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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    October 30, 2018 Maintenance (★7 Chandra Mahal, ★6 Zeze-jou, ★6 Hohensalzburg Kai)

    ■ Event
    「あまき名残に報恩を」 begins
    [Paying Respects to the Remains of Amaki]

    ■ New Castles added to gacha
    ★7 Chandra Mahal [Plains] [Throwing Blade]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 100, Range by 30
    Increases ASPD by 20% for all ranged castles
    Stratagem: Ignore DEF and increases Targets by 1 for 30s. (Target Self Only)
    Cooldown: 45s
    Cost: 10 ki

    ★6 Zeze-jou [Water] [Spear]

    Skill: Increases ASPD and Area of Effect by 20%
    Stratagem: Attacks no longer pierce, but deal damage to the target and its surroundings and ignore 50% DEF for 30s. (Target Self Only)
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 7 ki

    ■ The following castles have received their kai-ichi
    ★6 Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Castle) [Hills] [Staff]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 20% and ASPD by 15% for all castles in range
    Reduces Delay to 0 for all castles for 15s when activated, once only.
    Kai Skill: Increases ATK and ASPD by 25% for all castles in range
    Reduces Delay to 0 for all castles for 20s when activated, once only.
    ★4 Amagasaki-jou [] [Hammer]

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has updated
    Until the 11/13 (Tue) maintenance
    ★7 Chandra Mahal [Plains] [Throwing Blade]
    ★6 Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Castle) [Hills] [Staff]
    ★6 Zeze-jou [Water] [Spear]

    ■ New Weapon Added
    ・★4月光の短剣 :投剣 (Moonlight Dagger, Throwing Blade)
    ※ 「月光の短剣」 can be obtained from [Crafting], Warehouse Drops, and Affection Rewards.

    ■ New Facility Added
    ・★4孔雀の門  :門 (Peacock Gate, Gate)
    ※ Can only be equipped by Plains Castles.
    ※ 「孔雀の門」 cannot be obtained from [Crafting], or Warehouse Drops.

    ■ Certain weapon types have had adjustments
    Certain weapon types have had their abilities adjusted

    ▼ Sword
    Deployment, gigantify ki costs decreased

    ▼ Crossbow
    HP, DEF parameters increased
    ATK Delay decreased

    ▼ Throwing Blade
    Deployment, gigantify ki costs decreased
    ATK Delay decreased

    (Note: I believe Crossbows and Throwing Blades' base ASPD were the same before this update, and are likely the same after)

    ■ Other
    [1.3m User Commemoration Campaign] begins
    ※ See below for more details
    Fixed certain typos in [Story]
    → Does not affect rewards or special conditions
    Filter feature adjustment
    → [None] type filter will now also include combination exclusive characters as well
    Updated Smartphone version privacy policy

    ■ Bug Fix and Compensation
    Fixed a bug where collaboration characters' voice lines would play at a constant volume regardless of the options settings.

    All users who have logged in before 10/30 (Tue) at 10:00 will receive [1x Spirit Orb] in their present box as compensation.

    1.3m User Commemoration Campaign

    ■ Daily 2x Spirit Orbs and 2x Tsubasa [Kai-ichi] presents!
    From 10/31 (Wed) ~ 11/12 (Mon), log in every day to receive 2x Spirit Orbs and 2x Tsubasa [Kai-ichi] as a present
    Starts from 10/31 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 11/12 (Mon) present can be obtained until 11/13 (Tue) 4:59

    ■ [Added Bonus] for 1000 & 5000 DMMpt Spirit Orb First Purchase!
    During the campaign, purchase the 1000 or 5000 DMMpt Spirit Orb package for the first time to receive bonus Spirit Orbs.
    Furthermore, the 1000 DMMpt package will include Chandra Mahal's image weapon ★4武器「月光の短剣(投剣)」.
    The 5000 DMMpt package will include a [Six Star Prayer Stone] which guarantees a ★6 Castle, and 2x Tsubasa [Toku] which gives a very large amount of EXP to level up a castle.
    ※ 「月光の短剣」 can be obtained from [Crafting], Warehouse Drops, and Affection Rewards.

    [Purchasing Lineup]
    1000 DMMpt
    11x Spirit Orb → 20x Spirit Orb (+9 Orbs)
    1x ★4武器「月光の短剣(投剣)」 (Throwing Blade)

    5000 DMMpt
    70x Spirit Orb → 110x Spirit Orb (+40 Orbs)
    1x Six Star Prayer Stone
    2x Tsubasa [Toku]

    ■ The [100 DMM Point Gacha] has been refreshed!
    To celebrate this campaign, all users are able to roll the [100 DMM Point Gacha] once more. (One time only)
    ※ Applies to all users who may have used the [100 DMM Point Gacha] before the 10/30 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ [8 Step Gacha] begins!
    During the campaign, receive wonderful rewards for every 10x gacha you do with the 8 Step Gacha!
    [8 Step Gacha Lineup]
    Step 1 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - Chandra Mahal motif ★4 facility 「孔雀の門」 x1
    Step 2 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - Six Star Prayer Stone x1
    Step 3 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★6)
    - Tsubasa [Toku] x2
    Step 4 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - Rasha [Kai-ichi] x1
    - Tsubasa [Toku] x1
    Step 5 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - ★6 Zeze-jou x1
    Step 6 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★6)
    - Susuki [Kai-ichi] x1
    - Tsubasa [Toku] x2
    Step 7 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - Rassha [Kai-ichi] x1
    - Tsubasa [Toku] x1
    Step 8 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★7)
    - Tsubasa [Toku] x2

    ※ Gacha rolls outside of the limited gacha period will not count
    ※ After reaching step 8, you will be returned to step 1 (there is no limit to the number of times you can roll)
    ※ Only the very first Step 1 will cost 25 orbs for 10x roll
    ※ 「孔雀の門」 will not appear from construction or drops
    ※ There is a chance it may appear again in the future
    ※ ★6 Zeze-jou can appear from [8 Step Gacha] [Gacha Spotlight 2] and [No Spotlight Gacha]

    Campaign Part 2

    ■ Returning Event [War God Advent! Maeda Toshiie] begins!
    After the 11/6 (Tue) maintenance, the high difficulty event [War God Advent! Maeda Toshiie] will return.
    Completing the special conditions can award you with the ★4 Facility 「石川門」.
    ※ Event details will be posted after the 11/6 (Tue) maintenance

    Duration: 11/6 (Tue) maintenance to 11/13 (Tue) maintenance

    Old Thread: http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?9777

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    The 90 AP quest, the mecha deer hit quite hard, I think it has a gimmick, don't try to block it right away. It will go wander, move out of the map and return again later toward the middle warehouse. Hopefully you already setup strong defense by then to intercept it. Other than that, watch out for enemy coming from the north will go directly to Tono.

    The Shiromusu on top of the building, I think is buffing the enemies, not sure what. Careful if you try to take her out, she's an archer and will shoot back, it's quite painful. After several failed tries, I ended up ignoring her and focus on setting up my defense first and go back to her later about mid game.

    Last edited by Mikan; 11-01-2018 at 06:22 AM.

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    Commander hidahos's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    What is the chance the 4* hammer castle drop from event in 45 stamina mode?
    I know increasing in each run but sometimes drop a 2* and somtimes 4* event girl.
    If 2* dropped is reduce 4* drop chance too or they count as paralel?

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    1160 Post(s)
    @hidahos Not sure on the exact number, the higher the stamina, the bigger the chance to get the high rarity castle. The 90 stamina one only drop the 4* castle. That's why it's highly recommended to focus leveling on your main girls so you can farm the higher stamina map as soon as possible, those are where the good drop is. :)

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    Newly Registered Nattō's Avatar
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    Sep 2018
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    The more Shiromusu of mine grow, the less the thrill I get.

    I think my Shiromusu mature enough to handle War God Advent!

    About the Mecha Deer, is this deer evolution #2?
    Can't wait for Elephant mk2!



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