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    June 25, 2019 update (★7 Dazaifu, ★6 Tsurushima, ★5 Ecchuu-Takaoka, Enma Arena Event)

    ■ Arena Event
    「閻魔の闘技場」 begins
    [Enma Arena]

    ■ New Castle added as Arena Event reward
    ★7 Enma-chou [Hell] [Talisman]
    ※ Enma-chou is a [fictional castle] and comes equipped with her image weapon.
    ※ Enma-chou's terrain type is [Hell]. The [Hell] terrain is a terrain added with this maintenance.
    ※ Enma-chou will not appear from gacha or construction

    Skill: Decreases ATK by 20% and DEF by 25% for all enemies in range
    Stratagem: Summons a token whose attacks decrease target's ATK and DEF by 25 for 5s, and increases Enma-chou's Attack Targets by 1 and Range by 40 for 20s when summoned. (Max 2)
    Cooldown: 30s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ New Castles added to gacha
    ★7 Dazaifu [Plains] [Purification]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 30%.
    Decreases Damage Taken by 30% for all castles in range.
    Stratagem: Target attacks all enemies and heals all castles in range for 20s (Target Purification Only)
    Cooldown: 50s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ★6 Tsurushima-jou [Hills/Water] [Sword]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 25% for self and own tokens. Ignore Spectre damage reduction.
    Stratagem: Summon a token that attacks 2 enemies in range with knockback. (Limit 1)
    Cooldown: 60s
    Cost: 10

    ★5 Ecchuu-Takaoka-jou [Plains] [Gun]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 50, Range by 30.
    Stratagem: Increases Target's Block by 3 for 25s, Heals 20% HP.
    Cooldown: 35s
    Cost: 5 ki

    ■ [5 Step Gacha] appears!
    Spotlight Castles
    ★7 Dazaifu [Plains] [Purification]
    ★6 Zeze-jou [Water] [Spear]
    ★6 Tsurushima-jou [Hills/Water] [Sword]
    ★5 Ecchuu-Takaoka-jou [Plains] [Gun]

    ■ Gacha Spotlight 1 has updated
    Gacha Spotlight 1 has changed to Special Gacha for this week.
    Roll from a limited pool of castles.
    ★7 Berg Neuschwanstein [Mountain] [Shield]
    ★7 Mont-Saint-Michel [Water] [Song]
    ★7 Chandra Mahal [Plains] [Throwing Blade]

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has updated
    Until the 7/9 (Tue) maintenance
    ★7 Dazaifu [Plains] [Purification]
    ★6 Tsurushima-jou [Hills/Water] [Sword]
    ★6 Zeze-jou [Water] [Spear]

    ■ Enma-chou exclusive god girl added
    ★7 Rasha [Enma-chou]
    ※ A god girl exclusively used to limit break Enma-chou
    ※ Cannot be used on any other castle

    ■ New Weapon added
    ・★4閻魔裁定筆:法術 (Talisman)
    ※ Can only be obtained from Enma-chou as her default weapon.
    ※ Cannot be dropped from warehouses or [Crafted].
    ※ Increases Damage Dealt by 5%, but reduces base Regen to 0

    ■ New Facilities added
    ・★4上り立ち門    :門 (Gate)
    ・★4賽の石積み    :石垣 (Wall)
    ・★4次田の湯     :水源 (Well)
    ・★4冥土通いの井戸  :水源 (Well)
    ※ Cannot be obtained from [Crafting] or warehouse drops
    ※「上り立ち門」 can only be equipped by melee castles
    ※「次田の湯」 can only be equipped by plains castles
    ※「賽の石積み」「冥土通いの井戸 can only be equipped by hell castles.

    ■ Limited Time missions added
    Time limited missions for the Enma Arena event have been added.
    See the in-game mission button in the Enma Arena page to see the full details.

    Duration: 6/25 (Tue) maintenance to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Other
    [Enma Arena Campaign] begins

    Terrain Type [Hell] added

    Certain UI elements adjusted
    Sortie menu's [Buffing Statues] can now be used
    Sortie menu's [Buffing Statues] design adjusted
    Territory, sortie banner, sortie image format updated

    Slight text adjustments

    ■ Bug Fix and Compensation
    Fixed an issue where Chinon's attacks would cause enemy castles to stop attacking in the returning event 『重ねし欠片と白亜の城 絶壱』 map.

    As compensation, all users from before 6/25 (Tue) at 10:30 will receive 1x Spirit Orb.

    Enma Arena Campaign

    Campaign Part 1

    ■ [Arena] commemoration! 10x Gacha Ticket Present for everyone!
    To commemorate the addition of the Arena Event, all users will receive 1x [10x Gacha Ticket (Arena Commemoration)] as a log-in bonus.

    6/25 (Tue) to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance
    ※ If you have already accepted the 6/25 (Tue) log-in bonus, you must wait to receive the 6/26 (Wed) log-in bonus to receive this item

    ※ 10x Gacha Ticket (Arena Commemoration) details
    - guarantees at least 1x ★5 castle
    - Includes all castles added up until the 6/25 (Tue)
    - Excludes collaboration characters and time limited castles
    - No spotlight
    - No Senko Orbs
    - No [Tsubasa & Byakusen] reward for 10x roll
    - Must be used before 7/17 (Wed) at 23:59:59
    - Will be deleted from your item box after the expiration period

    ■ Daily 2x Spirit Orbs and 1x Spirit Recovery Medicine presents!
    From 6/26 (Wed) ~ 7/8 (Mon), log in every day to receive 2x Spirit Orbs and 1x Spirit Recovery Medicine as a present
    Starts from 6/26 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 7/8 (Mon) present can be obtained until 7/9 (Tue) at 4:59

    ■ [Enma Arena] begins!
    Exchange for [★7 Enma-chou] by participating in the event!

    Duration: 6/26 (Tue) maintenance to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Limited Time missions added
    Time limited missions for the Enma Arena event have been added.
    Complete them to earn [Red Spirit Orbs].
    See the in-game mission button in the Enma Arena page to see the full details.

    Duration: 6/25 (Tue) maintenance to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ The [100 DMM Point Gacha] has been refreshed!
    To celebrate this campaign, all users are able to roll the [100 DMM Point Gacha] once more. (One time only)
    ※ Applies to all users who may have used the [100 DMM Point Gacha] before the 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ [Added Bonus] for Spirit Orb First Purchases!
    During the campaign, purchase the any Spirit Orb package for the first time to receive bonus Spirit Orbs.
    These include a [Six Star Prayer Stone], and the ★4 Facility 『上り立ち門(門)』!
    ※ The 「上り立ち門」 can be obtained from [Crafting], Warehouse Drops, and Affection Rewards.

    Duration: 6/25 (Tue) maintenance to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    [Purchasing Lineup]
    DMM ver: 1000 DMMpt
    Google Play/App Store ver: ¥960
    11x Spirit Orb → 20x Spirit Orb (+9 Orbs)
    1x Tsurushima-jou Motif Facility ★4施設 上り立ち門(門)
    1x Tsubasa [Toku]

    DMM ver: 5000 DMMpt
    Google Play/App Store ver: ¥5000
    70x Spirit Orb → 110x Spirit Orb (+40 Orbs)
    1x Six Star Prayer Stone
    3x Tsubasa [Toku]
    1x ★6 Rasha [Kai-rei]

    ■ [5 Step Gacha] begins!
    During the campaign, receive wonderful rewards for every 10x gacha you do with the 5 Step Gacha!
    [5 Step Gacha Lineup]
    Step 1 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - 1x Dazaifu motif ★4 facility ★4施設 次田の湯(水源)
    - 1x Tsubasa [Toku]
    Step 2 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★6)
    - 1x ★6 Rasha [Kai-rei]
    Step 3 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★5)
    - 1x Tsubasa [Toku]
    - 1x ★7 Rasha [Kai-ichi]
    Step 4 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★6)
    - 1x ★6 Tsurushima-jou [Hills/Water] [Sword]
    Step 5 (10x Roll with at least 1 ★7)
    - 1x Tsubasa [Toku]

    ※ Gacha rolls outside of the limited gacha period will not count
    ※ After reaching step 5, you will be returned to step 1 (there is no limit to the number of times you can roll)
    ※ Only the very first step will cost 25 orbs for 10x roll
    ※ Dazaifu motif facility will not appear from construction or drops
    ※ Dazaifu motif facility can only be equipped by plains castles
    ※ ★6 Tsurushima-jou can appear from [5 Step Gacha] [Gacha Spotlight 2] and [No Spotlight Gacha], but does not appear from [Special Gacha].

    ■ [Special Gacha] begins!
    During this period, a [Special Gacha] will appear where a limited selection of ★5 or higher castles can appear
    ※★3~4 lineup appears as normal
    ※ Select this gacha from the [Shrine] > [Special] Tab and check the [Summoning Details] for more information
    ※ While [Special Gacha] is ongoing, [Gacha Spotlight 1] will not appear
    ※ Special Gacha castles will not appear in the Senko Orb Exchange

    ~Campaign Part 2~
    ■ Arena Event [Enma Arena] second half begins
    [Enma Arena] will receive its second half of maps and additional missions.
    Exchange rewards will also be added.

    ■ [Enma-chou] kai-ichi to be added!
    An Enma-chou exclusive kai-ing item will be added!
    Check the event update information on 7/2 (Tue)

    ■ Great and Ultra Success when combining increased by 3x

    The way they list the event as an [Arena Event] seems to imply that there may be different arenas in the future, especially since the reward for this one is Enma-chou. Since she has a specific element for herself, it may be that future events will also be Enma Arenas and include new Hell-type castles, or maybe other types of hell.

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    We finally reach the non-existent castles!

    The requirement of 6 castles of certain terrain is pretty harsh on top of the difficulty and type match ups.

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    It's an event with a 7 stars castle as reward. And there are exclusive Rasha enough to max limit break her. =)


    I went to the wiki and saw her full art. That some fancy slippers geta(?). :)


    Last edited by Mikan; 06-26-2019 at 09:38 AM.



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