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    Kantai Analyst 211303's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    5763 Post(s)

    2019 Summer Event Wrap Up Thread

    As usual, just a thread for you to air out what you feel about this event.

    I don't really have too much to say about this event, tbh. Difficulty wise, it is one of the easier event as long as you have the necessary ships and equipment. Pretty much just a gear check, though I would imagine newer players having difficulty here.

    The rewards are useful, but nothing too exciting. The T4 rocket will provide some upgrade over the traditional wg x2 build, while Sherman is the BiS for some installation bosses. The +13 sonar Janus carried is also a nice upgrade. As for the interceptors, they are good and would probably replace a plane or two of your original defense build, but we all know how useful base defense is in this game.

    Ship wise, Abruzzi is just as useful as her sister, while Grecale might see some use in future Euro event with her 40 luck, as long as the historical modifier is high enough. The other two ships are quite generic and probably wouldn't see much use.

    New feature wise, the high attitude bomber is just an extension of the current base defense system. As long as they don't change the current system, it will only be used for farming and gimmick. Nothing too special, though I could already see future newbie struggling against that because they missed this event. As for the underway repair system, it's really just a joke if they don't change anything about it.

    All in all, a passable but generic event. Pretty much what you can expect when the dev has only two months to prepare.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Event final passing rate:

    E1: more than 90%
    E2: more than 90%
    E3: more than 90%

    Difficulty choice:

    E1-2: Hard is the most picked.
    E3: Hard>Med=Easy>Casual

    Less than 10% players picked Casual for all maps.

    The sexiest bridge ever made.

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    Captain Danielosama's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Saiki Bay Anchorage
    248 Post(s)
    In the end I was not able to dedicate much time to farm for Grecale and I did not get her
    But oh well, Event was pretty straightforward and not that Hard (if a bit tedious, especially last map), so it's alright.

    Death from above!

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    Admiral NanashiYoukai's Avatar
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    Mar 2015
    Explosive Licking Castle
    1705 Post(s)
    My event ended on 7 September, the Saturday the week after the event started.

    Best event ever for time efficiency and thus letting me spend my life on other things. Let's keep it this way.

    KanDex First Completed 16 February 2016 // HQ Lvl 120! 9 March 2016 // 3rd Anniversary with Hiyou! 31 March 2018

    Kancolle RPG Replay Circle アホウドリ - C98 @ ニ日目(日) 西 ら-07a

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    Marshal Admiral Zalfier's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    10469 Post(s)
    Event came at a rough time, I was busy adapting to my new place, my laptop gave me much connection issues, but somehow I still managed to clear the event.

    Kinda glad the event is a short one, I still got to rush though since I am not even half done by the last week of the event.

    So glad RNG-sama helped me this round by making sure I did minimal farming, instead of the 100+ runs I am used to.

    Look forward to next event.

    KC Status: Building up the Destroyer Armada
    Other game codes: GBF: 7135808 / FKG: 982660683 / SOA: ZD7GKZA4B2

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    Vice-Admiral HaganeNoKaze's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    429 Post(s)
    Personally, event ended with awesome results:
    Clear in medium, while I used to clear the others ones in casual, thus, I got the 2 sexy planes from the medium difficulty. This event was definitely easier than the precedent ones, that was welcome.
    I still kept my Kanmusu-dex full and got all new girls in less than 10 days after the start of the event.
    Got extra rare kanmusu with 2 extra Ark Royal while cleaning, then 1 commandant test, and finally, while I was searching for 1 Richelieu (for the sexy both main and secondaries armaments), my farming time gave me 2 !
    I was looking for one extra U511, but this one didn't came, though It was not a priority !

    Considering my initials goal (clearing at least casual, getting all new girls, one extra Richelieu), i could say the overall result would be Perfect S !

    Time to get a good rest and let my girls having a good one too !

    Once again, thanks to @211303 and @NanashiYoukai for the reports and the helpful information !

    Last edited by HaganeNoKaze; 09-30-2019 at 12:27 PM.
    Thanks to @Neskape for this signature !
    Many thanks to @Fuda ! Regulars GCT are wonderful !

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    Commander Ferreae's Avatar
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    May 2017
    149 Post(s)
    I got my goals, my secondary goal, my extended goals...only thing missed was a dupe Yuu, but by then could not care at all.

    E1 was cake....used lvl 50 yuugumo-class here to give them xp. Got another Akashi to finish cranes for the second akashi fleet, so yay.
    A few farming runs, and picked up Mikura. Easy enough map, though know people without Riche who had a harder time


    E2 was amusement. P1's hardness was entirely on a determination to mutsuki-class it =D
    P2 was fine..ish..excepting the Imp-that-would-not-die. Ended up going the long way and using unrep and nagato-touch.
    No Grecale until came back to farm on the last day. Back-to-back Okinami though was amusing.


    E3 was schadenfreude. All those people who scrapped their orel fleets, whinging about not having enough subs

    P1 was a in-out.

    The only unlock a pain was O, and that only had one flub. The Boss Node A-ranks though...easily done, but the sum of damage they did to the boss was ZERO, even using Unrep -
    "It was at this moment she realised..she ****ed up." moment of self-doubt =D

    CTF burn to LD was easy - ran node support to eliminate G-node irks (someone always got nailed there by the 'final ship floating'), but that was it.
    Debuff went without a hitch...and then.. LD.

    P2 LD though, took 20 tries or so,
    Partially because flirted with 4cv nuke (which almost came through).
    Mostly because.. of 18 sorties to the boss . . . 15 were red-freaken-T.
    Once it was 'no, changing for sauin just meant you lost AS and got wrecked elsewhere', and another was a headon that didn't clear the escort fleet.
    After changing the fleet to get the better FF, it took only two sorties to finish.

    Post-clear farming with that 'optimised' fleet was a cinch - almost kept at E3 for Grecale instead of returning to E2.


    Final 'damages' (including gains from exped/quests):
    137k fuel
    144 buckets
    101k ammo
    167 torches
    27k steel
    4 UnRep
    33k bauxite
    3 sets of morale food

    Overall, happy with the event. Nothing super tricksy, really just 'do you have gear for your difficulty? have a couple historics?'
    Finally validated the resources spent on upgrading installation-equip.
    My Two Princes finally earned their rings with E2 and E3 (required them both being 'mvp' in same event), and Kasumi earned her RE with a stellar performance at E3U (c.f. dramatic recreation with Ooshio standing-in)
    Managed to get all the event ships (unlike missing Fletcher last time), and got one I previously missed (pasta-bb).
    Lastly, managed to justify rotating in plenty of ships, giving them each a moment of glory (instead of being mothballed).

    Full hard clear.

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    Admiral goesto11's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    Paramushir Anchorage
    1738 Post(s)
    As always, thanks to 211303 and everyone else who posted comps, answered questions, etc. Himeuta is still best place for KC event info IMO.

    My thoughts pretty much mirror 211303's and others. TL:DR = Summer 2019 Event was... OK, though I do appreciate the small event "break" after last event. Much needed after the resource carnage. Just in general, I think alternating a bit so player get a break here and there is a good idea. Reduces burnout. However, some downside to that as well.

    In terms of personal success, zero complaints about my results. All hard clear (primarily for equipment reward reasons) and all new ships. This is were I got really lucky in terms of drops. Never had anything like it before and hopefully RNG won't take it out on me next event. Didn't farm for anything since no Maruyu farming (one potential bad thing about no SS Hime E-1). Got an Aquila clone (will scrap) and Littorio clone (not sure) as well along the way.


    -- Not much to say here. E-1 was fine - easy even, if you had Richelieu. If not, different story. Feasible on Hard, but comments about whether too reliant upon one ship have some merit. Same goes (possibly) for post clear farming. E-2 was big equipment check. E-3 somewhat of "do you have xyz historic", but not as bad as some previous events in the past. E-3's multiple unlocking and debuffing steps did cross the line into overboard territory for me though. SOME of that stuff is fine. Wasn't terrible & had worse, but still a bit too much IMO.

    -- Mixed feelings on the whole rocket interceptor mechanic. I guess OK, but also a bit gimmicky. Do wonder how much of it we'll see going forward as so far. For those who missed events, gonna need to get those rocket interceptors somehow for future events with high altitude bombers.

    -- Keep forgetting about new repair item. Honestly, this strikes me as just something new for something new's sake and not needed.

    Equipment Rewards:
    -- SONAR for Janus Kai is nice/ +1 better than next best (no improvement). M4A1 DD is maybe, possibly, situationally better than Toku 11th? Honestly, M41A1 is a little disappointing. Not terribly so, but I stand by my comment of I'd much rather it bet the "Toku 11th Reg" version for amphibious tanks. T4 20cm rockets - slightly better WG42 and upgradable now (though better be quite good for that armor penalty). I suppose the concentrated version is worth having so I plan on making one.

    -- Fw 190 A-5 Kai (Skilled) - OK another +11 fighter. Maybe slightly better than +10 Type 0 M52 Skilled which one can craft easily enough. Not saying historically should be +12AA, but for game purposes, +12 fighter would mean a lot more IMO without being all that hax/op power creep. FW190-D9 is an above average LBAS fighter. *shrug* Per above, not sure about the new rocket interceptor mechanic though I guess in germs of general LBAS defense, Raiden retired (unless some unlocking/debuff deal where I need multiple LBAS defense groups). Overall, very "meh".

    -- TL:DR = Rewards could/should have been a bit better, and "but small event" carries only so much weight as a reason for me.

    New Ships:

    -- I do like the Duca even if stat wise she's essentially a clone of Garibaldi. While offsetting power creep is a factor to consider, would be nice to you could cap out NB TCI with 3x improved Quint Oxy and thus leave a slot free for whatever. Not necessarily at Kai, but would we ever get a K2 for either one? Do like the artwork for both Italian CA and "personality" as well. For me that's a plus (not 100% "stats only player").

    -- Grecale as noted has high luck so maybe with big historic bonus a factor in future events. Janus is OK/meh for me and DE is DE. Here's were I think that, small event or not, devs could have released say a RN CA instead of maybe Janus for something a bit more special/different.


    With the event completed, back to working on a couple projects & usual stuff as I try to balance all that with getting back to cap for next event, an event I expect will not be small/low resource at all. Got a ways to go since I wasn't back to cap for this event. / Bit frustrating for me as I can get to cap, but can't do that and rank/do all EO (5-5 & 5-5 quarterly ranking quests are expensive for me. So sick of that map), work on expensive improvement fodder/projects and/or try my (bad) luck at Maruyu LSC. Something's gonna have to give though I'll try to thread the needle as best I can.

    Thanks to Arkayda for the signature.

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    Captain manacycler's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2015
    91 Post(s)
    I'm not as high tiered as everyone else, so my report will be fairly short.

    Event completed: Hard -> Medium -> Medium
    Notable drops: Mikura, Kishinami

    I've been neglecting Kancolle a lot in favor of other games, so most of my resources (namely bauxite and fuel) were only at soft cap going in. I actually ended up opening about 10 presents to give me the necessary boost to finish the event. Thanks everyone for posting guides or helping me with my comp. I actually did better this event, I ended the last couple of events on easy mode, so ending on Medium felt nice. Maybe this small victory will motivate me to do better and actually try and be more prepared for next event. Grind buckets, grind resources, and level up all my foreign ships (since there seems to be a lot more emphasis on that). It would be nice to add a third emblem to my collection...

    I guess I should probably go unlock all of World 4 first. THAT'S how far behind I am after the whole HTML update XDDD



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