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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    [Event] 5th Anniversary

    ▼ [Limited] Infinite Costume Envelope 2019 Early Autumn present!
    On the anniversary day 9/17 (Tue) and after, visit the special anniversary page to receive
    [Limited] Infinite Costume Envelope 2019, ★5 Awakening Book, and 5th Anniversary Cake.

    The [Limited] Infinite Costume Envelope 2019 allows you to select one employee from Natsupani 1st to Pajapani 1st.
    ※ Excludes Yomepani 1st Monique and Pajapani 1st Nhano.

    ▼ 5th Anniversary Special Missions appear!
    During this period, Special 5th Anniversary Missions will be avialable.
    Completing these missions can give wonderful items such as [Limited] Infinite Black Fairy Envelope, Costume Employee Awakening Book, and others.
    You can view the special missions on the 5th Anniversary page.
    Future updates throughout the 5th anniversary will add more missions.

    ※ For the mission [Clear Main Quest Volume 3 Chapter 6], if you have already cleared this quest, you must clear it again to complete the mission.

    ▼ Receieve Daily Presents from the girls!
    During this period, visit the special event page every day to receive a present from one of the girls.
    Each visiting girl will give you a congratulatory message items such as the special recruitment item [Limited] Fairy's Sake Set, food recovery items, and more.

    During this period, you can participate in the [Lukas Festival Recruitment Campaign] and use these [Limited] Fairy's Sake Sets and Fairy's Sake Sets to earn wonderful presents based on recruitment counts.

    ▼ View the Special Event on the 5th Anniversary Day
    Visiting the special event page on the 5th Anniversary Day on 9/17 (Tue) will show a special production never before seen...?
    ※ This will feature voice lines so please have your volume enable to enjoy it.

    ▼ President's Journal appears!
    Open the President's Journal to view which girls have visited and what presents are available on future days.

    ▼ Classified Documents appear!
    The special event page features [Classified Documents], obtained by using the item [Limited] Classified Documents Key.
    These unlock illustrations and information for a sneak peek at future unreleased content for Kanpani☆Girls.
    [Limited] Classified Documents Keys can be obtained by exchanging medals earned from the [Misterio Great Travel Journal Trinity Throne] on its special event page.
    Unlocking a Classified Material will also award you with 1x Shinestone.

    More Classified Documents will be added with future updates as the event progresses.
    ※ After the event ends, Classified Documents will no longer be viewable.

    ▼ Read the Scenario Quests!
    During this period, a 5th Anniversary Commemoration Scenario Quest will be available.
    You can view these scenarios through the [Quest] button.
    Viewing them for the first time will reward you with 5x Shinestones each.

    [Scenario Publishing Schedule]
    8/30 (Fri) maintenance: 5th Anniversary Scenario Chapter 1
    9/06 (Fri) maintenance: 5th Anniversary Scenario Chapter 2
    9/13 (Fri) maintenance: 5th Anniversary Scenario Chapter 3
    9/17 (Tue) maintenance: 5th Anniversary Day Scenario
    9/20 (Fri) maintenance: 5th Anniversary Scenario Chapter 4

    ※ The Scenario Quests do not require Bread to view.
    ※ The Scenario Quests are available from their publishing day until the 9/27 (Fri) maintenance

    ▼ 5th Anniversary Popularity Contest begins!
    Choose your favourite characters from the [Employee Division] and [Variety Division]!
    Voting for the first time in each Division will award you with a [5th Anniversary Ring] which gives +5% EXP when equipped!
    Furthermore, depending on how many total votes are cast, all presidents can be rewarded with up to 55x [Limited] Black Fairy Envelopes!
    ※ [Limited] Black Fairy Envelopes will be awarded to your in-game mail after the popularity contest results are revealed.
    ※ It may take some time for the voting results to be reflected.

    Employee Division
    [Normal Employees], [Costume Employees] and [EX Employees] are each available to vote for.
    You can post your vote to twitter once every day. Doing so will give you a [Daily] Food Pack as a present.
    ※ There is a chance the tweet may fail, but the [Daily] Food Pack will still be delivered.
    ※ Certain employees are still excluded. (Collab?)
    ※ Limit of one vote per day per person
    ※ Daily reset occurs at 00:00

    Variety Division
    Applies to [Characters that are not Employees] that appear in Kanpani☆Girls.
    ※ Limit one vote per person
    ※ Certain characters are excluded.

    Duration: 8/30 (Fri) maintenance to 9/13 (Fri) maintenance
    Results Announcement: 9/20 (Fri) maintenance ~

    Event Items to be posted

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    Last edited by Folseus; 08-31-2019 at 02:28 AM.

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    Today is the 5th anniversary. Don't forget to pick up the free infinite costume fairy envelope and the 5 stars awaken book. The book can be use on any type characters, even limited collabo characters for example Megumin, Rem etc. Don't miss that one out.

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Only real new info I can see from the classified documents is the names of the Nasu family sisters in order of age, and that their names are based on the solar system
    Hinano (Sun)
    Hazuki (Moon)
    Mizuho (Mercury)
    Kanami (Venus)
    Homura (Mars)
    Itsuki (Jupiter)
    Nazuchi (Saturn)
    Tenka (Uranus)
    Kaina (Neptune)
    Meia (Pluto)
    Chiseri (Earth)

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    Vice-Admiral Mikan's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    1183 Post(s)
    It's the last day. :) Don't forget to open up those envelopes and use those items, because they will poof after maintenance 9/27.

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    Commander Fiir-chan's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
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    damn i was really hoping to get another of those tickets where I can get over 14m exp after the 20th run

    "I get it Kyousaru, you smoke weed everytime you do your art."



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