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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    June 11, 2019 update (Bridal Costume Tower of London, Chinon, Akita)

    ■ Event
    「華燭の典と偽りの花嫁」 begins
    [Wedding Ceremony and the Fake Bride]

    ■ New Castle appears from Event
    ★5 [Bridal Costume] Akita-jou [Hills] [Bow]

    Skill: Decreases Delay by 20% for Tono and all Castles in range.
    Stratagem: Summon a Token that increases Regen by 4x for Tono and all castles in range and Tono's Regen by 50.
    HP Decreases over time with a maximum duration of 25s. (Limit 1)
    Cooldown: 40s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ New Castles added to gacha
    ★7 [Bridal Costume] Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London [Plains] [Crossbow]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 30%, Range by 30, and attacks knockback enemies.
    Stratagem: Increases Target's ASPD by 2x, decreases Delay by 50%, and increases ki gain when defeating enemies by 1 for 30s.
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 7 ki

    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon [Hills] [Shield]

    Skill: Increases Regen by 40 and Block by 3.
    Stratagem: Increases Target's ATK by 50, Attack Targets by 1, and decreases Damage Taken by 25% for 30s. (Target Melee Only)
    Cooldown: 45s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ Limited Time Castle returns to gacha
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau d'Amboise [Plains/Water] [Bell]

    ■ The following castles have received their kai-ichi
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau d'Amboise [Plains/Water] [Bell]
    Skill: Decreases ATK by 20 and ASPD by 5% per upgrade for all enemies in range.
    Kai Skill: Decreases ATK by 25, ASPD by 5%, and DEF by 15 per upgrade for all enemies in range.
    Stratagem: Increases Regen by 3x for all castles in range for 30s. (Target Self Only)
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ Gacha Spotlight 1 has updated
    ★7 [Bridal Costume] Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London [Plains] [Crossbow]
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau d'Amboise [Plains/Water] [Bell]
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon [Hills] [Shield]

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has
    Until the 6/25 (Tue) maintenance
    ★7 [Bridal Costume] Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London [Plains] [Crossbow]
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau d'Amboise [Plains/Water] [Bell]
    ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon [Hills] [Shield]

    ■ New Weapons added
    ・★4白薔薇の盾 :盾
    ・★4稲穂天弓  :弓

    ■ Limited Time Missions added
    See the in-game mission tab for reward details
    Duration: 6/11 (Tue) maintenance to 6/25 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Other
    [June Bride Campaign] begins
    Special combination item [White Bouquet] added.
    ⇒ Gives increased EXP when used on a [Bridal Costume] castle
    ※ Can be used on normal castles

    Certain UI design elements adjusted

    Certain castle stratagem description texts adjusted

    ■ Known Bugs
    The previous event's special construction is still highlighed on the construction page even though the event has ended.
    This will be fixed with the 6/18 (Tue) maintenance.

    ■ Bug Fix
    Certain situations where upgrading Tachibana-jou would have her skill cut-in appear multiple times.

    ■ Bug Fix and Compensation
    Fixed an issue in Chapter 47 where a certain enemy would hide itself in a hot spring and not reappear.

    As compensation, all users registered from before 6/11 (Tue) at 10:30 will receive 1x Spirit Orb.

    June Bride Campaign

    Part 1:

    ■ Daily 1x Spirit Orbs and 2x White Bouquet presents!
    From 6/12 (Wed) ~ 6/24 (Mon), log in every day to receive 1x Spirit Orbs and 2x White Bouquets as a present
    Starts from 6/12 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 6/24 (Mon) present can be obtained until 6/25 (Tue) at 4:59

    ■ Event 「華燭の典と偽りの花嫁」 begins!
    Participate in this event for a chance to obtain ★5 [Bridal Costume] Akita-jou as a drop from the event map.

    Duration: 6/11 (Tue) maintenance to 6/25 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Limited Time Missions added
    During this period, there will be limited time missions available!
    Complete certain conditions from the event and earn White Bouquets.

    ■ The [100 DMM Point Gacha] has been refreshed!
    To celebrate this campaign, all users are able to roll the [100 DMM Point Gacha] once more. (One time only)
    ※ Applies to all users who may have used the [100 DMM Point Gacha] before the 6/11 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ June Bride Set (2019) on sale!
    [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon's ★4 Image Weapon and other wonderful gifts are available from the June Bride (2019) set!

    [Limit 1] June Bride Set (2019)
    DMM ver: 5000 DMMpt
    Google Play/Android Store ver: 5000 JPY
    1x ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon [Hills] [Shield]
    1x ★6 [Bridal Costume] Chateau de Chinon image weapon 白薔薇の盾 (Shield)
    70x Spirit Orbs
    3x Tsubasa [Toku]
    1x Susuki [Kai-ichi]

    Part 2:
    ■ Returning Event 「重ねし欠片と白亜の城」 begins!
    Collect construction materials to have a chance to construct ★5 Spis Castle or ★3 Shiryoukaku.

    Duration: 6/18 (Tue) maintenance to 6/25 (Tue) maintenance

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    EX1 is quite difficult. I have to retry many times to finally get a perfect. I think the bride Kabuto is immune to status (?). I used Tornado, it simply ignored it and continue advancing toward Tono. -__-

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
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    Woops. Didn't think the dog was an enemy, accidentally shot it.

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    Newly Registered Nattō's Avatar
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    In swiki, this emergency dispatch labeled as "Seasonal Event" what differ this from non labeled seasonal of seasonal dispatch? (like "Summer! it's sea! it's a fair!" this event seem reprinted in may each year but not labeled seasonal event.)



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