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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
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    @211303 @Ink20 Thanks for the advice. Locked in the E1 and cleared it, going to start on E2.

    I don''t disagree with the use of the special attack BBs, just that I counted them separately. To be clear, the Nelson Touch in E2 is against the pre-boss BBH, and the Nagato Touch in E3 is against the boss? And they need double line (top right formation) to trigger?

    Additionally I've heard about using 6SSV to cheese the unlocks on both E2 and E3. If I have only one set of SSV, I assume they should be saved for E3 since it's more difficult and there are more unlocks? Additionally for SPF power I have one 5* FP 5 SPF, four FP 5 planes, one FP 3 and one FP 2 (total 7 SPF). Is that going to be enough to cheese the unlocks with that and fighter sweeps alone?

    I'll save Mutsu for E3 since I am not using her anywhere else. As for Arashio she is plain lv 99 with no special improvements so I felt it was okay to send her to E1 since she would have no special function in E3.

    For E2 Part 2 I'll definitely think about throwing in different ships to make the route easier, I can throw in ABKM dupe and ducky dupes if I need to farm the place.


    Not using Isokaze at all because I don't train her. For LD finishers, my plan is to use Kawakaze DA+Radar as the finisher, Shigure TCI, and either Yukikaze TCI or Naganami DA+Radar if I need more radar, with the option to replace up to 2 of them with OASW. Myoukou TCI, ABKM TCI, and CLT/another DD finisher or OASW will be the remaining 3.

    For chip/farm definitely I'll bear in mind to have 3 OASW. Probably the DDs - Tashkent, Asashio K2D and... uh, maybe Jervis.

    And thanks for your words. There is definitely enough time for me to beat the event, as for farming the new botes post-clear, it depends on luck and patience as always :D (looking at you, alleged 5% Jervis that took me 89 attempts in E4E)

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    @NanashiYoukai: Poor Isokaze. XD In that case, makes sense and I'm sure you'll do well with your plan, especially since I believe a few of the ships you listed (i.e. ABKM K2) are luck modded. As for the 3x OASW, you can try 2x if you want, some people did that and were fine, but for me, my retreat rate was pretty bad with just 2 while chipping. Regarding Nelson & Nagato K2, seems to be the conventional wisdom to use Nelson for E-2 and Nagato K2 for E-3, and yes, you need to choose "double line" (upper right) for chance to trigger with combined fleet. When the special attacks trigger, they are quite effective. Personally, given the damage bonus, I think it's worth giving up artillery spotting on Nagato K2 to use AP shell with RADAR (you need a lot of RADAR for this event as you know).

    Best of luck on your clear and farming.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
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    @NanashiYoukai Yeah, SSV should be saved for E3 as it involves a lot more steps.

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    Newly Registered Ink20's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    About the spf power for E3, there are many factors so I don't know the answer.
    However, i can tell you i used five fp 5 planes, one ro44bis and two ro44 and i had to go to n two times since i got only AS the first time (it was probably a mix of getting the strongest enemy comp and me not using some of my best carrier fighters since i didn't want to wait for their relocation).



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