Frankly, the lawsuit is meaningless if Tanaka and the other devs don't get their rears in gear. Kancolle has its characters................and that's about it. It's swiftly turning into the "also ran" of shipgirl games, the game that served as the predecessor which everyone else used as a launchpad for their own ideas. With its western release, Azur Lane now has significantly more reach and, therefore, significantly more revenue. And now Yongshi is doing this:

What's this? Idea Factory/Compile Heart and Yongshi are teaming up to make a naval TPS/RPG version of Azur Lane in the style of Kancolle arcade? It's for PS4, and since it's Idea Factory it'll probably get a PC port?

Better wake the fuck up, Tanaka
and broaden the reach and platforms for kancolle, like with a kancolle arcade PC/Console port, before you get outmaneuvered and outsold into oblivion and Kancolle becomes just another blip on the radar.