Event 98, Graceful Heavenly Flower's Ladies / 雅なる天つ花の令嬢, has started. It's a raid boss event.

  • 1.5x gold earned
  • 30% stamina cut for Brilliant Talent Three-Flowers Casual Trip stages. Ends 11/5.
  • 30% stamina cut for the latest Ultimate Missions. Ends 11/5.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 50 searches to earn everything. Ends 11/12.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 100 Raid Boss fights to earn everything. Ends 11/12.
  • Halloween Login Bonus Campaign: Get items each day you log in for 10 days. Ends 11/3.
  • Gratitude for 47 months since release campaign: Get 2oo FS per login day. Ends 11/8.

  • 6* Monkshood (Heavenly Flower's Young Lady) [aka Torikabuto, Aconite, or Wolfsbane...]
  • 5* Anemone (Heavenly Flower's Young Lady)
  • 5* Pinkladies (Heavenly Flower's Young Lady)
  • 5* Aibika [featured]

Rarity Growth
  • 2* Thunberg Spirea

6* Monkshood has a new ability. Every single turn, it selects a random enemy out of all enemies, and has a 25% chance to invalidate one of their actions. For enemies that can act twice, that means they'd only act once. For enemies that only act once, that means they will not act at all. If multiple characters in your party have this ability, the abilities will activate separately. Hence, it's possible for two characters with this ability to make a single enemy lose two actions in a single turn.

A gacha featuring the new girls is out. It has boosted rates. You can buy the skill and equipment flowers for the featured girls in this gacha from the Wares until 11/12 when the event and this gacha ends.

An ability pickup gacha is out. The 5* and 6* characters in this gacha all have abilities that work in boss fights.

Subjugation Stages
The Casual Trip's epilogue is out. When you clear it, you'll get a garden object related to the poll its story was based on.
New ultimate dungeons are out.

CQs added for the new characters.

Home Screen
BG and BGM changed.

The Unwinding / くつろぎ theme is out.
BGM added.

You can use FS to buy the current event's gacha girls' skill and equipment flowers until the current event ends.
D medals lineup updated. An extra D ticket is available.
Rainbow medals, LC, and honor medals wares updated.

Feature Changes
Simplified Ability Display
From the Options, you can now toggle between a simplified ability activation animation (the default), or the old way.
Other Changes
Because the Sapling is now able to be a vice-leader, the already existing garden character named "Sapling" has been renamed to "Sapling (Garden)".

Bug Fixes
Typo fixes.

Extended Maintenance
Maintenance was extended once for the PC version and twice for the Smartphone versions. As an apology, everyone got 6oo FS.
Previous Event
As with all Sapling events, players that participated in the event got a "Sapling's Feelings of Gratitude" strengthening synthesis material which has as much experience as you fed to the Sapling. Players that got the Sapling to growth level 14 also got a "Sapling (Garden)" character that matches the attribute the Sapling had before the event ended. Furthermore, unlike past events, those players also got a "Sapling" with that attribute which you can set as a vice-leader.