Event 98 started its 2nd half. The 3rd tier of RB is now summonable.

  • Synthesis campaign. Ends 11/12.
  • 30% stamina cut for Aqua Shadow Chapter 5, 6 stages. Ends 11/12.
  • 30% stamina cut for Whaleship Chapter 2 (Main Part) Mission 1, 2 stages and its Secret Gardens. Ends 11/12.
  • 30% stamina cut for Nation Missions.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 50 searches to earn everything. Ends 11/12.
  • A Special Quest Campaign is running. Do 100 Raid Boss fights to earn everything. Ends 11/12.
  • Halloween Login Bonus Campaign: Get items each day you log in for 10 days. Ends 11/3.
  • Gratitude for 47 months since release campaign: Get 2oo FS per login day. Ends 11/8.

  • 6* Curcuma
  • 5* Anemone (Radiant Princess)
  • 5* Bleeding Heart
  • 5* False Hydrangea

Rarity Growth
  • 5* Flowering Peach (June Bride) [aka Hanamomo]
  • 5* Japanese Silver Grass [aka Susuki]
  • 5* Lunaria

CQs got expressions
  • 6* Flowering Peach
  • 5* Geranium
  • 5* Star Cluster
  • 5* Echinacea
  • 6* Summer Squash [aka Pepo]
  • 5* Fatsia
  • 5* Anthurium
  • 5* Hypericum
  • 6* Kerria
  • 5* Apple
  • 5* Ivy
  • 5* Sandersonia

A discounted gacha featuring the RG-able gacha girls is out until 11/12. Only 3-5* characters are in it, and the only 5*s are the featured ones.
A promo gacha worth 3,000 DMM points / yen is out until 11/19. You can roll it once for an 11x. You'll get a rainbow equipment flower as an ammenity.
Another promo gacha is out called the Special Pickup Gacha 2,000. It costs 2,000 DMM points / yen to roll for an 11x and can be rolled infinitely. It is available until 11/12. The only 6*s in it are Lotus and Lotus (June Bride). 5* Rabbit-ear Iris has a boosted chance to appear. This gacha only has 4-6* characters.

Subjugation Stages
Whaleship is out until 11/12. New manta aquatic fauna are out.
Nation mission renewal continues. 7-4 is out.
Event 86, Rampage! Kyouten Mechanical Castle, will be the reprint event from 11/8 - 11/21.
Events 44 and 45 were added to the list of re-reprint events.

CQs added for the bloomable characters.

3 objects added.
20 pests added.

Gold tab updated.
Removed an old event.

Feature Changes
The aquatic fauna screen now has "automatic composition", "filter", and "sort" features.
It is now nicer to scroll through the the list of equipment in the PC version. Other improvements are being looked into.
If you have the simplified ability display option set to ON in an RB fight, the ability display will be simplified. (It used to not work at all on RB fights).
Adjusted the speed of the display for simplified ability display.
The max equipment storage size has been increased by 200. The max is now 1,600.
Some CQs got expressions.

Typo fixes.

Edit: Oh yeah. That new manta with the turtles on it not only has tons of HP and Def, it also has provoke as its ability. Sure it gets 3-shot, but it'd probably be better than the rest.