Made this thread just to heads up anyone who had pre-reg for this (and maybe forgotten about it after that long beta last year) that the game is up. (On the 16th actually, but first event begun today) If you had pre-reg and played during the beta you should get enough to breeze through this first event. Though sadly progress wasn't carried over.

Game is pretty similar to how it was at the end of the beta, but with the noticeable change to party formation and how it affects combat. Basically the fighters themselves can be changed so every character can be a fighter and not just limited to support.

Changes I like is the gacha, they seem to use what Tokyo Necro utilizes of guaranteed highest rarity at 3rd event batch rolls (instead of 5 for Tokyo Necro). Though still not guaranteed to get any of the newest event gacha girls and no discount on the first roll, it's still much better than a lot of other games.

All age version: here
R-18 version: here