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    E5 Hard Clear

    E5 Hard cleared:

    Phase 1 was a piece of cake.

    Then, as always, followed 211303's guide for the unlock requirements.
    Nothing too difficult here, aside from the TCF one I guess, though I did that one first try.

    Phase 2 chipping was also a walk in the park, I chipped until LD without Friend Fleets, and had no problems at all. I did use both supports though.

    I waited until Friend Fleets were added and went into LD, took me around 10 tries:

    First 3 tries I used Nelson fleet, but I switched to Nagamutsu since it is now preferable.
    Almost had a heart attack when both ABKM and Kasumi did not trigger their cut-ins, but Johnston saved the day

    Good luck to anyone still at it!

    Death from above!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuropo View Post
    You are welcome! I kind of get how you feel. Though I have not grown tired of the "sanity loss", I am actually the opposite of that. I have long grown tired of this game and have become desensitized by all of this. It is the main reason why I will attempt to clear this map without Friend fleet still. Having said that, I am not yet ready to let this (Kantai Collection) world go and say farewell to my shipgirls.

    As I have mentioned on this forum several times before, I think E-5-1 really is one of the easiest phases of the entire event. I doubt it will give you much of a challenge, knowing that you have cleared the past events on Hard difficulty as well.
    E-5-2 Pre-final is also quite the plain sailing.
    E-5-2 Final kill phase might give you quite the handful due to double Re-class at pre-boss node and the usual Final kill shenanigans.
    It seems that the Friend fleet has made this map quite a bit easier though. From the likes of it, getting that Final kill should not be very hard anymore, if you can get to the boss that is.. If worse comes to worst, you could always drop down the difficulty and be done with it in a whiff.
    Seeing what fighters you already possess, missing out on the one from Hard clear reward should not be a big deal to you anyway.

    Again, you are welcome! Glad I could help you. Are you able to achieve S ranks at the boss node? In my 34 attempts (that it took me to finally obtain Fletcher), I only managed to S rank the boss twice, which happened yesterday. Achieving S rank (or close to it) at the boss seemed only possible under green T engagement. I am curious whether S ranks occur more frequent now with the new Friend fleets. (I got my Fletcher just before the day of new Friend fleet arrivals.)
    Lucky you to be desensitized to this, I kind of wish I could be the same Just like you though, I also kind of gotten tired of the game but I still don't feel like leaving everyone.

    As far as the S-rank are concerned, I've gotten 3 out of 21 runs that have made it to the boss. 2 in parallel and 1 in green T. Still no Fletcher though.

    Nagato 2015-03-22 / Mutsu 2015-03-22 / Hiei 2015-04-18 / Ooi 2015-05-30 / Musashi 2016-03-13 / Richelieu 2017-11-11 / Tatsuta 2018-01-18

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    TL:DR = not a problem getting to the boss node (for a change), but for what's supposed to be such an "easy" Boss node, I'm struggling more than I would have suspected here. Also, this is VERY expensive. Had fuel repair bills of over 1000 fuel. Those high end BB are not cheap to fix. Add double support, STF, etc. and I'm burning a LOT of resource on something supposed to be easy. Not sure what to do here since high level ships, good if not the best equipment, following guides, had fleet review etc. Maybe RNG

    UPDATE - OK cleared Part 1. This time, T-cross advantage, Nagato CI happens, got AS (still used 2nd fighter in LBAS group 1), LBAS did some decent work (mostly clearing out boss escort), etc. So rather than C-loss at end of day and boss having 2, 3 or even 5 (T-cross disadvantage >_<), Only had boss decently damaged and a taiha'd BB Hime. Got NB TCI this time as well so Sammy B sinks Boss with a good NB TCI. Really glad given cost. Down to 147k fuel and 180k ammo & 178ksteel. :/ Hopefully unlocking with B-rank with TCF at Node V will not be too difficult.

    Still, have to think there's some RNG - more than I anticipated, when I had 3 C-losses at end of day early for LD clear and ended up with 2 C-Losses after NB.

    FWIW. Running Boss Support doesn't seem to do much unless it can take out some of the remaining boss escort or maybe boss DD (so one less target for BB). IMO, need 2x fighters in LBAS Group 1 to help ensure AS at boss node. Had 517 airpower (which did get chipped down) and wasn't 100% enough with only 1x fighter in both LBAS groups. Not sure what to say about sub in boss escort. Maybe throw one ASW on SB Roberts or Johnston if an issue. Just frustrating to watch it tank while you could have some chipping on boss or meat-shield Himes instead. OTOH, there is Toukai LBAS, but sending both waves really nerfs troll sub Node B which is quite useful.

    To be clear, this isn't all that difficult. With Node support + LBAS for troll sub node only had 1 random retreat, just isn't so automatic at the boss node, especially final kill.


    @Kuropo: Good point on 41cm triple K2 on Ise (put 16"/50 Mk.7 max on Mutsu).

    - - - Updated - - -
    @Danielosama: Congrats

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    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Just finished doing the TCF route for the unlock, and it grimly reminded me of the Kurita fleet Z6 unlock route in Fall 2017. At least it's finally over!

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    E5 Hard Clear! Event fully cleared on Hard!

    Total: 51 runs
    . Yes. Again.
    Part 1: 8 runs, of which 2 S ranks, 4 A ranks (including final kill and one failed final attempt), and 2 retreats to Node H
    Unlocking: 18 runs -
    TCF to Node V: 12 runs, of which 3 retreats to terror sub Node B, 4 retreats to Node H, 4 retreats to Node L, and 1 successful run to Re Node V
    STF to Node X: 2 runs, of which 1 successful run to Re Node X and 1 failed attempt
    Others: 4 runs
    Part 2: 25 runs -
    Chipping: 9 runs, of which 2 S ranks, 3 A ranks, 1 D rank defeat, 3 REtreats to Re Node X
    Last Dance: 16 runs, of which 7 A ranks (including final kill), 1 D rank defeat, 1 retreat to airstrike Node E, 2 retreats to Node N, 5 REtreats to Re Node X

    Part 1
    Surface Task Force (Route: BDHJLQ)
    Final Kill Fleet
    [+] Spoiler

    Main Fleet
    Lv 99 Mutsu Kai Ni - 51cm +6, Proto 51cm +7, T1 AP, Obs. Plane M11 (Skilled)
    Lv 99 Nagato Kai Ni - 41cm Kai +6, 41cm Twin K2 +6, T91 AP MAX, Obs. Plane M11 (Skilled)
    Lv 99 Iowa Kai - 16in m7+GFCS +9, 16in m7 +9, T1 AP +6, Shiun + [Bofors]
    Lv 99 Akagi Kai Ni - Suisei Egusa, Reppuu K2, Tenzan Murata, T52 Iwai MAX, Reppuu M11 (old Reppuu Kai) + [Rockets k2 +4]
    Lv 99 Ise Kai Ni - 41cm Triple K2 +6, 16in m7, Zuiun K2 (634sqn), T53 Iwamoto MAX, F6F-5 MAX + [Rockets k2]
    Lv 99 Suzuya Kai Ni - Kyoufuu Kai x2, Kyoufuu Kai +5, T2 Seaplane Fighter Kai (Skilled) +6 + [Rockets k2]

    Escort Fleet

    Lv 99 Samuel B Roberts Kai - Sextuple, Quint, T4 Sonar +6
    Lv 99 Myoukou Kai Ni - Quint x2, Night Scout MAX, Searchlight +9 (40 Luck)
    Lv 99 Kitakami Kai Ni - Kyohoteki C +4, 15.2cm Kai +9, OTO MAX + [Bofors] (38 Luck)
    Lv 99 Maya Kai Ni - 90mm MAX, Quint x2, Type 21 Radar Kai MAX + [25mm Conc.+9] (54 Luck)
    Lv 99 Johnston Kai - 533mm x2, T3 Sonar MAX (48 Luck)
    Lv 99 Abukuma Kai Ni - Kyohoteki C +4, Sextuple +9, Quint +9 + [Bofors] (52 Luck)

    543 Fighter Power gives AS or AP at Node H, AS at boss Node Q (after LBAS), and AS+ at all other nodes

    Line Abreast at terror sub Node B, Double Line at boss Node Q (Nagamutsu Touch), and Line Ahead at all other nodes

    All bases
    1 fighter
    3 bombers

    All to boss Node Q (6 Range needed)
    For chipping, replace one base with Toukai (or other planes with ASW stat 7 or more)

    Both Node and Boss Shelling support used for all runs (2BB CVL CA 2DD)

    32 buckets spent in Part 1

    Notable drops: Yamakaze (S rank)

    I adapted 211's description of the unlocking steps to write a detailed account of how to do the unlock with as little changes to LBAS as possible, here - Unlocking Walkthrough
    Based on feedback+new information, I have the following additional notes

    For TCF to V and STF to X
    The LoS to route to the first boss has been found to be around Cn(1)=30 (combined LoS for both fleets), if you have less than this you will route away from the 1st boss, if you have more than that you will route to the 1st boss. Using a AV in the fleet will ignore the LoS requirement and always spin away from the 1st boss towards V/X.

    For those who want to run TCF with low LoS, remember to keep below this amount to ensure you spin towards V. (Conversely, it may be possible to spin towards X with STF without bringing a AV if you somehow manage to carry 6 radars while keeping LoS below 30, but this is probably ill advised since you won't be able to bring scoutplanes for arty spotting).

    AS at E, F, G, AS Base Defence
    It's been pointed out to me that I overstated the use of sending LBAS of fighters to the nodes requiring AS since you should be able to easily reach the amount needed just muling fighters without using LBAS at all. Feel free to keep one base as Toukai to pass the sub nodes (thus negating the need to bring OASW ships), or set them all to base defence in the event of getting air raids (and potentially get the AS requirement unlock)

    Part 2
    Surface Task Force (Route: DEJ3NSTXZ)
    Final Kill Fleet (Post-Friend Fleet implementation)
    [+] Spoiler

    Main Fleet
    Lv 99 Mutsu Kai Ni - 46cm Kai +3, OTO MAX, T1 AP, T32 Radar Kai +6
    Lv 99 Nagato Kai Ni - 41cm Kai +6, 41cm Twin K2 +6, T91 AP MAX, Obs. Plane M11 (Skilled)
    Lv 99 Iowa Kai - 16in m7+GFCS +9, 16in m7 +9, T1 AP +6, Obs. Plane M11 (Skilled) + [Bofors]
    Lv 99 Ise Kai Ni - 41cm Triple K2 +6, 16in m7, Zuiun K2 (634sqn), Reppuu K2, T21 Air Radar Kai MAX + [Rockets k2]
    Lv 96 Saratoga MkII Mod2 - Suisei Egusa, T53 Iwamoto MAX, F6F-5 MAX, FuMO + [Rockets k2]
    Lv 99 Suzuya Kai Ni - Kyoufuu Kai, FuMO, Kyoufuu Kai +5, T2 Seaplane Fighter Kai (Skilled) +6 + [Rockets k2 +4]

    Escort Fleet

    Lv 79 Fletcher Kai - 533mm x2, Quint
    Lv 99 Kitakami Kai Ni - Kyohoteki Type C +4, 20.3cm(3) +9, 20.3cm(2) +9 + [Bofors] (38 Luck)
    Lv 99 Samuel B Roberts Kai - 533mm, Sextuple, T22 Radar Kai 4 LM
    Lv 99 Bismarck Drei - Large Searchlight +1, Star Shell, Night Scout MAX, 15m Rangefinder+T21 Radar + [Bofors]
    Lv 99 Abukuma Kai Ni - Kyohoteki Type C +4, Sextuple +9, Quint +9 + [Bofors] (52 Luck)
    Lv 99 Johnston Kai - Quint x3 (48 Luck)

    400 Fighter Power gives AP at airstrike Node E, AS+ at Node N, AD at Node S, AS at Node X, and AS or AS+ at boss Node Z (after LBAS)

    Diamond at airstrikes Node E and S, Double Line at boss Node Z (Nagamutsu Touch), and Line Ahead at all other nodes

    LBAS (shamelessly plagiarised copied from 211's recommendation)
    1st base
    T1 M34 x2
    T1 Nonaka

    2nd base
    T1 x2
    T1 M34

    3rd base
    Toukai (601 sqn)
    T1 x2

    All to boss Node Q (7 Range needed)
    All planes should be at or near max rank. If you don't have a good assortment of planes better than T1 from past events, just use 1 fighter 3 bombers for all bases except the last with 1 toukai.

    Both Node and Boss Shelling support used for all runs (2BB CVL CA 2DD)

    142 buckets spent in Part 2, of which 45 buckets spent chipping and 97 buckets spent on final attempts

    Notable drops: Matsuwa (A rank)

    Part 1 and Part 2 chipping are easy, so I'll keep comments to some general observations. I've already remarked about the unlocking above so I won't touch on it here.

    E5H Part 1 Final Kill (Twitch Highlight)

    For P1+P2 chip, you do not need to use the first ship of Nagamutsu touch with a AP shell and radar and can replace the radar with a scoutplane to allow arty spotting. The extra firepower to touch is not really needed in P1+P2 chip, but the inability to do arty spotting can sometimes cost you damage and potential retreats with the lowered accuracy (especially at Node H and Node X). Remember to equip an extra radar on another ship for Part 2 so you have 6 total radars.

    Sam+Johnston+Fletcher can NOT reliably kill the sub in boss escort with their OASW alone in double line with no sonars despite their damage buff, so either Toukai or a sonar is a must to avoid the opening torp (and potentially derailing your escort + DDs in Friend Fleet). For Part 1, it's ok to just bring sonars and give them 2 torp TCI since the boss is easily taken down. Killing the sub with natural OASW alone is obviously even more unlikely in the final boss form of Part 2 due to the higher chance they would be damaged by the 2 Res preboss.

    For Friend Fleets at the Part 2 boss, the only 'strong' friend fleet I could get with my comp was the one with Akagi, Kaga, and Kongou. Leaving out Iowa and Fletcher enables another comp with them as well as Intrepid - replacing Iowa with Musashi to enable this fleet if you need an extra radar carrier is an option. Completely leaving out all American ships to get their Friend Fleet is probably not advised unless you don't have them or don't want to use them.

    For Part 2 LD, I had problems with @211303 's recommended setup using Saratoga CVB

    The given fighter power (378) is only likely to be attained with max modded SPFs and the Zuiun K2 Skilled, which many players are very unlikely to have. Individually the fighter power difference is minute, but due to attrition it will be significant here - if you don't have those max modded equipment, you have a good chance of only getting AP at the Re Node X, which is going to hurt pass rate.

    I propose either using 2 fighter/bombers 1 fighter or 1 F/B 2 fighters on Saratoga CVB (losing the best CVCI), using Intrepid instead of Saratoga for the +11 fighter power that could make the difference (no longer CVB, and blocks the Akagi+Iowa+Fletcher friend fleet), or using Musashi instead of Iowa, who can hold the extra radar, and thus bringing 1 blue 1 red 2 green planes on Saratoga CVB (higher cost and losing potential Iowa bonus damage at boss). If you don't have sufficiently modded equipment to get that given fighter power needed to reliably AS the Re node with 211's setup, consider one of the options above depending on the characters you have and Friend Fleets you want to be eligible to trigger at the boss.

    So I guess the big question is, is the Part 2 final boss kill really 'easy' now with Friend Fleet? I'll do a quick analysis of my 8 boss battles (quite a lot, compared to most other pople who started attempts after Friend Fleet was added).

    Out of those 8 boss attempts, 2 were absolute garbage - including my actual kill run, which would have been just another total failure if not for the fact that all four (mostly scuffed) members of my escort decided to aim at the boss and managed to wear her down to death with their combined damage. And, if it was not for the Friend Fleet appearing, we would not even have got to battle the boss fleet in yasen in that run in the first place.

    Of the remaining 6, Nagamutsu touch triggered 3 times (with a total 3/8 trigger rate), but they were all let down at some place or another such as the escorts being targeted in second shelling, or failing to trigger their TCI. Fletcher's aim at the boss for 418 damage in my killing run was the first and only time I managed to get a USN DD at green HP to trigger and aim at the boss, with very satisfactory results (and bear in mind this was a run where touch did not trigger, so sniping RNG was involved).

    In essence, the runs that reach the boss and don't outright collapse - even those without touch triggering, thanks to the addition of extra Friend Fleet damage, always felt 'close'. IF someone in my escort didn't die, IF that someone triggered their TCI, IF that someone aimed at the boss... basically, even in runs that were imperfect (which is to say, every single one), I always felt that the chance was there. As Makikaki said previously, a LOT needs to go right in order to get that killing chance, and I believe this still holds true. But, I would say that Friend Fleet helps to reduce the amount of 'things needing to go right' needed to clear.

    So can a run where all escorts trigger TCI and all aim at the boss despite two meatshields be called imperfect still? No one knows. Or cares, really. Results are results.

    E5H Part 2 Final Kill (Twitch Highlight)

    If you're lucky enough to get that perfect run on the first try... well, all fortune be with you. With my reversed luck being unable to quickly clear maps allegedly regarded as easy, I struggled a bit compared to others, but I'm glad it's over with. I'll take my hard medal and plane (however shameful/shameless a clear it might be thanks to Friend Fleet - it's not like anyone cares or can tell or remember in the future) and get out of here so I can do other things. Good luck and happy hunting~

    Resource Consumption
    I'm happy to have been able to finish the Main Operations before the implementation of the EOs, and to clear up to very final boss of the event without the use of Friend Fleets this event, even though it was costly in places (especially E4). E5 felt especially expensive though despite the fewer runs, likely due to the use of such a heavy fleet compared to other maps. I felt that I managed my resource expenditure satisfactorily for a NET expenditure of about 150k fuel, 100k ammo, 80k steel and 50k bauxite and 200 buckets over three weeks of event duration. Total expenditure is harder for me to track since I don't use a observing program, but I'd estimate it at 200k fuel, 130k ammo, 100k steel, 60k bauxite and 500~ buckets.

    A lot has been said about the difficulty/RNG needed/reliance on Friend Fleet to clear this event compared to the past and I don't disagree in a general sense. Just... well, it's not something I can control (thanks Tanaka), so I'm not going to get unduly worked up about it. In terms of difficulty, with Friend Fleets taken into account, I would say difficulty ranks as E2P2 (difficulty to reach the boss) < E3P2 (pass rate as well as needing good crits on the boss) < E4 = E5P2 (the first has an unkillable escort requiring snipes and the luck to survive them, while the second has runs lost to Re-chan and dependence on touch and TCI trigger chance, but it's possible with luck to actually isolate the boss unlike E4).

    I can't overstate how immensely grateful I am to the frontliners (all of them, regardless of methods used, equipment/ships possessed, preparedness) for gathering valuable information that allows the rest of us to optimise and make our own decisions with the knowledge they have garnered. On this forum especially, thanks to 211303 for his quick reports and sacrificing his resources emptying for the first time since Spring 16 to frontline and give us this information, as well as any others who have posted their own reports as well as feedback on my own commentary.

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    E5H done!

    This was my second time clearing all event maps on Hard. Definitely more of a challenge than Winter '19, but not unreasonably difficult I suppose.

    Phase 1 - Jellyfish Princess

    Here's the fleet (last dance comp):

    So, phase 1. Got like three consecutive retreats early on, before I gave up and started using node support. I then got 2 clean kills in a row, only to leave the boss at 46 HP above last dance threshold due to some poor chipping runs. The next run, I managed to turbochoke and deal a combined total of 40 damage to the boss, leaving her at 6 HP above last dance. Fortunately, last dance itself only took a single attempt. I also used boss support for LD. If only the second phase boss had been this easy...

    Ultimately, I probably could've been smarter about this stage regarding my comp. I pretty much just ended up brute-forcing my way through it. Fuel cost: ~20k Bucket cost: ~50


    I'll be honest, my land base was a mess. I couldn't get AD on the boss with 3 bombers due to a lack of Hayabusas, so I used 2 fighter + 2 bomber setups. Third base had 2 toukai and 2 of my best ASW bombers. For last dance, I sent the 3rd base to the boss as well (2 fighter + 2 bomber).

    Phase 1.5 - Unlocking

    1) Went for the hardest step first - beat V-node with a transport fleet. Only took two runs, fortunately. On my second run, I somehow made it to V-node without having to send anyone back via FCF. Because the LBAS/support took out the flagship, B-rank was secured right away even without any combat.
    THIS is the fleet I used.

    2) X-node was next. Another tangle with Re-chan! Chose to go with a carrier task force and got air superiority in G-node along the way. Forgot to send node support on first attempt, so it took two sorties to do. Two LBAS sent to X-node (with recon for extra range) and one ASW base to sub node C.
    THIS is the fleet I used.

    3) I then went for the remaining air strike nodes. Used the same fleet as X-node, but dropped the AV and just loaded all carriers with planes to get AS in F-node (even got AS+ actually). Since there was no surface combat en-route, I loaded the entire escort with random OASW-capable DDs, so I didn't need to use a land base to get past the sub node.

    4) For E-node, I used the same OASW escort as before, but my main fleet consisted of only four ships - Akagi and Ise (both loaded with fighters), and CAV and AV as SPF mules. That was enough for AS without sending any LBAS sweeps.

    5) I actually had all three LBAs set to air defense during the previous 2 unlock steps, but the air raid didn't trigger, so I sortied the previous fleet again, this time heading towards H-node. The air raid triggered right as I arrived at H, so I fortunately avoided a taiha-fest as I was kicked out of the map after securing AS and unlocking the shortcut.

    Overall, the unlocking phase was relatively hassle-free. Fuel cost: ~5k Bucket cost: ~20

    Phase 2 - Whale Princess

    Here's the fleet (chipping):

    I used escorts that already had expansion slots so I could use repair teams. For chipping, I just used the common ones. For last dance, I swapped in the goddesses. Ironically, the dreaded X-node with Re-chan only managed to score a taiha exactly once during the chipping runs. I also prioritized ships that locked out none of the strong friend fleets. No node support used. LBAS was 1 fighter + 3 bombers for the first two bases, 1 fighter + 2 bombers + toukai for the third. Here's how my chipping went:

    [+] Spoiler
    First chipping run dealt a grand total of 78 damage after Nagato got sniped and couldn't touch, then everyone chocked in head-on engagement and literally no one targeted the boss during yasen.

    Second run went exactly the same - head-on, Nagato was sniped before she could touch. At least yasen went slightly better. After this run, I shuffled around the LBAS a bit to include more bombers and just accepted air denial at boss (was running 2 fighter + 2 bomber on the first two bases before this).

    Third run onwards, I started bringing boss support. And third run in a row, Nagato got taiha'd before she could touch. It was also the third consecutive taiha for Musashi, which was a big ouch for my fuel reserves. Fortunately, Akagi FF showed up and got me an S-rank.

    Fourth run - Nagato finally touched. The difference was night and day. A single taiha in my fleet, and only two heavily damaged enemies alive for yasen. Another S-rank.

    Fifth run - Ise taiha'd at the transport node.

    Sixth run resulted in another successful touch at the boss node, which in turn resulted in another S-rank.

    Seventh run was the first and only time a ship was taiha'd by Re-chan. I still pressed forward and didn't even consume the repair team at boss. Once again, Nagato touch pulverized the main fleet and nabbed me an S-rank.

    tl;dr - 4 clean S-ranks, 1 retreat, 1 meh run, 1 turbochoke. Fuel cost: ~20k Bucket cost: ~40

    Final Stage - Last Dance

    Here's the fleet:

    Definitely the hardest part of the event, even with friend fleet. You basically just need that one lucky run where everything aligns. Could happen on the first try, could take over a dozen attempts. Here's how it played out for me:

    [+] Spoiler
    First run, X-node scored two taihas on my escort but I pressed on regardless. A stupid move in retrospect, especially since I lost a repair goddess at boss node. A couple of ships in enemy escort survived with a sliver of health in day battle, causing the friend fleet to waste its damage. Boss survived at chuuha.

    Second run, the same thing happened. Two escorts survived with single-digit HP, boss and both meatshields in main fleet were at high HP, friend fleet couldn't deal any substantial damage. Still, I managed to at least taiha the boss this time thanks to really good TCI targeting.

    Third run, touch was decent, boss survived day battle on green HP, but only the two meatshields remained for yasen. Friend fleet killed off one, but my escort choked hard and boss survived at shouha.

    Fourth run, got a single kill in main fleet due to head-on and poor touch, boss survived with only ~100 damage taken.

    Fifth run, Mutsu taiha'd at X-node.

    Sixth run, Mutsu taiha'd at X-node again.

    * Took a break for a day to sparkle support expeditions and plan for possible improvements in the fleet. At this point, I swapped Musashi for Iowa and Yuudachi for Johnston. Also gave John one of the 2 holepunches that were rewarded on E1 so she could carry a damegami.

    Seventh run, three out of four TCI ships were at chuuha/taiha heading into boss, where I was greeted by Red T. Yeah. Also, this was the only run where my whole combined fleet was sparkled. And the only run where I got taiha'd in the first air strike node. SPARKLING IS A MEME! To add insult to injury, I lost a second damegami here.

    Eighth run, everything aligned and I still failed to kill the boss. Green T, best friend fleet, good touch... Boss was left at chuuha after friend fleet, with a single chuuha'd battleship hime alive and none of my escorts were at taiha. A single good TCI was all that was needed. Sadly, the targeting was horrible and the boss survived with ~100 HP.

    Ninth run, touch failed to target boss/himes, friend fleet choked hard, both meatshields were alive and boss just barely survived again despite Kasumi's heroic 528-damage TCI.

    Tenth run, my fleet had 5 chuuhas heading into the boss node, Nagato touch didn't trigger at all and the troll sub survived the opening. That's all you need to know, really.

    Eleventh run, horrible deja vu as I once again had 5 chuuhas heading into the boss node... AND I S-RANK! Although Nagato touch fails to target himes/boss and doesn't even finish off the heavy cruiser hime, the enemy escort gets mostly cleaned out during the opening attacks, friend fleet removes two targets before yasen, and Johnston made up for failing to kill the boss two runs ago by landing a massive 500+ damage TCI.

    tl;dr - 11 sorties, including 2 retreats, 3 near-kills and one successful S-rank. Fuel cost: ~30k Bucket cost: ~80

    The big takeaway from this part is that friend fleet and historical TCI make all the difference. The following pic was my successful last dance attempt, right before friend fleet arrived at yasen. Would you believe that this is actually going to be an S-rank (Abukuma gets taiha'd before her shot too):

    A few comments about my last dance comp for those who want to copy it or are wondering about some of the choices:

    • Didn't bother sparkling the fleet itself except for that one time that ended in disaster.
    • Used a yellow secondary gun on Nagato for the extra touch bonus (didn't have a decently upgraded BB gun to give her anyway)
    • Taihou was used over the other choices because I didn't want to remodel my yasen Sara or lock out the Akagi friend fleet, and since she was readily available with decent slots and an expansion slot already equipped, I thought why not.
    • The Suisei M22 should ideally be the skilled variant, but mine had lost its ranks a few sorties ago and I just used the non-skilled version as a replacement.
    • Suzuya is used over Teste because my Teste isn't holepunched and I had enough air power even with her smaller fighter slots.
    • Ise is equipped with AACI. Not sure how much it helped, though. By the way, the zuiun slot never even came close to being depleted.
    • Haruna is used over other choices because she was already holepunched, Bisko was locked to E4, and I didn't want to lock out the best friend fleet by using Kongou.
    • Swapping out Musashi and Yuudachi for Iowa and Johnston - best choice I made. The historical damage bonus really showed and as an added benefit, it locked out many sub-par friend fleets. I got the best FF (Akagi + Kaga + Kongou) 4 out of 5 times after I made the switch.

    This was the first time I resorted to using damegamis during an event. I hope that it won't become a regular thing for future events, as I only have a limited supply. Then again, I doubt that even Tanaka could come up with something more cancerous than line ahead double Re-elite preboss. Ironically, my most successful last dance attempts (including the actual kill) didn't even need damegamis to bypass Re-node, so it's definitely doable without P2W strats.

    Many thanks to everyone who posted their comps in this thread. I managed to get a lot of useful advice for cobbling together my own comp based on all of that. And a special thanks to @211303 for answering all my questions

    As for me, I'll be recovering my resources for a few days and heading back to E4 in the hopes of getting that elusive Fletcher.

    To all the admirals still trying to clear this event...

    May luck be with you! You can do it!

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    Thanks again to @211303 and @NanashiYoukai for the comps and guides.

    https://kc3kai.github.io/kancolle-re...om/zx4qo7b.png Replay and equips

    Reso burned, less than expected.

    Notes :

    - P1 relatively easy, 2/2 and 1/3 to boss, and doublesupport all runs. full Toukai squad to the fk you sub node.

    - TCF requirement a sht, 85sparkle node support and pray that node V doesn't spoon you
    - STF to hit node X for requirement (and putting 1 base on perma ASW)
    - buyback strat, but Bisko didn't need it
    - Node E (AS requirement) can be done without LBAS if you have both ise and hyuuga K2, freeing up space for 2 airdef bases
    - Nodes F/G (AS requirement) also done without LBAS, freeing up space for 2 airdef bases
    - LD node X's double Re in line ahead also a sht. If you have mamiya+irako and believe in placebo, LD is a good time to use them
    - LBAS : 1/3, 1/3, 1/2/toukai (3/toukai is a bit risky) all to boss, all runs
    - doublesupport ALL runs
    - planning the fleet around blocking most fleets except the Akagi+kongo fleets works, got Urakaze'd a few times

    (to be continued tomorrow)
    Attached Images Attached Images

    Last edited by GENTLEMEN; 06-14-2019 at 04:16 PM.
    GRADUATE FROM LSC : 2016 - 2 - 12

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    @GENTLEMEN @friggo @NanashiYoukai
    @Danielosama @kazenorin

    Gratz for the clear.

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Finally killed the boss, congrats to everyone else finishing this map too.

    For the record, Sammy B. was lvl 43 before I started P2; a total of 72 sorties to finish this map, including 50 mamiya/irako and 4 repair goddesses spent along with a grand total of 180k~ fuel - splendid I say.

    The map itself was pure RNG before FF, and only the luckiest of lucky people could clear it.

    Seriously, a map stops becoming fun or hard when ship levels and equipment barely count in face of RNG.
    I truly hope for a more sensible Summer event where one does not need to spend weeks to finish it.

    Here comes the question though: why should anyone bother to even attempt events at the first week when FF makes everything easier and less resource intensive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makikaki View Post
    why should anyone bother to even attempt events at the first week when FF makes everything easier and less resource intensive?
    Totally agree. I believe that this is the biggest complaint that most people have with this event, next to low Fletcher droprates and E4 farming in general.

    The way I see it, KanColle is all about planning and preparation in order to reduce RNG as much as possible by being as efficient as possible. This is why non-frontliners wait for days until proper routing and fleet comps are discovered. This slow trickling of friend fleets makes matters many times worse, because A) the smart choice is to wait until they're implemented, which cuts down on the time you actually have to clear the event and B) not knowing the compositions of friend fleets beforehand can screw over fleet planning for the whole event (i.e. all the people who saved Akagi K2 for E5, only to not use her because it would lock out the best friend fleets).

    I mean, friend fleets should really be implemented at most a few days after the maps are introduced, not literally halfway into the event. Not sure what Tanaka was thinking, to be honest.



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