Limited Time Voices
Halloween voices can be heard until 10/29.

Event 97, The Great Phantom Thief Likes Sweets? / 大怪盗は甘いのがお好き?, is out. It's a sapling raising event.

  • 30% stamina cut for Current Event. Ends 10/29.
  • 30% stamina cut for Aqua Shadow Chapter 10 stages. Ends 10/22.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 60 subjugations to earn everything. Ends 10/29.
  • Fall Login Bonus Campaign: Get items each day you log in for 5 days. From 10/11 to 10/19.
  • Halloween Login Bonus Campaign: Get items each day you log in for 10 days. Ends 11/3.
  • Thrilling Flower Mark Campaign: Get 2oo FS each day you log in. Ends 10/25.
  • 60oo FS can be bought for the price of 36oo FS just once. Ends 10/29.

  • 6* Nightshade (Halloween)
  • 5* Larkspur (Halloween)
  • 5* Kitsune no Botan
  • 5* Cypress Vine [featured]

Rarity Growth
  • 3* Hydrangea

A gacha featuring the new characters is out. It has boosted rates. It does not guarantee the 6* after every 55 pulls.
A gacha that only has these high rarity characters is out: 6* Summer Squash/Pepo, 5* Violet, 5* Gingko.

Subjugation Stages
Aqua Shadow chapter 10 is out. It has an EX stage.
Nation mission renewal continues. 7-1 is out.

CQs added for the new characters.

The Mint Halloween / ミントハロウィン theme is out.
BGM added.

Skill/equip flowers for the new gacha girls can be bought with FS until the event ends.

Feature Changes
The filter was improved. (They shrank the whole filter screen so that PC users don't have to scroll through it all).

Home Screen
BG and BGM changed.

Typo fixes.

The investigation regarding the synthesis bug on 9/25 is done. The strengthening synthesis and evolution synthesis compensation was handed out last week. The blooming synthesis compensation was handed out this time.
Everyone got 1oo FS as compensation for the PC version's filter settings getting reset due to the change it went through.

On a side note, we've decided to use the name Kitsune no Botan on the Wikia because
a. The names chosen on the Wikia follow what's on the gacha screen since we consider that the devs' intented names, but the gacha's naming of Kitsunenobotan is difficult to read for foreigners, and
b. Translating the name to Fox Peony might confuse some Wikia users who use the gacha names to see who is who.
It's a hard choice, so the decision may be changed in the future.