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    Event Discussion: 武神降臨!山県昌景 (War God Yamagata Masakage)

    JP Wiki
    Duration: 9/18 (Tue) maintenance to 9/25 (Tue) maintenance

    [War God Advent] brings back past Giant Kabuto who use special skills, unleashing their true power as they assault Tono and his castles.
    Furthermore, this War God Advent has reduced automatic [Ki] regeneration, and it is a super high difficulty map that exceeds [E-X1&2] maps.
    Clearing the special requirements of the War God Advent awards the 『★4野牛門』 facility, and [Tsubasa & Byakusen].

    The map terrain is Plains.

    ※ These items are only awarded on the first clear after completing the requirements
    ※ Requires Tono Level 30, and the 16 AP Story map cleared.
    ※ War God Advent does not provide castle EXP
    ※ If clearing the map is too difficult, it is recommended you try again when it returns
    [Tsubasa & Byakusen] give +30 000 EXP when combined with a castle or a building.


    +18 ATK
    (Ranged Castles Only)

    Ki: 30
    Waves: 5
    Automatic Ki Regeneration Reduced (Medium)
    Plains Bonus
    Special Mission 1: Complete without losing any castles
    Reward: ★4野牛門
    Special Mission 2: Complete without losing any castles (hard only)
    Reward: Tsubasa & Byakusen

    Some overall tips:
    Natural Ki generation is reduced, meaning Ki generating tokens also have less effectiveness. Usuki, Bicchuu-Matsuyama, del Monte, Yanagi-no-gosho, and Konki have stratagems that increase Ki on kill, which are very useful.

    Normal is significantly easier than Hard mode due to the massive damage spike from enemies.
    Key points to be aware of:
    There is a large amount of cavalry on this map. A lot of them try to backdoor at the start of Round 2.
    There are ox ogre spectres. These cannot be blocked.
    The firewheels cause burn which reduces ATK and deals damage over time.
    The boss's transformation does the following:
    Increases MSPD by 25% and reduces Ranged Damage Taken by 25% for all red kabuto.
    Ignores Knockback and DEF for Self.
    This basically means she will oneshot any castle she touches after transforming.

    My thoughts on units:
    [+] Spoiler

    1. You need a ki generator due to the decreased ki in this map. I probably wouldn't take two given the terrain restriction and tile layout.
    • Hikone is very good since her skill is amazing support on top of two tokens. She can also support the top lane blocker very easily.
    • Shikin is probably the best because of how powerful she is. She can fill two roles opening a slot for someone else.
    • Yanagi-no-gosho is also very strong due to having generation on kill and filling two roles as well.
    • Shikano is probably fine. You might need to be more conservative using her though.
    • Yanagawa doesn't have a good tile to sit on in my opinion, even if she matches terrain.
    • Usuki seems difficult to place due to there being 4 ranged tiles in the middle and you can use them all for units. Her token may not fit well and she's off terrain so it will cost a lot to max her and not be as effective.

    2. You likely need at least one blocker, but probably not more. The cavalry that backdoors can very quickly kill Tono and are tanky enough they won't die very quickly. Especially on Hard. It's possible to kill them with a high enough level Fist, I believe, but that's a significant investment in an otherwise useless lane.
    • Caernarfon is the best. Her Stratagem can be very critical to clearing this map and is very cost effective. You can use it to tank the boss with your Melee DPS to kill her fast. Pretty much not feasible with anyone else.
    • Sant'Angelo is a fairly common Plains shield. Her stratagem can be helpful to save a few hits on a unit.
    • Most other shields will be acceptable as long as they can tank the top lane. Depending on your Healing and support, you may never need to upgrade her so terrain can be a non-factor.

    3. You need a healer. There are a large number of spectres that come in, and lots of damage being dealt. Centering around a healer is typically critical for these maps.
    • Osaka osaka osaka osaka. Best healer in the game right now since she has a kai and matches terrain. ATK reducing token is immensely helpful for survivability and offense boosting is more helpful than defense overall here.
    • Any of the ★6 healers are also very good. Ishiyama-gobou in particular because her stratagem can help keep high priority targets in place.
    • Tsurugaoka and Yamashina are obviously not as strong, but duo-ing healers vs spectres is fairly common, especially these two since they're ★3
    • The non-Plains healers aren't as good on this map, but higher rarity can trump the terrain bonus if you're working with just ★3s.

    4. You need a Ranged DPS. I recommend a Bow due to the airships and tengu.
    • Sunpu is probably the best Ranged DPS available. She's very common, has a very high ATK potential and flexible on almost all (Plains) maps, and you can get her to high levels easily with ★5 Komane, the new EXP fodder jinmusume from Monthlies.
    • Jurakudai is likely going to be stronger due to being ★7 and can help clear the big packs that roll in instead, but not she's not very available.
    • Yanagi-no-gosho is very strong due to being able to help generate ki and also reducing buffing allies.
    • Guns might struggle due to the double and triple airships. Anping and Nagashino can be very strong but it's expensive placing more tokens on this map. Kronborg might be a better choice as a high tier gun. Himeji and Fukuchiyama are good for their stratagem despite being off terrain.
    • Crossbows might not be strong enough overall. Matsumoto's stratagem can be very good for stopping enemies, but her damage output might not be too great otherwise.

    5. You'll likely need a Melee DPS/burst. Fists are just the best for this due to how much damage they do per attack. A Hammer might be a good option too. The key use is to crush anything as it hits the fork before reaching Tono.
    • Heiyou (Pingyao) is a very good Melee DPS due to being ★5. You can Komane her to a high level, and she has incredible burst damage.
    • Shikin can fill the role for both Melee DPS and ki generator freeing up a slot for something else.
    • Nagoya is strong due to being a ★7 and her stratagem can be used as a critical nuke to save yourself if you get swarmed.
    • Yodo's stratagem can be used to block a lot of damage, and maybe even help tank a boss hit.

    6. You need a Magic DPS/support, probably two. The ox ogres are very difficult to kill without a dedicated unit.
    • Talismans might be best to slow the ox ogres and boss but their damage output isn't that great.
    • Staves are better DPS but have poor range. Utility varies widely as well.
    • Bells can AoE everything to support everyone else and deal with the larger groups of Spectres, but won't be very effective against the oxe ogres and boss. I wouldn't rely on just this and a Song.

    That roughly leaves one to two openings for added support depending on what you have available so far.
    My suggested layout:
    31: Spear/Shield
    26: Shield/Melee
    23: Bow
    24: Magic DPS/Support
    33: Magic DPS/Support
    28: Song
    32: Fist/Hammer

    My Spear was Hikone. Shikano can be useful due to being able to reach a very high level easily, but her damage output won't be as good. Her role is to support the Shield at 26 to kill the cavalry. To this end, if you have another ki generator, you can use a more useful Spear here, or have a forward unit at 26 such as a Sword and the Shield at 31.
    My Shield was Caernarfon. Be mindful that you need some upgrades on your Song to heal her this far away. Mine could tank the cavalry without any upgrades but needed Osaka token. Otherwise, you can use her own stratagem to tank the cavalry.
    My Bow was Sunpu at level 100ish.
    My Magic Support at 24 was Karasu. Hamada is a good choice with her various damage boosting abilities. A Talisman can be good too with her slow. Otherwise a second Song may be necessary if you can't heal enough.
    My Magic DPS 33 was Versaille. Her token's slow is very strong. As an alternative, I think a Talisman is best here to slow the first ox ogre which is probably the most difficult to kill. The rest are easier after you have some time to ramp up on your Song and other magic.
    My Song was Osaka. Fairly difficult to replace but a high enough level Tsurugaoka/Yamashina should work.
    My Fist was Heiyou at level 100ish. I positioned her at 18 early on and just retreated when an ox-ogre came close. Wasn't really necessary forward at the start. At the very end, as the boss approached her, I max boosted and gave her Caernarfon's buff to block the damage and kill the boss. She is then needed to kill the golden cavalry which are very tanky and can wipe Tono quickly if they get through.
    My additional unit was Chambord. Her stratagem was very strong for slowing/debuffing, but not absolutely necessary. I would say any number of buff type units would be helpful instead, like Ishigakiyama or Yoita. Having Yoita's attack buff on your healer the whole time, or Ishigakiyama's speed boost on a critical unit is very strong for their cost.

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    Kamen Rider? :D



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