Limited-Time Voices
Autumn voiceovers can be heard until 10/15.

Event 96, Maid by Flower, has started. It's obviously a pun on made/maid. This is a card flip event.


  • 30% stamina cut for Character Quests. Ends 10/9.
  • 30% stamina cut for Ultimate Missions. Ends 10/9.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • Gratitude for 46 months since release campaign: Get 2oo FS per login day. Ends 10/11.
  • Smartphone release login bonus campaign part 2: Get items each day. From 9/20 until 10/15.
  • 60oo FS can be bought for the price of 36oo FS just once. Until 10/15.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 25 searches to earn everything
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 20 Limited Missions or Character Quests to earn everything


  • 6* Cowslip (Maid)
  • 5* Spring Star (Maid)
  • 5* Oregano
  • 5* Three-leaved Clematis [featured]

Rarity Growth

  • 4* Snowflake

New Characters
A gacha featuring the newest gacha girls is available. This gacha is implemented in a way that makes it even easier to get the newest girls. For every 55 pulls you do, you will get a 6* Cowslip (Maid) as a bonus (not as part of the rolled characters). This counter goes up even if you do the daily 100 DMM point/yen pull.

Also, the rarity rates for just this gacha have been tweaked. For starters, the newest characters have double the appearance rates. Secondly, each rarity's rates are adjusted like so.
6*: 1.00%
5*: 12.00%
4*: 30.00%
3*: 57.00%

The special perk to get the 6* after 55 pulls only applies to this gacha.
When this event ends, the 55 pulls counter will reset.
The devs may change how this gacha behaves at any given time.
Finally, this change is described as a "campaign", so there's no telling if this is only for this event or if it'll be a new thing. It does not say what they plan to do with this in the notes. All it says is that the campaign ends on 10/15 at the same time as the event.

Blooming Reprint
A gacha featuring characters that had blooming in the past is out. The only 5/6* characters in it are as follows:

  • 6* Purslane
  • 5* Apricot (Christmas)
  • 5* Lupin

The rarity rates are unchanged from other premium gachas.

Subjugation Stages
Nation mission renewal continues. 6-4 is out.

CQs added for the new characters.

The Sweet Cafe / スイートカフェ set is out.
BGM added to the jukebox.

D medals, honor medals, and LC wares updated.

A flower stone tab was added. As part of the added character campaign, you can buy the skill and equip flowers for the new gacha characters.

In response to a bug confirmed since 9/25's maintenance, the lineup for LC that you did not trade for has been included in the restock. You can trade for all of this up until 10/29.

Home Screen
The BG and BGM were changed.

Typo fixes.

We got 40oo apologems for the extended maint.

There was a bug with synthesis on 9/19's emergency maint. They planned to fix it by 10/1 (this maint), but they need more time. As an apology for the delay, we all got 1oo FS.