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    Event Discussion: 閻魔の闘技場 (Enma Arena, ★7 Enma-chou)

    JP Wiki

    ■ [Enma Arena]

    Duration: 6/25 (Tue) maintenance to 7/9 (Tue) maintenance

    Event Details

    ■ How to Play

    Collect the event reward exchange item [Red Spirit Orb] to exchange for ★7 Enma-chou and other wonderful rewards.

    ※ Clear Story Chapter 5 to unlock Enma Arena
    ※ Special Mission reward items can only be obtained after fulfilling their condition the first time

    ■ Collect the exchange item [Red Spirit Orb]!

    [Red Spirit Orbs] drop from the Enma Warehouses, and from can also be obtained by completing the Special Missions for each map.
    ※ [Red Spirit Orbs] are an exclusive item for Enma Arena
    ※ [Red Spirit Orbs] will expire after the 7/16 (Tue) maintenance
    ※ Each Special Mission can be checked on each map sortie page

    ■ Exchange for items at the exchange shop!
    The [Red Spirit Orbs] that you collect can be exchanged for ★7 Enma-chou, Rasha [Enma-chou] and other wonderful items.

    The exchange shop will be available until the 7/16 (Tue) maintenance
    The second half of the event will bring additional items to the exchange line-up.
    ※ Rasha [Enma-chou] is a god girl exclusively used for Enma-chou

    ■ Enma Arena Special Rule Details
    Each map in Enma Arena features its own hell with special gimmicks.
    Arena map difficulties are sorted by [Norma], [Hard], and [Very Hard]
    The difficulties are not shown on each map's sortie menu, but placed at a tab at the very top. (Because each difficulty also changes the map layout and enemies)
    Enma Arena will feature a total of 25 maps, and the first half will have 15 maps available.
    Clearing a map will not reward Spirit Orbs.
    ※ Maps are planned to be added in the second half

    ■ Day of the Week Bonus [Red Spirit Orbs]!
    Each map will have 1.2x [Red Spirit Orb] drop rate depending on the daily bonus.
    Choose the map with the current bonus to improve your orb collecting efficiency!

    [Daily Bonus]
    Monday: Hell (Purple)
    Tuesday: Fire (Red)
    Wednesday: Ice (Blue)
    Thursday: Revive (Green)
    Friday: Spike (Yellow)
    Saturday/Sunday: All

    ■ Limited Time missions added
    Time limited missions for the Enma Arena event have been added.
    Complete them to earn [Red Spirit Orbs].
    See the in-game mission button in the Enma Arena page to see the full details.

    Each map has a special mission to clear the map without losing any warehouses, and clear the map using 2/4/6 units of a certain terrain for normal/hard/very hard.
    Despite this, the terrain does not get a stage bonus.
    The rewards are 30/50/100 Red Spirit Orbs for normal/hard/very hard for each mission.

    The exception is the Purple Hell map. The special mission here requires at least 1 Hell-type Castle i.e. Enma-chou is required.
    This map has a hell terrain bonus.

    Fire: (Red)
    Dark red burning tiles deal continuous damage to units that pass over them
    Special Mission: Mountain


    Very Hard:

    Red ox takes 1/5th damage from melee attacks and decreases DEF when it attacks.
    The fire wheels do not take damage over the burning tiles and instead gain increased ATK.

    You need to defend at 22 but you take a lot of damage there even from just the tile alone. A Purification can heal it more effectively than a Song.
    Defending around 6 and 11 seems to work best. A strong Song and Staff or Bell combo at 3/5 and blocking at 6 lets you stop the skeletons and gorillas before they can just rush in, and backup at 11 can help stop everything else that walks around the other ocrner.

    Hard 2:

    Lots of horses. Block at 12 and 16, heal at 17. You can set up hammers and spears at 2 and 6 with Bicchuu-Matsuyama token at 1 to get a lot of ki.
    Because of the higher amount of horses that just pile in, you need a lot of block or DPS potential to kill them before they just run past 16's block limit.
    Spear at 6 lets her reach the other lane when she has few upgrades.

    Very Hard 2:

    Fairly nightmarish map because of the tiling.
    I recommend:
    7: Kasugayama/Hikone
    11: Bow (Okou)
    13: Song
    15: Hammer
    1: Magic
    4: Magic
    2: Bicchuu-Matsuyama
    16: Block

    You need a lot of DPS at 1/4 to be able to stop the one-legged pigs. If they get to 6, they'll normally just kill C, and if you're setting up to block at 3, you might not have enough DPS since you'll need healing in two locations.
    If you set up a hammer at 15 with Bicchuu-Matsuyama token at 17, you can get a lot of early ki until the archers show up and then block at 16.
    The whips can reach from the centre position though so be careful about the damage they put out.

    The boss's range is gigantic and even at 16 can hit 15, 17, 19 etc.
    That's why you can't really block at 15 or 11/13 likely just dies.

    Ice: (Blue)
    Enemies can attack while moving when sliding across the ice tiles.
    Ranged castles have decreased Range.
    Special Mission: Water


    Very Hard:

    Blue ox takes 1/5th damage from ranged attacks and decreases Range when it attacks.

    Four main lanes. Most enemies start at 6-10-15. Then 3-7-11. Then 9-14-18.
    You'll see more of the ox spectres from 2-5-12 for most of the map. Then near the end at 9-14-18. If you have ATK reduction and are high enough level, C can tank the attacks by the last oxes by itself.

    My recommendation:
    13: Usuki
    14: Hikone
    8: Song
    7: Spear/Sword
    12 or 16: Shield
    19: Hammer
    Add more magic at 1/4 if your song can't handle 8 alone.
    A melee at 22 if C can't tank, i.e. you don't have ATK reduction (I used Chambord's skill, -15% ATK)

    The ox boss has a huge area of effect. If you try to block at 19, he kills Tono.
    17 and 4 are good spots for Usuki's token.
    7/14 are good for spears to range the middle lane as well as their own. You can have a unit at 10 to help slow things down for hits too.
    19 is a good spot to clear out the stragglers with a hammer since they do a nice big hit when the enemies clump together.
    Ranged units are difficult to use because of the range reduction. Throwing Blades are exempt because they're melee and ranged.
    I think tokens are also exempt so I imagine Anping would be strong if you can muster the ki to summon many tokens, but it'd be tough I imagine.

    Hard 2:

    Very Hard 2:

    There's a lot of enemies that just cross the ice and show up at 24-22-20-17. Then there's a lot of ranged units that walk 1-3-7 which can kill 6/11 and the warehouses.
    I'd block at 17/20 with support on the other tile to DPS the enemies you stop.
    Maybe focus some high DPS and a Song somewhere on 10/16/18/19 to protect the other lane, but I think it moves a lot slower.

    Revive: (Green)
    Enemies and allies have increased Regen.
    Special Mission: Plains


    Very Hard:

    Boss's Regen is increased by 5x

    Biggest threats are the large number of spectres, multitarget and multihit mages, and the boss being super tanky.

    19: Song (Osaka)
    21: Song or Bell
    15: Melee
    22: Shield
    10: Ranged
    14: Melee
    11: Melee

    Max 19 so she can heal everyone nearby including Tono.
    Yanagawa is decent because of her token and she's fairly tanky so she can tank the magic hits at 10.
    You have to be careful the red mages that walks down 3-6-11 doesn't kill A or 10 with its multitarget, and the yellow mages don't just burst your units to death.
    A long ranged Sword or a Spear at 11 can kill them before they get in too close range.
    14 is a good spot for a Spear if you can upgrade so she can help protect Tono while keeping A safe and being in range of healing.
    However, the white spectres that force block can be dangerous.
    The white specters force the unit they're attacking to block all incoming units. After they appear, the kamaitachi show up which can deal a lot of damage; however, you can use this block to prevent them from reaching Tono.
    15 is a good spot for a hammer due to being able to kill the big groups as they walk up to Tono.
    You need to be able to block at 22 or 26 or the boss just walks into Tono. It takes a very long time to kill it but there's not much other threats around. Just block it and retreat all your DPS to sit next to it.

    Sant'Angelo is a really good shield because her stratagem can be used on A to keep it from dying to the magic.

    Hard 2:

    Fire archers are pretty annoying.

    Very Hard 2:

    I found this map to be pretty tough because of the high amount of magic needed on top of the big floods and the boss nuking so hard.
    If you have Karasu, she makes this map so much more simple by sitting at 11 and reducing the boss's range so she can't get shot.
    Otherwise, a unit at 11 will get sniped when the boss walks 7-13 and that kills B too. You can retreat a unit as the boss is shooting to cancel the explosion though.

    You can't really use ranged to kill the boss if it gets past 13, so you might actually be forced to retreat and replace melee units at 7 and 13, and then force it to shoot at 13 or 20 when you have something at 14 to kill it. The splash is just too big and if you let it land, it will basically kill everything it hits.

    Spike: (Yellow)
    Passing through the spikes deals damage over time.
    Certain weapons have increased ATK (Sword, Spear, Shield, Throwing Blade, Bow, Crossbow)
    Special Mission: Hills


    Standing on the spikes deals damage over time.

    Very Hard:

    Tormenting Dragon's attacks cause the status condition: Deadly Poison.
    Deadly poison deals damage over time based on max HP for a period. As more time passes, recovery greatly decreases.
    The evolved caterpillar kabuto will deal additional damage from the spikes (Up to 10% of Target's max HP) when attacking.

    Bit of a tricky map.
    The dragon can hit 17/20/23 from where it floats, and its attack is a huge area of effect splash that poisons.

    6: Usuki
    15: Hikone
    14: Bow
    19: Song
    16: Bell?
    12: Melee
    10: Melee

    There's not a whole lot of useful ranged tiles available. I recommend tossing Usuki up around 6 because she won't be a huge damage dealer.
    If you have Hikone, she can work well at 15.
    Maxing a Song at 19 can help heal 14 and damage parasols and the dragon. If you place 19 and then 16, you can minimize the damage the red cannons can do by splitting the targets up and healing through it.
    12 can back-up C and 15 so anything that walks through doesn't damage it.
    10 has to be able to take out elephants.
    11 is a good spot for Usuki's token until the very end.

    I recommend tokens to stall the dragon's hits and if you have a knockback stratagem, use that too. If it shoots your units twice, they'll just die to poison, even with a max song healing.
    For example:
    Let it shoot 14
    Place Fukuoka token at 17 during its attack animation
    Place a token at 23
    It'll slowly shoot 23
    Cast a tornado to push it back and summon another token at 23.

    Otherwise, be prepared to retreat your poisoned units and placing more units far away from Tono. Retreat 11 if you've placed a token there because it will just splash Tono and he'll die to poison.

    Hard 2:

    Very Hard 2:

    Boss has a multishot paralyze bow.
    Block at 20, Heal at 13, Hikone at 16. You want to have a really strong and tanky ranged DPS at 5/8 when the boss starts moving, but before then, it's just a bad position to have anyone in.
    Watch out for the rushes to Tono from 20, you might need to nuke or use extra block/melee at 17 to save him.

    Hell: (Purple)
    Enemies will spawn indefinitely until certain enemies are defeated.
    Increases Hell Castle HP, ATK, DEF by 1.3x/Decreases Gigantification Cost. (i.e. this map has hell-type bonus)
    Special Mission: 1 Hell Castle


    Certain enemy: Enma-chou's summon (orb with green eye)

    Certain enemy: Enma-chou
    Until Enma-chou's summons appear, she will act as an assist unit and have 100% damage reduction. When she attacks, she decreases her target's ATK and DEF by a certain amount for 5s.
    Enma-chou's skill is in effect which decreases ATK by 20% and DEF by 25% for all castles in range.

    Slow/knockback at 18//21 to stop the elephants and cavalry gunners. The gunners do their typical huge damage bursts so be careful.
    4-8-5 has the farmers with hoes that start running faster at 50% and their hits are fairly strong, but not as big a concern. 7-11-15 has a sumo walk in so be careful.
    You can snipe the eyes from 3 with a Bow or Cannon.

    Hard 2:

    The mirrors reflect 100% damage back, which can be very tough to play any ranged units on this map since they circle all the outside tiles.
    I recommend melee at 5/9/12, Song at 14, and just cram as much damage nearby to kill everything that walks in. If you can kill things before they walk into the yellow portal, you don't have to worry about the yellow portal ;)

    Converting tiles with Kiyosu is a good way to get ranged into play.

    Very Hard 2:

    Enma himself shows up here with a ton of units to help. If he takes damage, he starts walking so be careful not to hurt him. The round doesn't end until the mirrors are destroyed, but you can kill them very slowly using Enma-chou's tokens. They also don't reflect stratagem nukes.
    Big early concern is the whip that walks 21-18-15-19. It can splash a ton of damage around.
    I recommend a Fist at 15 for huge DPS output.
    A song at 8 is fairly safe but needs a few upgrades to get in range.
    You can use Usuki token at 16 for a lot of ki. Enma can sit at 20 to help slow anything that gets close to Tono.
    Almost all the other monsters are spectres so magic is very effective. Another Song or Bell at 24 to protect Tono from 22/23 is good.
    I thihnk 1-3-5-9 is super weak and doesn't need a whole lot of attention.
    If you have a high level Fist at 15 maxed and a damage boost ready to go, you can easily stop Enma from doing anything.

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    Wow I managed to complete the 6 plains requirement. Those dogs? are nearly unkillable lol.

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    Crap, accidentally used a normal Rasha instead of Rasha [Enma-chou] >.>

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    to be honest those terrain requirements are throwing me off despite not having any terrain bonuses. I only cleared Revive stage and that needed around 3 tries because i hate those ferrets and red mages. everything else is too difficult for me, with castles not leveled up (below 40). the alcohol on the burn is that i saw some asshats in youtube only using 2 and 3 units to clear the Very Hard Hell and the Fire stages respectively.



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    "I get it Kyousaru, you smoke weed everytime you do your art."

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    Spent almost all my exp mods with the exp bonus. Mainly to lvl up the 2 new 7* I got from going through the whole step up gacha, Carcassonne and Uchisar (sadly failed to get Dazaifu), as well as getting my first lvl 100 girl, Enma-chan. Hopefully this means my lack of firepower against youkai has finally come to an end.

    2 questions: Is Uchisar good? And I see Kamakura's Stratagem has something to do with youkai, what is it?

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    Both of them are on higher priority of my long 7s wanted list.........
    Not have enough marbles to do 5 steps gacha.......sob.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ofi123 View Post
    Spent almost all my exp mods with the exp bonus. Mainly to lvl up the 2 new 7* I got from going through the whole step up gacha, Carcassonne and Uchisar (sadly failed to get Dazaifu), as well as getting my first lvl 100 girl, Enma-chan. Hopefully this means my lack of firepower against youkai has finally come to an end.

    2 questions: Is Uchisar good? And I see Kamakura's Stratagem has something to do with youkai, what is it?
    Kamakura's strategem is "for 15 seconds, target castle ignores enemy defense and youkai damage reduction (only targets bow)". Her base attack is unusually low for a 7*, however, possibly due to being introduced as a freebie at the iOS launch. Okou kai has the edge for straight damage from a mountain bow, and even more so with her skill active.

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    @D Des

    Carcassonne and Uchisar? Is Uchisar good?

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    Just tried putting the +100 range +32 def -2 stop shield on Carcassonne. It was....interesting.

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    Uchisar looks gorgeous out of all wands.

    I mainly use yunyun for wands, same principal on attack.




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