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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Demon From Another World Renewal (Updated May 14)

    May 14 Update:

    June will feature a Demon From Another World that is [Water].
    Presumably, it will be a Dragon.

    Unlike the other two bosses, the Dragon features 4 parts. Three parts sit at its frontline and its main body sits in the middle backline.
    A strong strategy previously was to destroy the Tail part which prevents it from doing a 3-target attack, limiting it to two target and single target.

    I will continue to update this specific thread with more Demon From Another World Renewal information as it becomes available.

    April 5 Update:

    Renewal part 1 began with the March 8, 2019 update and continues in April.
    April will feature a new never before seen Demon From Another World that is [Wind] type.
    April will feature a Demon From Another World that is [Wind]

    Renewal part 2 is expected for Summer 2019 with a new never before seen Demon.

    The [Demon From Another World] will threaten Misterio's peace in March!

    The infinitely powerful demon from another world and a new accessory you can upgrade however you wish comes with the improved part 1 release!
    To counter this dark monster, it is recommended to train employees with light-type exclusive weapons.

    The March renewal brings the [Improved Part 1], and the [Improved Part 2] and [Improved Part 3] updates are planned for later this year.

    We plan on announcing more future update information on nicolive.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Looking forward for the nicolive. :)

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    The Demon from Another World renewal will begin with the 3/8 (Fri) update.
    To accompany this renewal, several items will be abolished.
    ■ Abolished Items
    Key to Another World
    Defense Guide
    Attack Guide
    Revive Guide
    Discovery Guide
    Wind Guide
    One-Hit Guide
    Provoke Guide
    Demon Incense
    Turning Hourglass

    Each Guide will be refunded for 3x Shinestones, Incense will be refunded for 1x Shinestone, and every 2 Hourglass will be refunded for 1x Shinestone, rounding up.

    Every Key will be exchanged for a 100 Bread Recovery item.

    This exchange is expected sometime in mid-March.

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    Oct 2017
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    Never used any of the 30 guide items that I have gotten for free... What a nice way to obtain 90 stones. And the excessive Keys will get me over 600 bread items. I like this already.

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Some more previews of the new boss:

    You will be able to upgrade your accessory however you like.
    Even if you are defeated by the boss, your accessory can still be kept and upgraded.

    Even when you are defeated, you will not have to start over from level 1.
    The sortie screen will allow you to choose your highest level clear to begin at.

    Every day, you will receive 3x [Spirit World Power Stones]. If you activate their power, you will gain increased items and rewards when you defeat the next boss.
    It looks like you can only hold 4 total.

    A quick chart for recommended employees for this boss, assuming it's still Target Magic.
    Stat Legend:

    Full Chart:

    Best Employees:


    Fighters fit a really strong DPS/Tank role.
    Rose EP3 is probably the strongest with her Surehit guaranteeing she'll be tank and a very powerful 4-target Light skill with a chance PDEF up. Her Sword gives her a special ability to act even if she's stunned/paralyzed too.
    Elsa EP3 is quite strong because she has anti-element 150% 4-target and pre-empt and long range. If the boss Targets Long instead, she'll be one of the best main tanks.
    Nomadoa has a fairly strong Light skill, though it's weaker overall because it targets all, but she has DEF Down which supports everyone else.
    [New Years] Monique has a strong Light skill as well.
    [Holy Clad] Monique is actually anti-element on turn 1 and 2, so she's not necessarily as strong as the others, but she gets a very powerful single target on turn 3 if you're looking for that, and she has Long and Surehit as well.

    Fanaril and Leona are otherwise good tank options because they have Surehit and Leona has Light, but her single target damage historically hasn't been very valuable.

    Ronins are pretty exclusively damage focused.
    Despite being Light, I wouldn't consider Mikoto to be the best because her attack is 2x2, unless they change the boss layout, but her DEF Down can support on top of it.
    Rean and [Swimsuit] Rean I would expect to be the two strongest because of their anti-element and Rean has two hits meaning her critical output becomes really strong.
    [Christmas] Chika is also very strong because she's Light type.

    Isthil has a very strong Single Target Light, but that hasn't been as useful overall for bosses quite so far.
    Hisame and Sion EP3 otherwise are strong single target options.

    Because of the limited options for backline damage, Archers can fill the role even without Light.
    Eliel is by far the strongest single target unit in the game I believe, even without the elemental advantage. This is specifically because of how Critical seems to interact in this game, drastically increasing damage by either ignoring defense or additively increasing damage per hit.
    As such, even if you don't need part breaking power, Eliel will probably do the most damage regardless.
    Hinano and Miriam are both very strong because they hit all parts with Light. Miriam's multiplier is slightly higher (1.9x vs 1.8x) but Hinano's ★5 stats make up the difference I believe.
    Canahart, [Swimsuit] Canahart, and Setsuna have very good multipliers for boss fights, but also have very high proc rates for their debuffs which help increase damage significantly.
    The boss may resist Freeze though, since it seems to be so strong now, but it decreases both PATK and PDEF.

    Soldiers have significantly higher PDEF, usually in excess, and much lower MDEF. ★5 tend to have enough to still tank MATKs but Fighters, Clerics, and Magicians do that role better.
    Adelina EP3 is the best "Tank" because of her weapon's effect giving +60% PDEF to herself and whoever is behind her, but her damage is lacking due to the typing.
    Michaela is a very good tank because of her Surehit and Light damage, but it's single target which isn't as valuable.
    Cinzia doesn't have Surehit, but she deals significant damage considering she's a Soldier.
    [Christmas] Myucel I would be wary about putting into an magic tank role because she's only a ★4, but she will also do considerable damage, and she can sometimes even debuff.

    [Christmas] Cinzia and [New Year] Michaela both have Surehit and very good multipliers but aren't quite as good as the light types for damage.
    Regular Myucel is a pierce attack so not as useful but still considerable single target option.

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