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    [Boss] Dark Beast Hellhound Renewal (Season 10)

    Use this current thread to discuss your boss experience with Dark Beast Hellhound Renewal Season 10

    [Demon From Another World] Renewal Season 10 Begins!
    Duration: 2019/03/8 (Fri) maintenance until 2019/03/22 (Fri) maintenance

    Information for [Demon From Another World], which will be henceforth referred to as [Hellhound]

    ▼ Gate to Another World
    Henceforth referred to as the [Gate]

    The [Gate] can be accessed through the Quest screen.
    You can select which floor to challenge the [Hellhound] from the [Gate].
    Bread and other resources are not required to sortie against the [Hellhound].

    You can sortie all of your current parties against the [Hellhound].
    If you have more than one partie formed, and your current party is KOed, your other parties can continue the battle with the current [Hellhound].
    The bottom right of the battle menu also has a [Party MENU] button where you can select a [Party CHANGE] button when it is clicked.

    Defeating the [Hellhound] will yield Demon Materials, [Demon Souls], and other rewards.
    Demon Souls are consumed to upgrade your [Accessory], and collecting a certain amount will unlock [Demon Soul Rewards] from a list of set rewards.
    Demon Soul Rewards will reset at the end of the current period, but the total amount of Demon Souls you own will be carried forward to the next [Dark Beast Hellhound].

    The [Gate] is accessible after clearing Volume 1 Chapter 4.

    ▼ Other World Power Stone
    You will receive 3x Power Stones every day, which will increase the Demon Soul reward amounts and drop chances when activated.
    ※ If you use the Power Stone and are defeated, they will still be consumed
    ※ 3x Power Stones are given out every day at 04:00 JST.

    ▼ Accessory From Another World
    Henceforth referred to as the [Accessory]

    One [Accessory] sleeps in the [Gate].
    The [Accessory] can be obtained after clearing the [3rd Floor] of the [Hellhound].
    The [Accessory] can only be obtained once during the raid period.
    The [Accessory] can be upgraded using Demon Souls, Demon Soul Rewards, and other floor clear reward items.
    The [Accessory] can be equipped even during the raid period.
    The [Accessory] has a special lock and cannot be sold until after the raid period ends. (DON'T SELL IT)
    The [Accessory] can be upgraded even after the raid period ends, until the next period begins.

    The [Accessory] can be upgraded by consuming [Demon Souls] to increase its level and a chosen parameter.
    The [Accessory] also contains a special resistance, which increases based on its level.
    The attached special resistance applies to the specific [Demon From Another World]. Upgrading parameters will not change the resistance itself.

    [Bonus Stats and Shuffle]
    The item [Other World Ability Dice], henceforth referred to as [Dice] can be used to apply Bonus Stats to the [Accessory].
    The applied Bonus Stats can be Shuffled by using another [Dice].
    Shuffling the Bonus Stats results in a random 3 Stats.
    [Dice] can be obtained from floor rewards, and from Demon Soul Rewards.
    This feature is unlocked after clearing Floor 20.

    [Adding Shine Badge Slots]
    The item [Other World Shine Treasure] can be obtained from the [Hellhound] and used to apply Shine Badge slots to the [Accessory].
    [Treasure] can be obtained from floor rewards, and from Demon Soul Rewards.
    This feature is unlocked after clearing Floor 50.

    [Adding Bonus Damage]
    The fourth upgrade option is currently locked. The text says "Add Bonus Damage", which would be the bonuses on EP3 weapons that have +250% Damage vs Character, or +50% vs Class/Type added.
    Presumably, the Genetic Material we earn can be used for this in the future if it's actually unlocked later.

    ▼ Battle
    Victory and Defeat
    When [Hellhound]'s main body HP is 0
    1. When all members of your party become incapacitated or
    2. When you [Retreat] from battle.

    ▼ Body and Parts
    [Hellhound] consists of a main body and parts.
    Defeating a [Part] will give you further rewards.
    Even if you do not defeat the [Parts] as long as you defeat the [Main Body] you will be granted victory.

    ▼ Party Skill
    Pressing the [部隊MENU] button at the bottom right during battle will enable the use of [Party Skills] at the cost of Party PW.
    These skills offer a large bonus to all those on the battlefield, but cannot be used every round.
    Party PW does not recover over time.

    Current Party Small Heal: 25 PW
    Current Party Large Heal: 40 PW
    ATK/DEF/Critical Increase: 35 PW
    ATK/DEF/Critical Large Increase: 70 PW
    Lower Parts DEF: 15 PW
    Lower Main Body DEF: 20 PW
    Lower all DEF Greatly: 55

    ▼ Floor Ranking
    There will be rankings based on the Floor Level and Round Count for defeating [Hellhound].
    In the case of defeating the same Floor Level [Hellhound], the one with the lower number of Rounds will be ranked higher.
    In the case of both the same Floor Level and Rounds, whoever defeated it first will be ranked higher.
    Rankings are updated after a certain amount of time.
    There are no rewards for rankings.

    ▼ Light Type Black Envelope
    The [Light Type Black Envelope (1x)] and [★5 Light Type Black Envelope (1x)] contain resumes from employees who have Light-type Exclusive Weapons which are especially effective against the [Dark Beast Hellhound].
    The [Light Type Black Envelope (1x)] and [★5 Light Type Black Envelope (1x)] can be obtained by purchasing the [Special] vs Dark Beast Recruitment Set.

    [★5 Light Type Black Envelope (1x)]
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Rose Le Verrier
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Eliel Lel
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Cinzia Ghiglia
    ※ These employees will be at Lv. 90 (★7)

    [Light Type Black Envelope (1x)]
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Rose Le Verrier
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Eliel Lel
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Cinzia Ghiglia
    ☆☆☆☆ Leona De L'Isle
    ☆☆☆☆ Miriam Loschmidt
    ☆☆☆☆ Rulushe Neher
    ☆☆☆ Aleksia Deneuve
    ☆☆☆ Palvi Kaasinen
    ☆☆☆ Klara Geijer
    ※ These employees will be at Lv. 70 (★6)

    ▼ [Demon From Another World] items
    Demon Dog's Fang
    An unusually sharp fang from a demon dog. An ominous material that contains the power of black flames.
    Demon Dog's Bone
    An unusually hard bone from a demon dog. An ominous material that contains the power of black flames.
    Demon Dog's Fur
    Exceedingly robust fur from a demon dog. An ominous material that contains the power of black flames.
    Other World Ability Dice
    A mysterious die with otherworldy magic power incorporated inside.
    Used for the [Bonus Stat Shuffle] in the [Gate] to add Bonus Stats to the [Accessory].
    Other World Shine Treasure
    A treasure from the other world containing ominous magical power.
    Used with [Add Shine Badge Slots] in the [Gate] to add Shine Badge slots to the [Accessory].
    Other World Candy
    Candy filled with the magical power to raise employees. Used for the Raising feature in Training.
    Dark Beast's Genes
    A gene sample obtained from the dark beast from the other world. It has no meaning on its own but...
    ★5 Light Type Black Envelope (1x)
    Contains one resume from certain ★5 employees.
    Light Type Black Envelope (1x)
    Contains one resume from certai employees.

    ▼ Boss Limited Sales
    New items are available at the shop for a limited time.

    [Special] vs Dark Best Recruitment Set
    1x ★5 Light Type Black Envelope (1x)
    1x Light Type Black Envelope (1x)
    ※ Limit 2 per customer

    [Special] Training Set
    30x Other World Candy
    3x Career Up Badge
    5x Mountain of Silver Coins
    3x EXP Palace Invitation Ticket
    3x Bread Pack
    ※ Limit 3 per customer

    [Special] Manufacturing Set
    1x EP1 Hammer
    1x EP2 Hammer
    1x EP3 Hammer
    1x Great Fairy's Pendulum
    3x Rainbow Anvil
    3x Magical Furnace
    5x Resource Set
    3x Brilliant Rock Cave Invitation Ticket
    ※ Limit 3 per customer
    ※ The [Limited] Brilliant Rock Cave Ticket unlocks the time limited quest [Brilliant Rock Cave] for 15 minutes, where you can obtain the event armor that appeared from the [Rock Cave and the Brilliant Treasure] event.

    A quick chart for recommended employees for this boss, assuming it's still Target Magic.
    Stat Legend:

    Full Chart:

    Best Employees:


    Fighters fit a really strong DPS/Tank role.
    Rose EP3 is probably the strongest with her Surehit guaranteeing she'll be tank and a very powerful 4-target Light skill with a chance PDEF up. Her Sword gives her a special ability to act even if she's stunned/paralyzed too.
    Elsa EP3 is quite strong because she has anti-element 150% 4-target and pre-empt and long range. If the boss Targets Long instead, she'll be one of the best main tanks.
    Nomadoa has a fairly strong Light skill, though it's weaker overall because it targets all, but she has DEF Down which supports everyone else.
    [New Years] Monique has a strong Light skill as well.
    [Holy Clad] Monique is actually anti-element on turn 1 and 2, so she's not necessarily as strong as the others, but she gets a very powerful single target on turn 3 if you're looking for that, and she has Long and Surehit as well.

    Fanaril and Leona are otherwise good tank options because they have Surehit and Leona has Light, but her single target damage historically hasn't been very valuable.

    Ronins are pretty exclusively damage focused.
    Despite being Light, I wouldn't consider Mikoto to be the best because her attack is 2x2, unless they change the boss layout, but her DEF Down can support on top of it.
    Rean and [Swimsuit] Rean I would expect to be the two strongest because of their anti-element and Rean has two hits meaning her critical output becomes really strong.
    [Christmas] Chika is also very strong because she's Light type.

    Isthil has a very strong Single Target Light, but that hasn't been as useful overall for bosses quite so far.
    Hisame and Sion EP3 otherwise are strong single target options.

    Because of the limited options for backline damage, Archers can fill the role even without Light.
    Eliel is by far the strongest single target unit in the game I believe, even without the elemental advantage. This is specifically because of how Critical seems to interact in this game, drastically increasing damage by either ignoring defense or additively increasing damage per hit.
    As such, even if you don't need part breaking power, Eliel will probably do the most damage regardless.
    Hinano and Miriam are both very strong because they hit all parts with Light. Miriam's multiplier is slightly higher (1.9x vs 1.8x) but Hinano's ★5 stats make up the difference I believe.
    Canahart, [Swimsuit] Canahart, and Setsuna have very good multipliers for boss fights, but also have very high proc rates for their debuffs which help increase damage significantly.
    The boss may resist Freeze though, since it seems to be so strong now, but it decreases both PATK and PDEF.

    Soldiers have significantly higher PDEF, usually in excess, and much lower MDEF. ★5 tend to have enough to still tank MATKs but Fighters, Clerics, and Magicians do that role better. The Light Soldiers can do damage, though not as high as the dedicated damage roles.
    Adelina EP3 is the best "Tank" because of her weapon's effect giving +60% PDEF to herself and whoever is behind her, but her damage is lacking due to the typing.
    Michaela is a very good tank because of her Surehit and Light damage, but it's single target which isn't as valuable.
    Cinzia doesn't have Surehit, but she deals significant damage considering she's a Soldier.
    [Christmas] Myucel I would be wary about putting into an magic tank role because she's only a ★4, but she will also do considerable damage, and she can sometimes even debuff.

    [Christmas] Cinzia and [New Year] Michaela both have Surehit and very good multipliers but aren't quite as good as the light types for damage.
    Regular Myucel is a pierce attack so not as useful but still considerable single target option.

    Warriors are also exclusively damage focused, with a chance of buffing the whole party for one turn to deal 2x damage.
    Siegrid has a very good general EP3 skill, which deals slightly more damage each turn.
    [Valentine] Eir is by far the strongest warrior, possibly the strongest front-line damage dealer because she has a very high multiplier against two targets and PDEF Down.
    Harmonics and [Christmas] Myuria also have potential to deal a large amount of damage since they are both light and target all.
    You can also consider the Miko Event weapon which is a fairly strong row attack.

    Several Clerics are capable of tanking and drawing attacks while simultaneously healing and cleansing, and even reviving.
    Nona and [New Year] Nona have a very strong single target heal with cleanse and revive, so she can help mitigate criticals that wipe one member.
    Shiro and Aqua are both very strong with a surehit attack that has a high chance of debuffing while having strong heals that cleanse. This allows them to both tank, decrease enemy ATK, and cleanse at the same time. They are probably the two best Clerics for this fight.
    Vi and [Christmas] Eva have surehit but it is dark type so they won't be dealing much damage. They can cleanse however.

    Eunice has a revive but she can't cleanse.
    Eva has a surehit but she can't cleanse.
    Lottie has a light V-shaped surehit, that can cleanse single target, but she's a ★3. She's otherwise quite good if you're low on options.

    I would not necessarily recommend any Rogues for this fight as they typically have low ATK. If you have one set up with really good Shine Badges, they could perform fairly well, and Armonica EP3 has a pretty good skill. Otherwise, consider the Miko Event weapon.

    Magicians will be targeted by the boss, but they can be used during turns where they are attacked by magic damage or there is a front line attack only so they can be safe.
    Illya is by far the strongest magician with a ridiculously powerful 3-target light attack.
    [Onsen] Sarah-Moon is also quite good due to having a good multiplier and chance to DEF down.
    Annalina, [Northern Lights] Aurora, and [New Year] Astrid have light skills as well.

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    The screens in the tweets hinted at it, but yeah ... this is the most grindy event kanpani has ever seen. Has good and bad sides tbh. Note that you get only one point for the particular stat after pushing it to 221, so people who cant/dont want to grind will be less at a disadvantage. The random rollable stats can go up to 150 for one stat, so getting +150 in the three stats you want can be tiring.

    At first I was somewhat surprised that my past favorite Charlotte was not mentioned as useful girl. For the last boss, she never once failed to zap (in addition to a good chance to also stun) the boss when I used her. But either this boss has a higher status resistance or the mechanics of her zap got changed since the last boss event. Anyways, she is not reliable enough at making the boss skip turns to warrant using her now.

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    That's a hard decision though. It'll be equipped by totally different class.

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    found from youtube
    lvl100 & 101

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    Is it known which lvls are needed to obtain more slots? Yeah, you initially need lvl50 to unlock the feature, but can more slot items be obtained as firstclear bonusses from higher lvls? You cant buy them from the shop and you only get one more as a tiered reward.

    While I am at it, be aware that some girls use PIE for their mdef, but others use INT instead. This severely limits the viability of these stats when creating a tank item.

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    If I remember correctly from my experiment long time ago,

    Mage uses pure INT for Matk and Mdef.
    Cleric uses pure PIE for Matk and Mdef.
    For other classes, girls will use INT for Matk
    but will use either PIE or INT for Mdef depend on which one is higher.

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    It looks like wikiwiki is continuing with the season numbering and counting this as Season 10.

    Some additional tips and hints:
    Pierce is physical and has a chance to stun.
    Poison hits the whole party and always ends the round.
    Fireball is single target magic.
    Raining Fireballs are area of effect magic.
    Weak Roar is physical and tankable at like ~1300+ PDEF, but more is necessary if you want to heal through it and survive crits. 1500+ seems to be the minimum.
    Beam is similar in strength.
    Fatal Roar will do like 100k even if you have topped out defense so it can't be tanked. Either use a revive team or a pre-empt team to do damage that turn.

    1T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    2T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball
    5T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    7T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    11T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    13T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    14T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball
    17T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    18T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball
    19T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    22T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball
    23T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    25T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    29T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    34T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball
    37T地割れ → 獄毒Pierce → Poison
    38T炎弾 → 流炎弾Fireball → Raining Fireball

    Detailed Strategies:
    Probably the most important thing in this event since climbing is just time consuming and doesn't reward you with anything other than the ranking position.
    You want to have a single stable team that can clear in 5 turns or less.
    You will need a surehit tank, a cleansing Cleric, and three attackers with enough DEF to survive the area of effect attacks (probably around 1100~1300, since it's lower rank)

    My party:

    Rose, Nomadoa, Cinzia, and Illya are all attackers. Elsa EP3, Rean, Hinano, Miriam, and Siegrid are good alternatives.
    At the same time, Rose can tank and her EP3 allows her to ignore stuns so she doesn't lose any damage.
    Aqua can heal a good amount for whoever is taking the most damage and cleanse the poison. You can replace her with any strong area healer; Holly EP3, Ealice, Florence, Shiro are all good options.

    As long as you have enough PDEF, you can survive all five turns while dealing damage and killing it before its fatal roar.

    For climbing, you will probably want three different parties, though since there's so much space, you can have several.

    The PDEF threshold for the piercing turns is much lower compared to other turns. The main concern is actually cleansing the poison on this turn, but if you just ignore the poison, you can do 5 turns before everyone dies. The poison breath itself can crit for some damage if your PDEF isn't high enough. As such, you can focus with one tank, a healer, and three damage dealers that have slightly less defense.
    The much more rare magic attack turn is basically free damage since it's so weak.

    The beam and weak roar turns can be tanked very easily if you have enough PDEF. You can set up your main damage team to do this, but it can get difficult to heal through multiple area of effects and poison, especially if you get unlucky with crits or stuns.

    The fatal roar just has to be tanked with a sacrificial team. You can try to stall it by sending in a team to stun/paralyze/charm the turn before, or you can have your sacrificial team use pre-empt attacks to deal some damage before they die.
    An example of a few:

    Main Damage:

    Rose and Illya are top of the line damage. With this set-up, Illya will never be attacked and stunned. You can tank the beam or weak roar once or twice and heal through if you pick your turns correctly. i.e. 11~14 are easily tankable in a row.
    Hinano and Miriam are also great for damage and Cinzia is fairly strong too.
    A popular strategy is to have Illya tank the hit and use Ealice to cleanse the stun.


    A team that can eat the beam and weak roar turns without ever dying while still dealing some damage. This team can be set as a main damage too if you never want to switch, but it will be slower due to requiring two Clerics. I don't feel like it's very reliable to do with just one Cleric.
    As a team that switches just to tank the AOEs, Elsa can actually pre-empt and sometimes stun, but it is not reliable.
    Holy Monique can be used extra effectively on turn 3, 9, 12, 15, 21 because her skill activates her single target attack on the 3rd turn.


    A team used specifically before the fatal roars to try to stun the boss and stop the attack. I believe Fighter stun is actually a higher activation chance than skill stun, but there's no indication of which is actually activating. The chance is quite low though.
    In this team, Charlotte acts as the tank and you would swap in on turn 5 and 25 to block those fatal roars. You can also try to block the beam attack or the weak roars too.
    Charlotte has a chance of being stunned. The boss's resistance makes her 90% chance to paralyze quite low. Red Blood Cell has a small chance to stun on her skill which does considerable damage despite being Fire. Swimsuit Lido also has a great attack. Since you'll be relying on Fighter Stun, it doesn't seem to matter too much who to use except for these conditions:
    Only one surehit tank (Charlotte in this case) so the boss doesn't pierce your backline.
    No pre-empt. If you stun with pre-empt, it stops one pierce instead of the next roar.
    There is a very low chance of Charming, which can stop the roar if you don't change parties afterwards (i think? the boss might cleanse Charm at the end of turn)
    Otherwise, you can have two damage dealers in the back.

    I'll have to revise and look into this more since the stun blocks one attack and that's the poison roar, but I've seen the stun stop the fatal roar before.

    A pre-empt team can be ok but the overall damage isn't too high since you'll probably only use them twice at most. I recommend giving them revive armor/accessory so you can tank two fatal roars with them.

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    guide for lvl 167
    I wanna see those equipment


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    why so quiet?
    Time to brag result and acc, guys

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    You want bragging? Do we have bragging rights?

    This is actually a compromise version. More desired would have been STR instead of LUK, but triple golds are rare regardless of the exact stats.



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