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    Lieutenant friggo's Avatar
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    Smile Modernizing with Maruyus & kaiboukan

    Hi, so I'm finally going to start working through my modfodder, mostly to free up ship slots for the next event. And so I have a couple of questions.

    1. I have luckmodded four ships so far (Ayanami, Abukuma, Myoukou, Prinz), and all of them have 48-49 luck. Should I feed each of them a pair of Maruyus to get their luck above the softcap of 50, or would it be better to collect more full Maruyu sets to use for luckmodding another ship?

    2. Speaking of which, what's another good ship to luckmod next at this point? I'm thinking Kasumi, because she only needs two sets of Maruyus to hit 50+ luck. But Yuudachi looks nice too, especially because she's one of my few married ships and got 6 luck from marriage already. Or should I go for a long-term project of some kind?

    3. Regarding kaiboukan modding for extra HP, using pairs of Kai'd DE's of the same class is the only way to go, right? For possible HP-modding candidates, I'm thinking destroyers with 4n health would be priority so they won't get one-shot taiha'd as easily? So for example Yuudachi (36>37), Ayanami (32>33), etc? Or are heavier ship classes viable HP-mod targets too?

    Thanks in advance

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    Vice-Admiral DLRevan's Avatar
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    1. Below the softcap, additional luck results in a linear increase of about 1.2% per luck point in cut-in rate for most types of CI, including torpedo type. Personally, I'd much rather save maruyus for another ship. Every set you can complete for another ship is almost 10% additional rate, and enabling more ships to do CI reliably is more impt to me than optimizing an existing one by a few points. However, a couple like ABKM are used very often, so I have optimized them.

    It's best to decide for yourself though, that's what I feel for basically chance based things, and I can at least tell you what you get for your maruyus (roughly). Below the softcap, each ship gets around 1.2% chance increase to TPCI per luck point. After 50, the first additional luck point (meaning 51), increases the CI rate by about 0.8%, and every point thereafter sharply diminishes further.

    So you could feed a ship with 49 a single mauruyu kai, and you'll either get an additional 1.2%, or 2% if you are very lucky. For a ship with 48, you can feed a single maruyu for 1.2%/2.4%, or feed two of them for 3.2% or 3.6% (51 and 52 luck respectively). 3%+ is actually not bad, considering star shell gives about that much too.

    2. Maya Kai Ni comes to mind. Maya is capable of doing a decent TPCI while still being able to AACI, if she is given an expansion slot. This makes her immensely valuable for a wildcard cruiser slot in escort fleets. Yuudachi is also a decent option, though a cheaper DD to upgrade would be Naganami or Kasumi, especially if you have copies of quad(oxy) late model. Both will be short of Yuudachi's TPCI max potential by a noticeable margin even with the late model torps, but Naganami's luck starts at 30, Kasumi's at 37 and their NB power is on the high side compared to the rest of the cast.

    Various pros and cons for either that don't really apply to their viability for TPCI.

    If you have the maruyus, Yuudachi is certainly still better.

    3. Using a kai'ed pair seems to increases chances, though by how much I think is still not definitely been determined. I do use only kai'ed pairs. Those two ships would benefit from HP-modding. The effect of 4n on Taiha rate diminishes as HP rises, so cruisers and better generally don't benefit much from HP-modding as much as smaller ships do.

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    1. I would do another ship as well tbh. Those modded ship are fully functional as TCI as they are now, so more option for lock and possibly historical bonus/damage is preferred.

    2. You have quite a lot of choices from here on. Like DLRevan, I would prefer Maya as the next one as well, then another DD. Regardless of the historical ship, you will likely use Maya as your AACI option in any hard map with serious aerial threat, as she is one of the only two ship that doesn't entirely give up damage potential for a decent AACI (the other being Musashi, but her comp has many restriction). Strengthening the damage of such a high usage ship is not a bad idea.

    For the DD, poi/NGNM/Kasumi all have their pros and cons:

    Poi: strongest in terms of raw power. Can cap with 2 torp meaning you have an extra slot for nb equipment.
    NGNM/Kasumi: Survive long enough to have a good chance to be a historical ship in event. Also have good base luck. Will need 3 torps to reach cap though.

    Poi is strongest because of the utility of the extra slot without sacrificing damage. Most other recent k2 DD are pretty much the same after luckmodded, as they can all reach cap with 3 upgraded torp, so it really depends on the historical bonus, cost and personal preference. There really isn't a material difference regardless of which DD you choose, as long as they can cap.

    3. Yes, go with low armor 4n ships first. The effect only triggers for overkill, which is way more common for low armor ship. Here's the actual rate of shouha, chuha and taiha after overkill for different hp:

    (From zekamashi)

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