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    Commander friggo's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
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    Equipment upgrades for Summer 2018

    Summer 2018 will be my first summer event, and I was wondering what equipment I should focus on upgrading ahead of time.

    Here's the stuff I've got: link

    With the screws I've stockpiled, plus the dailies/weeklies/monthlies remaining until the event (assuming it starts around mid-August), I should have ~250 screws to play with. So far I've been doing events mainly on Normal/Easy, but I'm hoping for a mix of Normal/Hard this time around.

    With all that in mind, any suggestions what to prioritize?

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    Vice-Admiral Kuropo's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Your equipment arsenal looks pretty decent.
    I would upgrade the seaplane fighters as those have been quite important in recent events. You can turn the Type 2 Seaplane Fighters Kai into a Skilled version (on par with Kyoufuu Kai) through quests.
    Other than that, you might want to upgrade your fighters too, in particular the F6F-3. Convert it into an F6F-5 and also max this one, preparing for the F6F-5N conversion. This will become your second most powerful, in terms of air power, carrier-based fighter.

    P.S. How'd you get your Reppuu 601 upgraded? xD

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    @friggo @friggo Based on what you have, here are a couple of suggestions in no particular order

    1. If you have Saratoga, complete her quest chain for all the night planes. This is improve your flexibility a lot.

    2. Upgrade the late model quad oxy torp. Aim for +4 first, and max it out if you are done with other stuff. The torp is the best torp for any Shiratsuyu, Asashio, Kagerou and Yuugumo k2 DD. Fodder is very easy to get. You can get 2 oxy quad from a lv10 ktkm. In the meantime, upgrade 3 more quint to +6. After that, you are ready to convert one of the quint to sextuple.

    3. Get both MK7 to +4. Still the best gun in game, and the screw cost isn't unacceptable from +1 to +4, so it will be good investment. 41cm gun fodder should come easily from 5-4.

    4. Upgrade a searchlight to +9. Searchlight gives +3 fp at +9, and is very cheap to upgrade. Could serve as a filler when you lack screws.

    5. Remember to clear all lbas plane quests every season.

    6. Try to get another rocket k2. Additional rocket fodder can be farmed by training cranes to kai. The equipment is invaluable for your holepunched CV and CAV in events. You are just a few rocket away from a 2nd one.

    7. In terms of SPF, increasing the number of SPF will certainly give your more flexibility, but not necessary (most you need is probably 8). However, I do not think upgrading your existing T2 SPF to skilled version is a good idea at your stage due to how small a difference it makes. Just try putting a T2 SPF and a Kyoufu kai on a CAV and check the fighter power difference and you will understand.

    8. I see that you have some spare ap shell, so upgrading your T1 shell to +4 is a good idea as well.

    I think I included most of the major cheap upgrade you can do now. You will notice that I didn't include many large caliber gun. That is because of how steep the cost is, and how rapid the large caliber gun meta changes. You don't want to invest too much on things that will become obsolete quickly. Also, in half of the situations (aka CTF and any single fleet that does not allow more than 2 BB), 4 upgraded gun is all you would need.

    Obviously, there are still other equipments worth upgrading, but that should wait till you complete the above list.

    - - - Updated - - -
    @Kuropo If you upgrade the T52 601 squadron before completing the quests, the star will carry over.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @friggo: Late response (haven't been around), but saw this since I'm posting in this section as well. One unknown is whether we get another installation heavy event. If that's the case, you'll want two Type 2 "ka-mi" tanks along with two Daihatsu+Type 89 tank ("tankhatsu"), all ideally improved for Hard clear (and maybe even Medium clear). NOTE - improvement benefits are linear with those. Granted, you have other items to work on and who knows what, if any, installation maps next event will be, but I do think this is something to keep in mind. If nothing else, perhaps get the one ka-mi tank and one tankhatsu you have to +5 and/or keep some improvemats & fodder around to make at least another tankhatsu as well (second ka-mi tank bit harder to do).

    Another thing is LBAS escort fighters. You have very few and of those and range can be an issue as well. While not quite as good as higher end designated LBAS fighters/interceptors, max improved Type 0 M21 Skilled (range 7) and Type 0 M52 Skilled (range 6) can be used as needed. There's a fairly cheap upgrade path via monthly quests (e.g F22 with +10 Type 0 M21) if you have spare skilled pilots. You can also upgrade skilled variant either directly though that may be bit more expensive. Nice thing about Type 0 M52 Skilled max is that it's another +11 AA fighter for CV use as well. Got a couple of those and still use them. The Type 0 M21 Skilled max have +10 AA so on par with Reppuu for CV air power, but you also get other bonuses as well. This might not be the highest priority for you, but certainly wouldn't hurt to work on maybe one of each given what you have IMO.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.



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