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@Mobius In the end it is still a 12 AA fighter. It will be useful even as a pure fighter.

Thanks for the answer. I don't doubt that it's very useful, it was just more of a "is it worth going through all the trouble", especially considering the fact that I already have 2 Reppuu Model 11, a maxed Type 0 mod 53 Iwamoto and the new Reppuu with 13 AA. It just doesn't seem like much of a priority, especially considering how much trouble you seemed to have to clear this map. If the new friendly fleet is as good as people are saying, I might still give it a try though.

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You do not really need that night fighter from the hard clear rewards. Stat differences are marginal indeed. Besides, night fighters are hardly any useful in general.
In the end, it all comes down to whether you feel like clearing it on Hard difficulty.
I do it because I have always been clearing events on the highest difficulty (and even forced to before difficulty selection). I want to keep it that way. ;)
Thanks for the answer. I also have cleared all the events on hard so far, but I've been growing a bit tired of the sanity loss and I don't think the epeen medals are worth that much so I was wondering if the plane was worth the hassle. Seems like the friendly fleet kinda changed things a fair bit, so I might at least give it a try on hard and drop to normal if it's too much of a ballache.

By the way, thanks for your E4H farm comp, works like a charm!