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    [Event] It's Back! Exciting Swimsuit Filled Uninhabited Island! 2019

    Old Thread 2016

    Old Thread 2017

    JP Wiki

    ▼ Event Quests appear!

    Summer Vacation Quest
    A quest that does not require Bread.
    Clearing each quest will give a first clear reward, which has various items.
    Read the side stories about the employees.
    A new scenario will be published every day at 0:00
    ※ After the event ends, the scenarios will be recoreded in the Memoirs.
    (same as previous event version's scenario quest)

    Daily Quest [Rusted Cavern]
    During this priod, a daily quest that costs no bread will appear.
    The quest will award [300k] EXP.
    The first clear reward includes a [Limited] Fishing Quest Advanced Ticket, and one of each [Rusted Armour], [[Limited] Divine Flame], and [[Limited] Great Fairy's BBQ Set] as drops to be used in the BBQ!
    Daily Quest resets every day at 0:00
    ※ Depending on your route choice, the reward equipment will change (choice is Fighter/Ronin/Next, Archer/Soldier/Next, Warrior/Cleric/Next, Rogue/Magician/Next)
    ※ [Limited] Fishing Quest Advanced Ticket can be used to enter an event quest after the 10/4 (Fri) maintenance
    ※ EXP will not change regardless of the route
    ※ Quest disappears after being cleared once

    Beach Quest
    During the event period, the following quests will be available
    [Calm Morning Beach] to [Lovers Beach] each drop [Limited] Luokka Charcoal, [Limited] Divine Flame, and [Limited] Fairy's BBQ Set.

    - Calm Morning Beach
    First Quest

    - Rumbling Sea Beach
    Second Quest

    - Twilight Beach
    Third Quest

    - Moonlit Beach
    Fourth Quest

    - Lover's Beach
    Fifth Quest

    - Charcoal Maker's Hut
    Sixth Quest, unlocked from completing Quest 5
    Drops large amounts of [Limited] Luokka Charcoal

    - Worn Out Armor Hall
    Seventh Quest, unlocked from completing Quest 5
    Drops [Rusted Armour], [Rusted Accessories], etc.

    - Magical Ingredients Warehouse
    Eighth Quest, unlocked from completing Quest 5
    Drops [Limited] Great Fairy's BBQ Set, [Limited] Fishing Quest Advanced Ticket, [Limited] Raw Postbox, [Limited] Divine Flame, etc

    High Difficulty Quest
    Challenging quests where you fight against strong enemies.
    Does not drop items, but has 1x Shinestone as a first clear reward.
    3 stages.
    ※ Next stage unlocks by completing the previous one.

    ▼ Grilling items!
    [It's Back! Exciting Swimsuit Filled Uninhabited Island]'s special page allows you to set items and equipment to be grilled.
    Materials, valuables, and equipment can be grilled, turning into a different item after a certain amount of time.
    Grilling items will show a counter which will display when they are placed, and slowly count down.
    The same item may have different counters. If the count is unusually high, there's a chance that...!?

    ※ There are certain items that cannot be grilled.
    ※ The grilling space for equipment is exclusive to the [Rusted Armour], [Rusted Accessories], and their resulting equipment.
    ※ You cannot cancel grilling an item.
    ※ If you grill an item with a Shine Badge in it, the Shine Badge will automatically be removed and placed in your inventory.
    ※ After the event ends, if there are any unclaimed items in the grill, they will be claimable.
    ※ If the resulting item is [Limited], it will expire.

    ▼ Turning up the heat with charcoal!
    In the special page, there is a button for [Adding Charcoal] which allows you to use the event item [Limited] Luokka Charcoal] by tossing it into the fire.
    [Limited] Luokka Charcoal increases the power of the grill, decreasing the time needed to grill items.

    ▼ Grill Right Away!
    There is a [Right AWay] button (orange) that appears when grilling an imte, which will allow you to finish grilling immediately.
    To do so requires the event item [Limited] Divine Flame or the use of shinestones. The amount required depends on the amount of time left. One Flame/stone is required for every 108000.

    ▼ Unlocking Grilling Space
    Completing certain conditions unlocks grilling space for items and equipment. These conditions require you to grill a certain number of items.

    ▼ Lukas's advice
    The special page will have the [Fairy Lukas], who you can click on to receive advice regarding the event.

    Lukas' Advice:
    ○ Grilling items can give lots of different results! Sometimes, you'll get a really good item too?
    ○ You can't stop after you start grilling an item, so think reeaaaaal carefully about your choice!
    ○ For starters, try grilling the [Silver Fish], [Raw Meat], and [Tree Branch] you got from the beachside quest! They should be done right away!
    ○ You want to grill an important item? Be careful when you don't have a lot of space to grill! Some might take a real loooong time to finish...!
    ○ Use the [Loakka Charcoal] when you want to increase the firepower! Push the [Add Charcoal] button to use the [Loakka Charcoal]♪
    ○ Using the [Loakka Charcoal] increases the firepower and lowers the amount of time you need to grill things!
    ○ [Loakka Charcoal] can be found from the beachside quest! Collect a lot to increase your firepower!
    ○ With longer grilling times, you might be able to expect better things...?
    ○ Grilling more things will help you unlock more space! Grill lots of things!
    ○ When the firepower of the grill is increased, it will decrease over time! In that case, just add more [Loakka Charcoal] to it!
    ○ Using lots of [Loakka Charcoal] at once is effective! Tossing it in all at once will help build a strong fire!
    ○ When you don't have enough [Loakka Charcoal], you should grill [Branch] type items. They'll drop at the beachside!
    ○ When the firepower is strengthened more, it'll be harder for it to weaken!
    ○ You can tell how strong the fire is by looking at it! When the flames are purple, it's at its strongest!
    ○ When you add the maximum amount of [Loakka Charcoal], you can even go to sleep without worrying about it going out!
    ○ You finished grilling the [Small Silver Fish]? It looks perfect for a test grill♪
    ○ The [Gold Fish] will make better items than the [Silver Fish]!
    ○ [Branches], [Gems], and other materials need 10x to be grilled, so be careful!
    ○ There's a rumour that [Silver Fish] can turn into that silver something you know! In that case, maybe if you grill the [Gold Fish] as well...?
    ○ It's summer! Depending on the employees, their swimsuit designs will differ!
    ○ Using a [Divine Flame] will instantly finish grilling something!
    ○ If you use your stockpiled Shine Stones, you can finish grilling in an instant!
    ○ Swimsuits can only be grilled in that big pan!
    ○ I wonder what happens if you grill a swimsuit-? Will its stats change-?
    ○ When you have high fire power and add more [Loakka Charcoal], it'll make the fire last longer!
    ○ It looks like we can grill swimsuits now! I wonder what happens when you grill them~? Super curious-!

    ▼ Event Items
    (Copy and pasted from last time, will update if I have the time)
    Of note: Raw Envelopes and Raw postboxes can be grilled into costume envelopes and costume postboxes.
    Grilling the costume envelopes/postboxes gives a random postbox from a different costume event instead.
    I believe the same applies to Raw Awakening Books.

    The grilled fish provide EXP bonuses for 30 minutes. Using another fish replaces the current one's effect.
    The grilled meat provides ATK bonuses for 30 minutes.
    These effects only apply to the event map.

    Grilled Silver Fish
    +10% EXP for 30 minutes

    Well-Grilled Silver Fish
    +25% EXP for 30 minutes

    Grilled Gold Fish
    +50% EXP for 30 minutes

    Well-Grilled Gold Fish
    +125% EXP for 30 minutes

    Grilled Meat
    +10% ATK for 30 minutes

    Well-Grilled Meat
    +20% ATK for 30 minutes

    Fairy's BBQ Set
    A special BBQ Set for when the fairies want to BBQ. Changes into several different items when grilled.

    Great Fairy's BBQ Set
    A special BBQ Set for when the fairies want to BBQ. Changes into several different items when grilled.

    Waroquier House's Fine Meats
    A selection of fine meats by the Waroquier House. Changes into several different items when grilled.

    Barbecue levels require grilling a certain total number of times. Reaching a new level unlocks a new space on the grill.
    Barbecue Level 2: 1
    Barbecue Level 3: 30
    Barbecue Level 4: 125
    Barbecue Level 5: 300
    Barbecue Level 6: Allows you to grill equipment
    Barbecue Level 7: Allows you to grill Shinestones

    Using charcoal increases the firepower of the grill.
    At max level, the flames will have a purple hue to them.
    Each piece of charcoal adds 90 seconds to the fire power timer.
    Firepower 1: 0~0
    Firepower 2: 1~1800
    Firepower 3: 1801~5400
    Firepower 4: 5401~9000
    Firepower 5: 9001~45000

    Max level apparently grills 4x as fast. I timed it to be approximately 260/minute at max firepower.

    ▼ Event Missions
    There are several event exclusive missions available.
    They mainly involve either clearing the event map a certain number of times, grilling a certain number of items, or clearing the ticket map a certain number of times once it is available on 10/4 (Fri).

    ▼ Daily Log-in Bonus!
    During the event, check your mail every day for daily log in bonuses!
    ※ Expire after 24 hours if not claimed

    Recruitment Campaign
    Applies to Fairy's Sake Sets and Fairy's Sweet Sakes

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    thanks for sharing, been having a real hard to understand each item etc.
    there is this one quest that reward promotion badges, i couldnt understand the requirements, can someone help out? thanks

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    Let me type a short guide for the 3 "challenge" quests:
    1st quest - preempt full aoe penguin. It can be cleared if you have resurrection armors, or Ex Nona with the lobster ring (or ress armor). Single target damage dealers are good.
    2nd quest - you want 2 tanks and 3 strong clerics. You don't need to deal damage. After 6(or was it 7) turns the penguin runs away and you win.
    3rd quest - easiest one. Full offense aoe preemptive attacks here work wonders.

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    @kyoshiros The event mission with a Branch Manager Badge reward is for clearing the ticket quest. The ticket quest will only be available starting on 10/4 (Fri).

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    anyone please confirm me if this is correct

    In order
    onsen....valentine....swimsuit...Halloween....paja mas....wedding
    christmas.....new year.....uniform

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    @oryxlynx Yes that's correct.

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    What's the difference between a raw postbox and the sparkling raw postbox?

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    @ofi123 Sparking postbox gives a Rare Postbox, which guarantees ★3 or higher employees for 5 minutes. You can regrill a postbox or envelope into another random costume one, so you can find one you want by rerolling it.

    Fishing Ticket will be available after tomorrow's maintenance. Outside of rerolling or getting rune armours, biggest thing right now with grilling is if you happen to have any magic herbs or any of the old event items, they can grill into [Limited] Bread really easily, but it's very time consuming to click on them so often because they finish very quickly.

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    Oh, so the rate postbox can be regrill into another rare postbox until I get what I want? Neat, thanks!

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    Remember you can reshuffle the raw 5 star envelope with the BBQ, pretty good chance you can aim for a specific costume character. :) For the exception maybe Natsupani which has a lot of 5 stars in the pool.



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