Time-Limited Voices
Moon-viewing voices can be heard from 9/18 - 10/1.

Event 95 has started. It is a gacha event. It has summonable BSes, event BSes that randomly appear from all event stages, and a 0% & 99% affection event girl to earn.


  • 30% stamina cut for Current Event. Until 10/1.
  • 30% stamina cut for Mori Mori Gold Boost. Until 10/1.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • Mori Mori Gold Boost is available everyday. Until 10/1.
  • Evolution/Blooming material missions are available until 10/1.
  • Smartphone release memorial presents: Get items just once. Until 9/30.
  • Smartphone release login bonus campaign: Get items each day. Until 10/1.
  • Smartphone release login bonus campaign part 2: Get items each day. From 9/20 until 10/15.
  • Exciting Flower Mark login bonus campaign: Get 2oo FS each day. Until 9/28.
  • 60oo FS can be bought for the price of 36oo FS just once. Until 10/15.


  • 6* Walnut
  • 5* Barley
  • 5* Gourd
  • 5* Zebrina

Rarity Growth

  • 2* Amaryllis

A gacha featuring the new characters is out.
A gacha is out featuring characters with critical-based abilities. The 5/6*s in it are guaranteed to have crit abilities.

Subjugation Stages
Nation mission renewal continues. 6-2 is out.

CQs added for the new characters.

A new minigame was added: Acacia Corps, Relay Transportation Operation.
The bar / 酒場 theme is out.
BGM added.

Home Screen
BG and BGM changed.

Feature Changes
The default number of characters players can store has been increased from 50 to 300 slots. Players who already expanded their character slots will be reimbursed after logging in on 10/19 after 03:59. As an apology for making players wait on the reimbursement, everyone got 1oo FS.

Fixed a bug where the "!" on the Limited Missions tab stayed around even if you cleared all of its stages.

Fixed a bug where some of the dungeons for the main story's dungeon selection screen where not correctly showing how much had been cleared in them.

Fixed a bug where 5* Gooseberry (the previous event's free girl) needed rainbow blooming medicine to bloom her. Players that used bloomed her got the rainbow blooming medicine back. Players that did not bloom her got a gold blooming medicine which could be used to bloom her now.

Typo fixes.

Sorry for the delay. Real life issues.
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I didn't expect to have work, then a phone interview, then an appointment, then work the following day.