Event 94 has started its 2nd half. More RB summoning options are available. Note that the rewards from this RB event are different than typical RB events; the mobile version of FKG came out recently, but equipment synthesis isn't implemented yet, so forge spirits don't come from daily quests, event wares, or RB drops. Instead, Blums are obtainable. Also, Manyu summon keys aren't earnable because you can't use them in mobile yet either.

  • 2.0x gold earned. Until 9/18.
  • 1.5x commander experience earned. Until 9/18.
  • Synthesis campaign. Until 9/18.
  • Manyu Daily Missions are open every day and have new full clear rewards. Until 9/18.
  • 30% stamina cut for the Manyu Daily Missions. Until 9/18.
  • 30% stamina cut for Whaleship stages and its Secret Gardens. Until 9/18.
  • 30% stamina cut for Story Missions. This includes chapter 2. Until 9/18.
  • 30% stamina cut for Re-reprint Events. Until 9/18.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • 45 months since release login campaign: 200 FS given out each day until 9/13.
  • Smartphone release login bonus campaign: Get items each day. Ends 10/1.
  • Smartphone release memorial presents: Get items just once. Ends 9/30.

  • 6* Japanese Silver Grass (Swimsuit)
  • 5* Money Tree
  • 5* Toad Lily (Swimsuit)
  • 5* Sweet William Catchfly

Rarity Growth
  • 5* Reeves Spirea
  • 5* Dahlia
  • 5* Calla

A discounted gacha featuring the RG gacha characters is out until 9/18.

Subjugation Stages
Whatship chapter 2, mission 4 is out. It was planned to have the aquatic fauna ships / 水族艦 out by this time, but it has been postponed until mission 5. You can play the chapter 2, mission 4 stages without needing to beat any other whaleship missions, but the stages in it must be completed in order. Like the previous mission, there are two normal stages with stories involved, and an ultimate stage following those.
Main Story
Main story part 2, "The Foundation of the World" / 根源の世界編, is out. You can play this no matter how much progress you've made in part 1. There's 5 normal stages in part 2. You must unlock them in order just like typical stages. After the 5th stage is a high experience stage with a difficulty higher than main story part 1, mission 49. It has the same functionality as the high exp stages that appear every 8 missions in part 1.
Reprint Event
Event 82, Hit it! Kick it! The Great Sports Meet, will be the reprint event from 9/13 - 9/26.
Re-reprint Events
Events 41 and 42 are now part of the re-reprint events.

CQs added for the bloomable girls.

Two objects, a BGM, and 20 pests added.

Sun medals updated. In relation to the next whaleship mission's availability date, this lineup will last six instead of four weeks long.
Gold tab updated.
Removed an old reprint event.

Feature Changes
CQs got expressions
  • 6* Hare's Tail Grass
  • 5* Gaillardia
  • 6* Cattleya
  • 5* Nasturtium
  • 5* Japanese Silver Grass
  • 5* Tachibana
  • 5* Morning Star Lily
  • 5* Toad Lily
  • 5* Candle Bark
  • 5* Lunaria
  • 6* Red Ginger
  • 5* Laurentia

Skill/Equip Flowers
These characters had incorrect experience boosts for their skill and equipment flowers. (These are all "F2P" characters whose flowers were earned from garden flower pots).
  • 5* Kinutasou
  • 5* Rhodanthe
  • 5* Anri
  • 5* Azalea (Newcomer)
  • 5* Wishbone Flower

Their skill flowers went from 270 to 1,080 exp. Their equip flowers went from 675 to 2,700 exp.

The gratitude for 45 months since release campaign was giving out all of its gifts from the 2nd day onwards with the suffix "2nd day". Since the items were given out correctly, the only thing changed was the gift names.

Typo fixes.

Extended Maintenance
Everyone got 6oo FS for the extended maint.
Smartphone Release Campaign
On the 10th day of the smartphone application version's release memorial login bonus campaign, it was claimed that we'd get 200k gold, but it wasn't actually intended to be given out. Since they made the promise to send it, they gave us the 200k gold.
Main Quests
They handled the bug on 8/28 that allowed people to re-submit a main quest and get its rewards multiple times. The stuff we got was based on the highest number of times anyone re-submitted that main quest, minus how many times you submitted the main quest yourself. This is why there's up to 79oo FS in your gift box.

For example, if you took 10oo FS with the main quest using that bug, you'd be given 69oo FS in your gift box.