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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    July 9, 2019 update (★6 Yamazaki, ★5 Tatsuoka Kai)

    ■ Returning Event
    「討伐武将大兜!北条氏康」 begins
    Ujiyasu's Lion Shield

    ■ Daily Sortie Maps [Discovery!! Gold and Silver Warehouses] begins!

    ■ New Castle added to gacha
    ★6 Yamazaki-jou [Mountain] [Bow]

    Skill: Increases ATK by 50 for all castles in range. Increases Gold earned and Gold drops from warehouses by 15% (Active when in party)
    Stratagem: Increases ATK and ASPD by 25% and decreases Delay by 20% for all castles in range for 20s. (Range: Large)
    Cooldown: 60s
    Cost: 7 ki

    ■ The following castles have received their kai-ichi
    ★5 Tatsuoka-jou [Plains] [Cannon]
    Skill: Increases Range by 17 and ASPD by 17% for all castles in range.
    Kai Skill: Increases Range by 20 and ASPD by 20% for all castles in range.
    Decreases DEF by 17% for all enemies in range.

    ■ Gacha Spotlight 1 has updated
    ★7 Chateau Chambord [Plains/Water] [Spear]
    ★6 Inuyama-jou [Hills] [Cannon]
    ★6 Yamazaki-jou [Mountain] [Bow]
    ★5 Tatsuoka-jou [Plains] [Cannon]

    ■ Senko Orb Exchange has
    Until the 7/16 (Tue) maintenance
    ★7 Chateau Chambord [Plains/Water] [Spear]
    ★6 Inuyama-jou [Hills] [Cannon]
    ★6 Yamazaki-jou [Mountain] [Bow]

    ■ Other
    [Almost Summer Vacation Campaign] begins

    ■ Daily 1x Spirit Orbs and item presents!
    From 7/10 (Wed) ~ 7/22 (Mon), log in every day to receive 1x Spirit Orbs and an item as a present! The item will vary based on the week.
    From 7/10 (Wed) to 7/17 (Wed) at 4:59, receive 1x Spirit Recovery Medicine every day
    From 7/17 (Wed) at 5:00 to 7/23 (Tue) at 4:59, receive 2x Tsubasa [Kai-ichi] every day

    Starts from 7/10 (Wed) at 05:00 and the 7/22 (Mon) present can be obtained until 7/23 (Tue) at 4:59

    ■ Daily [100 DMM Point Gacha]!
    All users are able to roll the [100 DMM Point Gacha] once every day.
    ※ Refreshes with the daily log-in bonus.
    ※ GooglePlay/App Store version costs ¥120

    ■ [Added Bonus] for Spirit Orb First Purchase!
    During the campaign, purchase the 5000 DMMpt Spirit Orb package for the first time to receive bonus Spirit Orbs.
    This package also includes ★6 Yamazaki-jou and a Rasha [Kai-rei]!

    [Purchasing Lineup]

    DMM Ver: 5000 DMMpt
    GooglePlay/App Store ver: 5000 JPY
    ★6 Yamazaki-jou [Mountain] [Bow]
    70x Spirit Orb → 110x Spirit Orb (+40 Orbs)
    3x Tsubasa [Toku]
    1x Rasha [Kai-rei]

    ■ Ultra Construction Campaign begins
    Ultra Special Construction costs 10 Keystones per construction and 1000 Gold.
    ★3 or higher castles have a 10x increased appearance rate.
    There is an increased chance of [★5 Castello Sforzesco-jou], [★4 Edoshi-yagata], [★3 Shikano-jou] appearing.
    If you do not already own these castles, they have an even higher chance of appearing.
    There is also a 10x increased chance of ★3 or higher castles appearing compared to normal construction.
    ※ If you have level 7 or higher construction, there is a greatly increased chance of ★4 or higher appearing, and as a result, the increase for ★3 castles is slightly lower than 10x
    ※ During this campaign, outside of the spotlighted castles, [★6 Tachibana-jou] will also have increased chance of appearing if you do not have her in your library.

    7/9 (Tue) maintenance to 7/16 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Daily Sortie Maps [Discovery!! Gold and Silver Warehouses] begins!

    During this period, all Daily Sortie maps will include an extra warehouse for a chance to earn good items.

    The Daily Sortie Maps for [Keystones] and [Gold] are available every day.

    In addition to one extra warehouse, a certain number will be changed to the featured [Gold Warehouses] and [Silver Warehouses].
    [Gold Warehouses] and [Silver Warehouses] will drop good items more easily.

    Furthermore, each map will have a mission added which when completed will give you auto complete for that map.
    ※ Requires 16 Spirit Story Map completed to unlock
    ※ If you have cleared the map in the past to unlock auto complete, you do not need to unlock it again
    ※ The daily map autocompletion is only available during the event, but may appear again in the future

    7/9 (Tue) maintenance to 7/16 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ Returning Event 「討伐武将大兜!北条氏康」 begins!
    Complete the event's special mission conditions to earn a limited ★4 weapon.
    7/9 (Tue) maintenance to 7/16 (Tue) maintenance

    ■ [Susuki's Blessing Box] available for purchase
    [Limit 1] Susuki's Blessing Box (960 DMMpt)

    ※ Gives a total of 60 Spirit Orbs over the course of 25 days. You will receive 12 Spirit Orbs upon purchase, and then 2 Spirit Orbs every day at 05:00 JST until you receive a total of 60 (24 days)
    ※ Can only be purchased once
    ※ The first 10 Spirit Orbs have an expiration time of 180 days and must be used before then.

    ■ Limited Time Bargain Line-up Expanded!
    The shop's [Bargain Line-up] will have 1x Rasha [Kai-re] and Susuki [Kai-rei] vailable at half price for a limited time.

    7/9 (Tue) maintenance to 7/23 (Tue) at 23:59

    Campaign Part 2
    ■ A new War God will descend!
    After the 7/16 (Tue) maintenance, more details on a new War God will be published.

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    Marshal Admiral ofi123's Avatar
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    Huh.Got Tachibana from Ultra Construction, didn't know it's possible to get above 5* from construction. So is it possible for people to get 7* from constuction w/o using the 7* crystal?

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    @ofi123 Yup, you can get almost everyone from the construction, including the 7 stars, except for event and limited castles. There are also castles that exclusive for construction like Tachibana, Kumamoto, etc, you cannot get them from Shrine.

    But the chance is really small. I've been playing this game since the beginning and I never seen a 7 hours yet from the construction, the best I ever got was a 5 hours which was a 6 stars castle. But I think someone in this forum reported they gotten a 7 stars from construction without using the special prayer stone. I won't put my hope up too much, but the possibility is there. :)



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