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    Oct 2014
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    @ofi123 First choice to pick should always be waifu. Don't pick Forbidden City if you already using Hikone since they fill a similar role, unless you want the range boost.
    Shigetsu-Fushimi is an amazing support in both offensive and defensive role. Her stratgem is also amazing when you kai her, the push back is great and it does a lot of damage. Just don't expect her normal attack to do a lot of damage.
    I never raise a staff user so I can't really say anything about them.

    About DPS, you are looking too much into it, since higher DPS doesn't mean it better. Since enemies don't really stand around in attack range taking damage, there are a lot more factor coming in like range (can't do any damage when they are not in range), HP/defense (can't do damage when the girl is already dead). Multi-hit allow you to burst the enemy down (good for pesky fast enemy), multi-target allow you to wave clear efficiently. There are no straight up better one, just test them out yourself and see if one fit your playstyle more than the other.

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    Doesn't ki generators stack though? Currently stacking Shuri and Hikone so if I get Forbidden City I can swap Shuri out.

    For DPS, I just curious for that sword since it'll cost 1hit3enemies for 2hits2enemies so would the 4 hits have better DPS than 3 hits.

    EDIT: No waifu in this game yet, so there's no obvious first choice.

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    @ofi123 Fortunately, 2 ki generator is enough for most event stages, except in one event type, War God Advent type event (hellish event). So, Hikone Kai-Ichi 2 ki generator is enough. You will have another slot for support/DPS/DEF etc.

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    @ofi123 All of the multi-hit and multi-target weapons do more "dps" but they have their tradeoffs.
    The multi-hit weapons, i.e. the sword that hits one target twice, bow that shoots twice, guns that shoot two or three times all attack slower.
    This means if they kill an enemy with the first hit, they'll take longer to finish their attack and switch to a new target, so you don't want to use them in situations where they overkill and waste that dps.
    The sword in your example will do more total damage hitting three enemies once than hitting two enemies twice because of how slow the two hit sword will be, but it completely depends on what type of enemies you're fighting, etc.
    You may just need to test the performance in a map to see how effective it is. Is Edo going to be doing a lot of single target damage? Is she going to be un-maxed for long periods of time? When she has her strat up and is hitting a huge area, is she killing the trash really quickly or slowly? Is there a strong enemy in her range and she needs to DPS that down while chipping stray enemies that get in range too?

    For the multi-target weapons, they do more "dps" in the sense that the total damage dealt over time to multiple targets is higher than what they would do with a different weapon to a single target.
    However, it decreases their effectiveness against a single target and slows their overall attacking speed. So you trade off single target effectiveness to be able to hit multiple enemies which can be pretty strong still, but if the map doesn't have a lot of multiple targets to attack, it's not useful.

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