Event 90, The Roaming Ghost Ship of the Bygone Days / 過ぎし日を彷徨う幽霊船, has started. It is a treasure rally event. You can get a 99% affection and a 0% affection event character at once.

Nidhogg Fights have returned. The Twilight Underlings can be fought in place of RBs for a week. The items we get for the collective kill count of all players will be distributed on 7/17. The campaigns for the kill count will activate on 7/23.

2x gold earned
30% stamina cut for Current Event
30% stamina cut for the latest Ultimate Mission
30% stamina cut for Nation Missions
Evolution/Blooming material missions are available until 7/23 (See the Wikia page for the order). These have full clear rewards which can total to 5,000 FS.
A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 60 subjugations to earn everything. Until 7/17
Gratitude for 43 Months Since Release Campaign: Get 200 FS per login. Until 7/19.

  • 6* Summer Squash / Pepo (Swimsuit)
  • 5* Easter Cactus (Swimsuit)
  • 5* Holly (Swimsuit)
  • 5* Tuberose [Featured]

Rarity Growth
  • 4* Silver Orchid

6* Saffron
  • 22% Atk for all -> 35%
  • New: Lets 3 party members, oneself included, hit Magic-type weakness.

RG 5* Blood Iris / Ayame
  • 30% Atk for all -> 35%
  • 30% Atk for 2 -> 35%
  • 30% Atk for all in a boss fight -> 35%
  • 30% Atk for 2 in a boss fight -> 35%
  • 22% Def, 4% Dmg reduction when defending for all -> 25%, 4.5%

RG 5* Easter Lily / Teppouyuri
  • 22% Atk for all -> 32%
  • New: 15% Skill Dmg for all

RG 5* Golden-rayed Lily / Yamayuri
  • 20% Atk for all in a boss fight -> 35%

RG 4* Turnip Rape / Aburana
  • 15% Atk for all -> 20%
  • 22% Def, 4% Dmg reduction when defending for all -> 30%, 5.3%
  • New: Everyone deals 15% more Dmg to bosses

Summer Special Gacha '18: This is a 5k DMM point gacha that gets you a ticket to trade for any 5* or 6* available before 6/25/2018. Until 7/30.

EX Premium Gacha: This is a 3k DMM point gacha with boosted rates. You can roll it infinitely. Until 7/18.

A gacha featuring the new characters is available.

A blooming-reprint gacha featuring 6* Viola, 5* Pussy Ears, and 5* Acanthus.

Subjugation Stages
Nico Live stages are available until 7/17.

New ultimate missions are available.

Nation mission renewal continues. 4-2 is available.

CQs added for the new characters.

The Lagoon (Night) series is available.

BGM was added to the jukebox.

Updated the LC, honor medlas, and D medals wares. An extra D ticket can be bought.

Home Screen
The Home screen's BG and BGM were changed.

If you fail a subjugation, retreat, or lose connection in the middle of a stage, you will not lose stamina anymore.

You can click through the subjugation results screen to skip the animations now.

Typo fixes.

On 7/10, all players will get the rewards for the comments and viewer counts for the 12th major Nico Live.

Really? Saffron got buffed again?