Let's get the ratings game started.

The Good:

Date A Live III: More of the weird "forces of nature personified as girls" dating show featuring a generic every-japanese-highschooler protagonist manages to make a good accounting of itself once again. Buckle in, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a wild ride from here on out.

Sword Art Online: Alicization: The Twilight of anime continues its march forward. A continuation from last season, and a direct copy of the light novels, the Sword Art Online gravy-train continues with even higher production values and a (rather poorly written) story continues to entertain.

Wataten--An angel has descended upon me: Much as with Uzamaid before it, this series features a female stalker protagonist with decidedly unhealthy habits concerning younger girls getting to make a profession of said habits. All in all, a cute-girls-doing cute things that is nowhere near as cringeworthy as Uzamaid was, and which will also provide your necessary diabetes overload for the season.

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai ("The Magnificent Kotobuki Squadron" or "The Kotobuki Squadron in the Wildlands"): Or, more simply: Warthunder Arcade, the anime. Set in a world where the rugged terrain has made the construction of railroads impractical, this show follows the exploits of the Kotobuki squadron, a group of female mercenaries who are assigned to escort and fly from massive cargo airships to keep the trade lanes open.

The Watchable:

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka (Magical Girl Rupture Asuka): Frankly, the anime does the manga no justice, but this show is magical girls deconstructed and then taken to its logical conclusion; a world where magical girls have become tools of war for a grand alliance of nations, against the forces of the "world of the dead" who seek nothing less than the annihilation of humanity for the fun of it.....and against any terrorists or would-be adversaries the various nations of Earth might have. As Asuka herself grimly notes "Magical girls have their own lives.....and that means that the conflicts, crime, civil wars and proxy conflicts never stopped. Moreover, this is a world where the enemy doesn't play nice; Asuka's parents are captured and sent back to her in pieces to try to convince her to stand aside; the world of the dead makes pacts with humans to create their own magical girls...the list goes on. Save for the animation and shoddy adaptation, easily one of the best shows out this season.

Egao no Daika (The Cost of a smile): heroes of justice in mecha always save the day played straight (so far). I'm expecting a very dark turn shortly

Girly Airforce: It says something about the state of the anime industry that the light novel, which wasn't popular in Japan and had zero traction outside of it, was turned into an anime with the sponsorship of the JASDF (with the accompanying geopolitics). So here the JASDF has sponsored an anime about generic Japanese everyteen who is fleeing the invasion of "generic mysterious alien invader whom the military is useless against entrant #32345", which has ravaged China and the rest of the world. So it is that our protagonist, fleeing across the East China Sea (geopolitics 1) has his convoy all but destroyed by the alien invaders, against whom the conspicuously Chinese-flagged MiG-21s and missile-destroyers are essentially training targets (geopolitics 2) is saved by a bright red SA-37 Viggen marked with prominent JASDF roundels (Geopolitics 3). And so our protagonist is drawn to serving in the JASDF...............and into becoming a morality pet for three conspicuously female and human-looking aircraft AI.

The just plain awful:

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