▼ [Yomepani☆Dreaming Monique and the June Brides] continues!
Collect enough [Helper Points] to recruit the Bridal Costume ★5 Monique.

Duration: 5/31 (Fri) maintenance to 6/14 (Fri) maintenance
※ See this post for more details

▼ [Yomepani Recruitment Campaign] continues!
Recruit employees with certain items to earn special rewards!

Duration: 5/31 (Fri) maintenance to 6/14 (Fri) maintenance
※ See this post for more details

▼ Demon From Another World [Ice Dragon Niflheimr] begins!

Duration: 6/7 (Fri) maintenance to 6/21 (Fri) maintenance
※ See this post for more details

▼ Costume Employee Rate Up [Part 2]

During the event period, there will be increased resume rates with the following schedule:

6/4 (Tue) at 00:00 to 6/7 (Fri) at 23:59
☆☆☆☆☆ [Bridal] Hinano Nasu

6/8 (Sat) at 00:00 to 6/11 (Tue) at 23:59
☆☆☆☆☆ [Bridal] Luciel Feuel

6/12 (Wed) at 00:00 to 6/14 (Fri) maintenance
☆☆☆☆☆ [Bridal] Hinano Nasu
☆☆☆☆☆ [Bridal] Luciel Feuel

※ The [Bridal] costumes for [Luciel], [Hinano], [Victoire], and [Romana] will only appear during the [Yomepani☆Dreaming Monique and the June Brides] event and will have resume appearance rates higher than normal employees.
Furthermore, using the [Limited] Bridal Postbox will increase these chances.
※ The above 4 employees can be recruited from the rewards received from the [Yomepani☆Dreaming Monique and the June Brides].
※ [Bridal] Monique does not appear from resume draws. She is an event reward only.
※ After the limited period, the above Costume Employees' resumes will no longer appear.
※ [Costume Employees] have resumes that appear in a special envelope
※ [Costume Employees] will have their exclusive weapon equipped when recruited
※ [Costume Employees] cannot equip weapons aside from their exclusive weapon
※ [Costume Employees] cannot use Mirrors of Transformation to change their costume.
※ [Costume Employees] are not affected by Public Relations Department's class recruitment bonus.
(Public Relations Department level and recruitment strength will still work)
※ [Costume Employees]' character stories' exclusive equipment differs from that of their normal or EX variations.
※ Increased resume rates apply to all types of envelopes.
※ There is a chance that these employees will appear again in the future

▼ New Area [Small Changing Room] appears!
The [Small Changing Room] is a quest that requires [Bridal] Monique in your formation to sortie to.
There are four quests, each requiring certain levels on [Bridal] Monique to access.
The [Small Changing Room] can drop [Limited] Monique Candy which give 1.8m EXP when used on [Bridal] Monique, as well as the [Bridal Junon Ruler] Mirror of Transformation which can only be used on [Bridal] Monique, [Monique's Awakening Book] which can only be used on [Bridal] Monique, and others.
The following drop limits exist:
Max of 1 [Bridal Junon Ruler]
Max of 5 [Monique's Awakening Book]
Max of 1 [Bridal Costume Employee Awakening Book]
※ Other drop rate limits are listed in the quest description

※ The [Small Changing Room] only appears after recruiting [Bridal] Monique.

▼ Event Shop Update
[Limited] Sake Set Recruitment Set
※ After this maintenance, the first purchase discount will be reset.
※ Can only be purchased using Paid Shinestones/Roidstones/Jobstones.

▼ Event Items
Bridal Junon Ruler
A Holy Sword modeled after the pure white stars. Those who hold this sword are blessed with a happy future.
※ When equipped on [Bridal] Monique, she gains a specific animation motion.
※ Normal Costume Employees cannot wear Mirrors of Transformation. This is exclusive to [Bridal] Monique.

[Limited] Monique Candy
Candy filled with the magical power to raise employees. Used for the Raising feature in Training. Gives more EXP when given to [Bridal] Monique. [Limited: Until the 6/14 (Fri) maintenance]

Monique's Awakening Book
A book with the mercenaries' secret teachings written.
Applies to: [Bridal] Monique

▼ Fixes and Changes
Fixed an issue where the shine badges purchased at the shop would state their total was [0]. (PC)
Fixed certain typos in achievements.

▼ Other
The following campaigns have ended
Yomepani☆Destiny's RT Campaign