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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    94 Post(s)
    Too busy with stuff and didn't have much time to do the run.
    Special abilities not max. Lack the charms and crystals.
    And are the exp candies limited time? cuz I forgot to give them to the girls. Oh my

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    Translator Folseus's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Ended at level 19/20/20 on my special abilities. I was short like 10 crystals to max the last one because I took it way too easy and also ended up failing a bunch of powerstone runs because I was greedy.

    Overall, this was a really tough one to run. I'll try to be post more notes and tips in the future.
    The takeaway from Crimson Dragon has been
    EX Nona is way too strong. Might be a good idea to have 2 available instead of awakening because the triple revive and high healing is way too good.
    You definitely need some strong Magicians available. The head had so much PDEF at high levels, it was reducing my physical attackers by over 90% compared to main body.
    I think Soldiers with element rings are very strong still, and eventually, Fighters won't be able to tank enough. If you manage it well enough, the Soldier class trait can also boost the damage of who she's defending considerably as well.
    At the highest level, I don't think you can have a surehit tank solo at the front anyway. In this case, the bites focused too much damage and it couldn't be healed, so it would be better if they were just evenly divided between two or three frontline characters. It might be a different story with EX Michaela at 5/5?

    Fire Employees for the ring:

    EX Siegrid is the best.
    Bridal Monique is 2nd.
    Christmas Cinzia is quite good as well. Her multiplier is stupid high at 3.8x
    Red Blood Cell, Yan, Armonica EP3 and Riria are decent. So is Bridal Luciel.
    The rest are kind of iffy.
    Lido and Siegrid EP1 are ok single targets, but the other elements seem way better unless we run Ice Dragon again.
    Bridal Hinano, Quin, Megumin and Emilia are full AOEs and kind of weak because of that,
    New Years Ques's multiplier is low too because she's pre-empt.
    Eir is mixed element so meh.

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    Captain oryxlynx's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    94 Post(s)
    Forget to post the guide run from youtube
    there are more people posting their strategies

    LvL100 from Maki

    LvL120 from LYAT (show equipment at the end)

    LvL122 from element Juno (show equipment at the end)

    Subscribe for the next boss strategy and fine tune to suit your team

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    Commander Fiir-chan's Avatar
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    Sep 2016
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    jesus christ, how much exp does that lvl 126 red medal EX Siegrid have?

    "I get it Kyousaru, you smoke weed everytime you do your art."

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    Newly Registered Hidetsugu's Avatar
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    Sep 2019
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    @Fiir-chan Don't remember at that moment, but you can see now.
    (this event has been great for leveling my 5th promos with the +500% exp items)



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