spring roll she dropped to the ground and encased herself with the carpet by rolling.

    "Kill me, kill me I say! Aaaaahhhh!"

    This tantrum was causing unnecessary work for later, so Aya stepped in to quell it.

    "Oh, yeah. Why don't we talk about your week at the Naval Outpost?"

    That did the trick. Amane was still wrapped up, but at least she stopped trashing around. Eyes red and teary, she gives a summary.

    "Got suspended."


    "I tried copying an evasive maneuver from the recent UKFC exhibition match... it turned out that required special rigging and I screwed up."

    Aya thought to herself. U-wa... she's a media simpleton. I don't want to continue this conversation. With good luck, Amane steers the conversation away.

    "Hey, if you're not going to have a night battle with that guy earlier... What's up with the sexy underwear?"

    "Aaahh... Ummm... this is something else..."

    The door opens with a blam and catches their attention. The glacier of a man who owns the cafe comes flexing in and then leaned on the wall.

    "Time for the kiddies to go home!"

    Amane turns to Aya with a blissful look on her face.

    "Ok, I'd be sure to root for Aya as well. You'd need it more than I do."

    Aya dug her face between both her hands as she yelled out in frustration.

    "Give me a break!"

    The misunderstanding got sorted out later. It seems the cafe turns into a piano bar every saturday at 9 PM.

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    Scene 9

    [+] Spoiler

    At night, Akihabara's streets are lit by billboard lights. Pictures of popular anime and manga characters line the buildings. As landmarks, Amane finds them convenient.

    "Right turn from the station's west exit. Left street before Animate. Right once you reach Mandarake. Then look for a Hotel..."

    She recites the directions printed on the sleazy masquerade mask. They led to an establishment decorated with hearts. Happy couples checked in and out. The sight made her throw the mask onto the concrete.

    "Of course it's a love hotel!"

    She rants out, stomping the mask. If not for her child-like casuals... the hotel staff would tell her to leave. Also, they used her presence as a way to draw couples in. As seen when a handsome staff used her as a sales pitch to lure a couple passing by.

    "Aww! Look at that cute little girl, makes you wanna make a baby tonight doesn't it..."

    Three pairs of eyes turned to Amane. The couple took less than five seconds to hop in. As for that staff... he felt like he'd seen Amane before. Long white hair with twin-tails and sharp brown-ish yellow eyes. Fleet girl themed maid cafe. Then it struck, he yells out pointing.

    "Ah! The waitress from the cafe!"

    Sharpened instinct from getting shot at by rogue naval base fleet girls. Amane caught on and pointed back. With same intensity, she yells back.

    "Ahh, The pervert who invited aya-"

    In a flash, Amane enters absolute panic mode. She's on the edge of revealing a co-worker's personal info. Every single cell in her body cried for a way out. That was when her smartphone rang some Aztec-sounding tune. Grasping that lifeline, she sings along.

    "Ayay yay yay... One moment."

    She cracks a joking smile then turns to answer the call. Opening with a hearty yes! she listens with enthusiasm. The cafe's master informs that her mother is on the landline. Relieved from her earlier escape. She ends up throwing caution into the wind.

    "Thanks. Please tell her that I'm in front of a Love Hotel right now."

    The mask came into question and Amane narrated why she's there.

    "I see... Rejected again."

    "Geez. I'm here aren't I?"

    "Sure, It's nice she sent someone interested... but her presence gives a popularity boost."

    Amane's cheeks puffed up. Here she was offering to join in Aya's stead, but everyone's still asking for the latter. One of these days she'll have to grill the information out of Aya.

    "Anyway, follow me down to the complex. Do wear that mask... if you're planning on entering the legal leagues in the future."

    Behind the establishment, they entered a door labeled authorized personnel only. Down a well-lit staircase was a whole other face of Akihabara. One that caters to everything fleet girl related. As they walked, her guide directs her attention to stuff of interest.

    "Non-competitors go around shopping or here to watch the matches."

    True, Amane saw a few without masks. They visit the food stalls in groups, a fair deal in actual uniforms, some even with U.P.W. badges. Among the mix, non-fleet girls buying stuff from equipment stalls.

    "No way... without fairies those are useless. Hey, do you agree?"

    "Oh, those don't need fairies."

    A confused look writes itself on Amane's face.

    "How does that work? You can't manual operate the turbines, boilers, and buoyancy parts of the rig..."

    He shakes his head as they approach a room with actual walls instead of stall dividers.

    "It's a bunch of techno-babble. Feel free to ask around later."

    "... Ok, I guess that's fine..."

    "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to tonight's Akiba Underground Kanmusu Fighting Championship!"

    A crowd, three-quarters around a huge octagonal pool, supplied scores of cheers. From the roof, three large screens extended down. It flashed the event's logo, followed by an exhibition match announcement.

    "W-what's this!? A new competitor is about to make her debut on the octagon pool!"

    An elevated box, north of the pool, contained the control room. From there, technical staff released flying camera drones. Which focused on the left entry channel. One of a pair of water-filled gaps beside the elevated box that take competitors into the pool proper.

    "Everyone! Let's give it up for Kitten-chan!"

    Amane put pressure on two buttons on the controller she held with her left hand. An electric signal from this gizmo passes by wire to this fairy-less waist-mounted rig. From there, another pair of wires relayed the signals to both turbines on the footwear.

    Via psychic links with the fleet girl, faeries do this with ease. Taking this fact for granted, Amane fumbles her entry. She looked like a cat trying to walk while shaking tied plastic off her feet. Much to the crowd's amusement.

    After a minute moving around, she got better and moved to the pool's center.

    "How cute! It's a kitten's first steps. Everyone, take a commemorative photo!"

    Camera flashes followed the drones. She saw herself on screen. That red and white striped windsock hair ornament to the kitty ear band.

    Right hand covered by a white glove over her waist, she shows off. She puffs her chest to emphasize her buttoned up, short black sailor dress. Sad to say, a working Rensouhou-kun without fairies is expensive. So she loses the hull-shaped piece attached via swivel joint to the waist rig. In exchange, a handheld 12.7 cm with a strap slung over her shoulders.

    Screens shifting to back view, she leans forward, left hand adjusting the garter belts. Such actions displayed the back-mounted quadruple torpedo launcher and an animatronic tail.

    "We got to know our challenger, now let's meet her opponent! The light cruiser bruiser here to release stress, Aga-NO!"

    Male crowd howled like wolves upon sight of a university-aged fleet girl with long black hair. A mid-riff baring, sleeveless sailor uniform's cleavage window frame her ample bosoms. While the red mini-skirt sways as she walks center stage with overwhelming enthusiasm. Wide child-bearing hips carried a heavy-hitting waist-mount rig. A more feature-packed variant than Amane's.

    Both hands gripping sophisticated control sticks, she showcases each half of the rig. First up was the right-hand platform. The swivel joints move in a buttery smooth motion with those thick hydraulics. She wiggles the right-hand stick, a pair of 15.2 cm twin guns moved side to side independent of each other.

    "Turret 1, elevation 0, rotation 0. Turret 2, elevation 10, rotation 45."

    A robotic voice sounds off from the bridge structure behind the gun pairs. Following this marvelous tech demonstration, she lifts the left-hand platform. The sound of whirring gears followed that motion. Moving the left-hand stick caused the single 15.2 cm gun to move as well. Finally, she triggers a button and the boiler assembly behind the turret springs to life.

    "Kirari~n! It's Aga-NO's turn!"

    A dazzling flame ignites in those light blue eyes behind a stylish, black butterfly mask.

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