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    [Event] Misterio Great Travel Journal - Thuban

    Summary: Run the event quests to earn Cliche Orbs. These orbs can be exchanged for Cliche from the event shop as well as her +3 Weapon/Armor, Recipe, and up to 5x Exclusive Awakening Books.

    Having [Dracul] Siegrid, Neutz, or Cliche in your party will make the maps drop 2x Orbs when they do appear from a chest. The higher difficulty quests have an increased chance of dropping orbs.

    ▼ Three ★5 Employees appear!
    New ★5 EX Employee added
    ☆☆☆☆☆ [Dracul] Siegrid Ende (CV: Itou Shizuka)
    ※ [Dracul] Siegrid Ende resumes will only appear during the event period. After the event period ends, her resumes will no longer appear.
    ※ Her title [竜公] is the title [Dracul] which means dragon. It is strongly connotated with dracula and associated with vampires but does have any relation in this context..

    New ★5 Employees added
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Neutz Qualtz (CV: Yuuki Aoi)
    ☆☆☆☆☆ Cliche Lielche (CV: Nakahara Mai)

    The ★5 EX Employee [Dracul] Siegrid and new ★5 employee Neutz have increased resume rates.
    Duration: 5/17 (Fri) maintenance to 5/31 (Fri) maintenance

    ※ [Limited] Thuban Postbox and [Limited] Lukas Festival Postbox further increase their resume rates when used.
    ※ During this period, [Dracul] Siegrid and Neutz will appear at level 90

    ▼ Event Quest begins!
    Scenario Quest
    Quests that cost no bread.
    The first clear gives 3x [Cliche Orbs] as a reward.
    Read the story about Erde Forest's protagonists.
    Scenario Quests will unlock according to a schedule below.

    Daily Quest
    A quest that can only be cleared once per day.
    The first clear gives 1x [Cliche Orb] as a reward.
    Resets every day at 0:00.

    Orb Quest
    A quest where you can obtain [Cliche Orbs] as a rare drop.
    The first clear gives 1x [Cliche Orb] as a reward.
    If any one of [[Dracul] Siegrid], [Neutz], or [Cliche] are in your party when you sortie to the [Erde Forest], you will receive double the [Cliche Orbs] when they do drop.

    Urgent Quest
    During this period, you may receive [Urgent] [Training Ground] Invitation Tickets in your in-game mail at certain times of day.
    Using this ticket will unlock the Urgent Quest [Cliche's Training Ground] for 15 minutes.
    Cliche's training ground can drop [Cliche Orbs] and [Limited] Great Travel Journal Dragon Candy and other items.
    If [Cliche] is in your party, the amount of [Limited] Great Travel Journal Dragon Candy that drops is doubled.

    ▼ Collect [Cliche Orbs] from Orb Quests!
    The Orb Quests have a chance to drop [Cliche Orbs].
    [Cliche Orbs] can be used on the special event page's exchange shop to obtain Cliche related items.

    ▼ Obtain the ★5 Employee [Cliche] at the Exchange Shop!
    There is an Exchange Shop available on the special event page.
    The [Cliche Orbs] obtained can be exchanged here for [Cliche's Black Envelope] which guarantees the new ★5 Employee [Cliche].
    Other Cliche related items such as the exclusive awakening item [Cliche's Awakening Book] and [Cliche's Exclusive Weapons and Armor], and other items used to power up Cliche can be found.
    ※ [Limited] items expire with the 5/31 (Fri) maintenance
    ※ Each item at the exchange shop has an exchange limit
    ※ [Cliche]'s resume does not appear from normal draws. Be careful not to dismiss her as there is currently no other way to obtain her.

    ▼ Scenario Quest Publication Schedule

    Chapter 1
    After the 5/17 (Fri) maintenance
    Chapter 2
    5/19 (Sun) at 0:00
    Chapter 3
    5/21 (Tue) at 0:00
    Chapter 4
    5/23 (Thu) at 0:00
    Chapter 5
    5/24 (Fri) at 0:00
    Chapter 6
    5/26 (Sun) at 0:00
    Chapter 7
    5/28 (Tue) at 0:00
    Chapter 8
    5/30 (Thu) at 0:00
    ※ [Thuban] Scenarios will be available until the 5/31 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ Event Missions
    During this event period, event missions will be available.
    Complete these missions to obtain various rewards.

    Event Items to be added.

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