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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    October 9, 2018 Maintenance (★7 Windsor Castle Kai, ★6 Warwick Castle Kai)

    ■ Event
    [Subjugate the Kabuto General! Satake Yoshishige] begins

    ■ Returning Event
    [Unwavering Alignment] begins

    ■ New castle added to gacha
    ★5 Kami-Akasaka-jou [Mountain] [Sword]
    Skill: Increases ATK by 27%
    Stratagem: Deals 1x damage to all enemies in range and continually knocks them back for 5 seconds. (Range: Large)
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ The following castles have received their kai-ichi
    ★7 Windsor Castle [Hills] [Sword]
    Skill: Increases ATK by 30%, DEF by 20%, Regen by 20
    Kai Skill: Increases ATK by 35%, DEF by 25%, Regen by 25
    Reduces Damage Taken by 20%, Increases Block by 1.
    Stratagem: Increases Target's ATK by 2x for 40s
    Kai Stratagem: Increases Target's ATK by 2x and 100 for 40s
    Cooldown: 40s
    Cost: 7 ki

    ★6 Warwick Castle [Plains/Water] [Shield]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 20% for Tono and Self, Range by 20
    Stratagem: Decreases ATK and DEF by 25% for all enemies in range ffor 25s. (Target Self Only)
    Cooldown: 60s
    Cost: 7 ki
    Kai Stratagem: Decreases ATK and DEF by 30% for all enemies in range ffor 25s. (Target Self Only)
    Kai Cooldown: 50s
    Kai Cost: 7 ki

    ★5 Akashi-jou [Hills/Water] [Cannon]

    Skill: Increases HP by 17% for all castles in range
    Kai Skill: Increases HP by 20% for all castles in range
    Increases Cannon Direct Hit Bonus to 75% for Self.

    ■ Gacha Spotlight 1 has updated
    ★7 Windsor Castle [Hills] [Sword]
    ★6 Shirakawa-Komine-jou [Hills] [Crossbow]
    ★6 Takatoo-jou [Hills] [Talisman]
    ★5 Kami-Akasaka-jou [Mountain] Sword]

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has updated
    Until the 10/23 (Tue) maintenance
    ★7 Windsor Castle [Hills] [Sword]
    ★6 Shirakawa-Komine-jou [Hills] [Crossbow]
    ★6 Takatoo-jou [Hills] [Talisman]

    ■ Daily 1x Spirit Orb and 2x Tsubasa Present!
    From 10/10 (Wed) ~ 10/15 (Mon), log in every day to receive 2x Spirit Orbs and 2x Tsubasa [Kai-ichi] as a present
    Starts from 10/10 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 10/15 (Mon) present can be obtained until 10/16 (Tue) 4:59

    ■ New Weapons added
    ・★4真・義重の重槌 :槌
    ・★3義重の重槌   :槌
    ※ May be obtainable again in the future

    ■ Other
    Territory background has changed
    Game Data load decreased.
    → Game Data load decrease has been implemented
    ※ Castle, territory, and certain illustrations may have changed to accomodate this.
    ※ Google Play and App Store users should clear their cache after updating to optimize their data.
    ※ It may take some time after clearing the cache to first start the game.
    ※ When downloading large amounts of data, please use a stable Wi-Fi connection for the best experience.

    Certain Castles' Stratagem text has been adjusted
    → [Deal the same damage as ATK] effect stratagems and other similar effects have been adjusted to say [Deal 1x Damage]
    ※ This is only a text change and does not affect performance.

    Maintenance from 10:00 to 16:00

    Preview of the castle to be added

    Standing in Osaka-prefecture, she is famous for being Kusunoki Masashige's home castle, who helped overthrow the Kamakura shogunate.


    Longer maintenance than usual, preceded by DMM platform maintenance, and then later that night we have the live broadcast.

    Last edited by Folseus; 10-09-2018 at 01:08 PM.

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    Newly Registered Nattō's Avatar
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    Sep 2018
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    The first 2 map on new Subjugation were so easy, tho the smile on my face shattered after trying the last map... first time in my life seeing lots of flying Kabuto.

    This new hammer pretty good, S.Nagoya pummel all small-medium Kabuto in 1 hit! and it look badass.



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