The dev has announced that the next event will start in late August.

As usual, this is a consolidated thread for those who are unsure, panicking or have questions about their readiness for the upcoming Summer 2019 Kancolle event. Any new info concerning the upcoming event will be posted in this thread as well.

Please include the following the following information when asking for advice. They are crucial for providing a customized plan for you.

1. Full ship and equipment list
2. Current resources
3. Event goal (difficulty, ship to farm, etc)
4. Average playing time per day before and in the event

Side notes:

All event related threads will henceforth be automatically merged with this thread, to consolidate all discussion about the event.

Currently known event info:

1. Event will start in late August.
2. It will consist of 3 maps.
3. It will be based in Europe.
4. Confirmed drop/reward:

Johnston, an Italian cruiser with a very long name