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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
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    Post Event Cleaning (the hoarder's dilemma)

    Per title, I tend to be a "hoarder" when it comes to game so it can be hard to get rid of rare/hard to get rid of items (and also ships in this case). Part of it is there's always the "what if" things change. Maybe 20.3cm SKC34 are added to improvement (doubt also get hidden CA NB bonus like other 20.3cm, but never know). Maybe 5" Mk 30 can be upgraded to kai version and/or 5" Mk.30kai can be improved. You get the idea. Just hate to scrap something rare and the "oops, I now need that". On the other hand, well, can't keep everything so some stuff needs to go. Lastly, I may be unaware or forget some significant hidden bonus that make an item more valuable than I thought.

    Rather than just post a big screen shot of all equipment, I've listed items that I'm undecided about. I do have other common items I store for improvement & quest fodder, but those I can easily decide & scrap if/when needed. FYI - most items I improved, but some improved items were also rewards. Obviously will keep improved items.

    As always, appreciate the help/advice.

    1) Equipment:

    Medium Guns
    • SCK34 20.3cm twin - 8x. Default version is good, but... no improvement and no CA NB bonus. :/ Rare/hard to get so kept all. These are good for CA support shelling fleet. Meh, just hate to get rid of these, but don't use them that often, and improvement option may never happen.
    • 20.3cm (No.3) -15x of which 10 are improved (6x +9, 4x +7). Keeping 5 spares for possible fodder later.
    • 20.3cm (No.2) -11x of which 2 are improved (+9) and 9 spares for fodder. Some CA do get a nice fit bonus, but certainly questionable whether worth spending more screws to get another pair to +9 (or perhaps just +4). Also possible 205mm/53 fodder.
    • 203mm/53 - 6x (no improvement). Never use these given base stats, though there are a few instances where long range for CA probably would help. Still, doesn't seem worth improving and probably don't need all 6(?)
    • Bofors 15.2cm 1930 - 6x with 2 improved (+5, +2) and 4x spares. Don't think you can improve these yet and/or if it's even worth it. Fit bonuses are not really worth it vs. 20.3cm. Thinking I can get rid of one at least.
    • 15.2cm twin - 10x. Got one 15.2cm twin Kai at +9, but rarely use it so can't see building another. Can build these so probably OK get rid of most spares.
    • 14cm twin - 6x regular, 2x Kai. Kind of rare & can't build, but I never even use the Kai version so...

    Large Guns: Have a lot - including many improved over the years. Also have 30 41cm (4 at +6, 26x fodder) that I'm keeping for potential fodder use. Can get more, but hate to waste resources if I need more. Other than that, nothing I really want to dump since most are rare/unbuildable and 2 of this, 3 of that, improved, or stuff I use a lot.

    Small Guns:
    • 10cm HA+FD - 14x of which 2 are spares (possible fodder in future?) and 10 are improved (4x max, 6x +4 and 2x +1). Not 100% if these are still the "go to" gun or not. Seems like small guns such as 12.7cm WarMod A or B +AAFD are better for some DD instead. Mod D gives some very good bonuses to some DD, etc. Question here is really whether to keep the spares. Given pain to get these and only 2, probably worth keeping for now.
    • 8cm HA - 10x (one improved +1, abandoned project). Probably should scrap a few. Have an 8cm HA+MG (max) if I need one for an expansion slot.
    • 12.7cm twin HA (Late Model) - 14x. Maybe scrap 2-4. Keeping around as possible fodder if 5" Mk30 kai can be improved later. Bit of a pain to get.
    • 12.7cm single HA - 8x. Unbuildable so kept a few.
    • 12.7cm Twin Mod B K2 - 14x (2x improved +4). Keeping for possible fodder. Probably can scrap some.
    • 12.7cm twin Mod C K2 - 10x (3x improved +5). Again possible fodder use and more of a pain to get than Mod B.
    • 12.7cm single - From Z1/Z3. 4x Never used, probably not fodder use, but rare so kept all 4.
    • QF 4.7" MkXII - never use these (should I?). Have 3, but have Jervis clone so could get another if worthwhile.
    • 5" Mk30 - 5x. Could get another via SB Roberts clone (probably will since I want another T124 ADIC, but to keep the QF 4.7" gun or not...). Question is whether there's any future upgrade to Kai (or Kai to GFCS) and these might be needed for the upgrade fodder (or for say +7 and up for Kai/GFCS).
    • 10cm twin HA (carriage) - 8x. Have because unbuildable, but never use. Also, now have a 10cm HA+MG (max) for Yamato-class, Ooyodo & Maya anyway. AFAIK, not used for any improvement fodder so should be able to scrap 2-4.

    53cm twin torps - 11x (2x improved +3, +6). KCWikia has possible upgrade, but these... pretty much suck so thinking can scrap a few at least.

    • Have some Type 94 DC & Type 93 SONAR I can scrap. Kept around for MVP manipulation when leveling, but don't really need them and easy enough to get.
    • Type 95 DC - 10x with 2x improved and 8x for fodder. With 7x Type 2, should be OK for DC rails, though if Type 2 later improved probably would throw +1 on 2-3 and may need these. Will scrap at least 2.

    CV Planes: Got covered except what to do about stuff like FM-2. Can't see using those, but rare and all. Maybe keep 1-2 for the hell of it?
    LBAS: Can't imagine scrapping any, but wow are they adding up.

    • Type 3 Commmand Liason - 8x. RARELY use these. Maybe I'm missing something (or not).
    • Bi Type 40mm Twin Autocannon Mount - 10x. Never used as there's better stuff. So far not needed for improvement fodder.
    • Ka-Type Autogyro - 8x. Also have one S51-J and 2x O Type as well. Do use these some for ASW, but with newer CVE able to use SONAR, DC, etc. not sure what I should keep. They are used as fodder if I ever want to improve O Type to K2, but doubt that's worth doing. So maybe scrap a couple at least or keep?
    • Type 42 Air Radar - 10x. Never use these, but again, if later I need some, pain to get. Got a lot of RADAR, but use a lot for support expeditions and/or the "need x amount of RADAR" in events and such.
    • Anti-Torp Bulge Medium - 10x kept extra for fodder, but seems it's not worth improving bulges and very rarely use any. ALso have 1x New Kanhon & Arctic versions as well.
    • Anti-Torp Bulge Large - 7x Do us some with 5-5, but have 1x New Kanhon along with 3x Pugliese which I'm not sure are better or not than std Large (give up 2 armor for 2 less evasion penalty).
    • Searchlight - 1 at max, 9x spare in case want to improve T96 150cm, but probably will never do so.
    • High Temp/Pressure Boiler - 9x. Need 6x for Fast+. I think there was a Fast + Option for CTF this event so probably keep all.
    • Kanhon Boiler - 12x. Don't need all of these given the better boilers we have, but kept for possible improvement. Just doesn't seem worth improving any boilers/turbines, but could be wrong.
    • Skilled Lookouts - 12x Do use these for anti-imp at times. Also fodder potential, but with a +10 searchlight, would be for Submarine Radar & Waterproof Telescope. Not sure if that's worth improving or not. Might be. Any thoughts on that? If not, then can scrap 4 I think.
    • Resupply Drums - 68x. Ran out during Spring 2016 so been hoarding ever since. I would think/hope that 60 or even 50 would be enough.

    2. Rare Ship Duplicates: I'm still not a fan of clones/dupes, but well, may be forced to do so at some point. Also, just hard to scrap rare ships (had a 2nd Yamato for a long time before I scrapped). There is also the possibility of equipment farming (e.g. Jervis for ASDIC, SB Roberts for 5" Mk30), but after that still question of keeping.

    I have the following lvl 1 clones (some for quite a while): Jervis, SB Roberts, Gambier Bay, Bismarck, Akitsumaru, Unryuu, Katsuragi, Amagi. My thought is to at most kai Jervis & maybe SB Robert for equip, but scrap all - even Bismarck. Got Kongou K2C now and while useful this event, days of Bismarck being used a lot are gone. Then again, maybe some Euro based event so...

    3. Any good recipes for 25mm triple? Need quite a few. Using 10/30/10/10 default with "meh" results.

    May need to post questions on "now what" for improvement specifically other than above, but that can wait as I need to re-stockpile improvement materials once I've finished 3rd 16"/50 GFCS. That being said, please feel free to give suggestions if you want.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Lieutenant Ink20's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    I also tend to be a "hoarder" but the game doesn't allow that if you don't pay so I got rid of many things:
    14cm twin - Regular ones are weak, Katori class/Yuubari kai's stock equipment and can be obtained through Akashi's arsenal so they were all scrapped (I kept some of them for a while since they could have become fodder for the kai version, though).
    15.2cm twin - Buildable, stock equipment of the Agano-class so they were all scrapped (I have 2 kai +9 rusting in the inventory).
    Bofors 15.2cm 1930 - I think you can safely get rid of 2 of them.
    203/53mm - They are there only for their long range so I kept only 3 of them (one is +4) since I'll get another one if Pola gets a k2.
    20.3cm (No.2/3) - 12x. I have 4/6 +9 and 2 unimproved No.2. Also, No.3 are rather easy to get (once you get a Mikuma).
    SCK34 20.3cm twin - I agree with you and therefore I have nothing to say here, except that I never got a Prinz Eugen drop and so I have only 2 of these guns.

    8cm HA - I'd scrap a lot of them (usaual reason). I have 2 of them (max/+7) if I want to use 2 ships (mainly Suzuya and Kumano but sometimes Yura) with night DA + other equipments.
    12.7cm single HA - Similar to 14cm twin so I don't have any (if you mean 12.7cm single HA LM I have 1 at +9 since I didn't know what to do with them).
    12.7cm single - From Z1/Z3 (ships that are buildable). I slowly got rid of all of them and now I don't have any.
    5" Mk30 - I kept only the improved one (+4) since I have 1 kai, 2 +GFCS and no US DD. Also, the +GFCS has a medium range that is often a bother.

    IMO, 26x 41cm fodder are way too many (I don't keep any). I understand not wanting to waste resource but those guns are easy to get since Nagato and Mutsu can be obtained from normal maps while doing the usual quests and from LSC while trying to build Maru-yu.

    53cm twin torps - They said it has possible upgrade, but they did the same with the periscope and so I don't trust them anymore (didn't they said that one of the DE in this event would have been useful in later maps?). I got rid of all of them.

    Type 42 Air Radar - I have 1 at max, and 3 unimproved.
    Bulge - I have 1 New Kanhon Medium, 1 Acrtic, 2 New Kanhon Large (one is +4) and 4 Pugliese. I would have said to make some more New Kanhon if the old 4-2 was still there.
    Searchlight - I have 1 at max, 1 spare and 1 T96 150cm at +9 (I had too many and didn't know what to do with them).

    ......Well, I wanted to reply to every single point but it's taking a bit too much.
    In short, it seems you want to be prepared to anything may happen in the future even though many things will never happen (I kinda do the same collecting 41cm guns from drops when an update is getting closer in case Nelson's guns will become improvable just to scrap them after).
    The best way to get rid of an equipment is asking yourself:
    Is it good?
    Is it hard to get (unbuildable/event only ship's stock equipment)?
    Can it be used for something that I want to improve at the moment?
    If the answers are "no", just scrap it.

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    Last edited by Ink20; 06-26-2019 at 11:06 AM.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1681 Post(s)
    @Ink20: Thanks for the reply, and yes, it's quite a list but still shorter than posting a list of every single item. I've bought quite a lot of slots (over 300) and could by more, but it's just a bandage on the problem. Also, yes, "[I]t seems you want to be prepared to anything may happen in the future even though many things will never happen...". Do admit there's some "fortune telling" with "what if xyz" when it comes to equipment. Some stuff may never occur, but really sucks when the things that do occur happen and you've scrapped what you need.

    Particularly after this event, the resource crunch is more than ever, and there's a limit to me for that. stuff. Not tied to the game 24/7 to constantly sparkle, run expeditions precisely upon return to base, etc. Spend quite a bit of time as it is, and I need resources for other things like luckmodding (if RNG will cooperate).

    So, I'm seeking advice to avoid making mistakes with scrapping stuff - equipment or ships. Ships are bit easier, though again, with more and more historic bonus to clear type events, that extra XYZ of ABC navy may come in handy, especially if one makes a locking mistake. Equipment can be a little harder. Problem is that IMO you can't really rely upon Akashi upgrades to solve your problem. It's too expensive. I have enough now obsolete and/or just not the best investment mprovemats from project going back to when improvement was introduced. As for drops, well, that's a bunch of RNG as well as more resource burn (incl. buckets) for farming. Lastly, I use Himeuta and KC Wikia (KC Wiki occasionally) as my information resource, and that doesn't always catch all the various bits of information (NO complaints - just stating the situation). For example, I'm not sure where (or if at all), there's a list of the "named aircraft" that have reduced shootdown on KC wikia.

    Hopefully, I'll get a few more replies to my post, and see if there's any sort of consensus.
    Again, appreciate the reply. I'll certainly trim some items like the 12cm single (incl. HA), 15.2cm twin, searchlights, and dump at least 8 of the resupply drums (60x HAS to have me covered).

    Last edited by goesto11; 06-25-2019 at 11:37 PM.
    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.



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