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    Newly Registered Hidetsugu's Avatar
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    Sep 2019
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    Floating Continent Relics Crafting Guide

    Hello guys,
    Since I decided to stop lurking and register, I think the best thing is to make as my first post would be a guide,
    for a question that takes a long time to explain on the KG discord.
    I will explain in full how to craft Floating Continent (FC for short) relics and which of the FC shards are the ones to look for.


    First - the terminology I will use and description of the four FC items relevant for crafting.
    ...Welp, It turned out I can only upload 5 screenshots, so I will improvise.
    The following screen has (from left to right) what I call Relics, Shards, Talismans and Arrowheads:
    1.Relics - they can be from rank C to rank S. Rank C relics have 10 "spaces" for crafting, rank S - 13.

    2.Shards - they are also from rank C to rank S. The higher rank have more stats.
    All regular (there are exceptions, but I will omit them) shards can take up from 2 to 3 "crafting spaces"
    You will understand what that means during the next part.

    3.Talismans - both the green and the white ones do the same thing - protect the relic from blowing up on failed craft.
    One is 50% chance, the other 100%.

    4.Arrowheads - not sure about the name, but the item looks like it so...
    These you can buy from the regular shop for 100 gold - you can use them to remove a crafted and socketed relic from the slot.


    Now let's move to the crafting. When you click on the flying laboratory, you get a screen with 3 long horizontal buttons.
    The top tab is for crafting relics. Mid one - for putting them in gear. Bottom one - removing them from said gear.
    We will focus on the top one, the other 2 are easy to figure out and nothing dangerous can happen there.

    When you first click on the top button, you go to the relics tab. Then you pick one of the relics you have and press the red button:
    You are moved to the "shards" screen - now I will put a DEF shard in the relic. Note that the relic now says 0 -> 2~3/11
    That means that the crafting space on the relic will change from 0/11 to from 2 to 3/11:
    Now let's add some more shards:
    You can see it says 0 -> 10~15/11. On craft each shard rolls separately for their crafting space and if there is a chance of a fail you will see the red number.
    You can decide if you want to risk it or not. Here, with 10~15/11 warning, it means if more than 1 shard rolls 3, the relic will blow up.
    Let's press continue. Here you see a screen that shows up only if there is a chance for failure:
    You can decide to use a talisman here. Talismans only protect the relic though, if the craft fails, you will still lose the shard(s).

    A tip when crafting with S class shards - do these crafts only in A or S class relics. Put the 4 S class shards first for a safe craft.
    Even if you get full space, that's still a top tier A class relic. If you are at 10/12 space, you can add 1 more with talisman protection.
    The above advice can be used for most FC relic crafting.

    Now for the shards - when doing FC runs you should get plenty of A class shards.
    Best regular ones are atk/matk up and pdef/mdef up. (their icons are sword, shield, staff and cloak with an arrow pointing up)
    Max A class value of these (plus crit/evasion/hit shards) is 35, so a relic with 5 x 35 is very good.
    Other useful shards are vit and agi. Max points for A class for stats are 29.
    + element up and +anti-air are also something to keep. Especially the anti-air shards, a relic with these significantly boosts
    the damage vs the griffin raid boss (even B class are worth it. + element up... rare, hard to get and you want +15 and up on them to keep.
    The pdef/mdef/patk/matk down crafted relics are hard to use, but if you put them on an employee that deals its damage with multiple hits, they apply often.
    You might want them if you want your archers to make full use of their awakenings trait.

    That took me a while, time to press "post" and see how bad my formatting is, heh.

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Use an image host like imgur, the forum uploading is terrible for images.

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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    No more floating continent?

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    Newly Registered Hidetsugu's Avatar
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    Sep 2019
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    Yeah, it got replaced with the shards quests. The crafting guide is still relevant though.



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